Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications

Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications

Li Lu embraced Huang Xiaolong, causing people nearby to look at them.

Although in appearance both of them were nine-year-old kids, but with so many people paying attention to them, he still felt a bit shy.

“Uncle” Huang Xiaolong greeted Li Cheng who was coming behind Li Lu, while trying to separate himself and create some distance from Li Lu: this girl seemed to be addicted to embracing him as every time she sees him, it seemed necessary to hug him at least once.

The most baffling thing was Li Cheng-- as a father, why doesn’t he curtail his daughter?

Li Cheng smiled and nodded right at Huang Xiaolong before turning towards Fei Hou, respectfully greeting him.

They had already met the day before; therefor, after the brief greetings, together, they walked into the Cosmic Star Academy’s gates until they got to a huge square paved with a rarely seen stone, Starlight Stone.

Starlight Stones contained a trace of spiritual energy and standing close to it energizes a person. Every piece of Starlight Stone is worth a thousand gold-- in such a huge square, how many Starlight Stones were that? This Cosmic Star Academy is really wealthy and influential.

There were already many people already gathered in the huge square, a few hundred in number: and they all came for the Academy registration.

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked around, then headed to the registration spot.

Arriving at the registration spot, they saw that the person in charge of reception was a twenty-something year old woman with arched brows and phoenix eyes. So fair was her skin that it seemed transparent to the bone; She was stunning! with a cold temperament.

“Hello Teacher, we came to register!” Li Lu walked up and said, her cute dimples making an appearance.

Xiong Meiqi looked up, seeing Li Lu’s adorable dimples her cold face loosened a little. With a faint smile she nodded and asked: “Name, age.”

Li Lu answered all politely.

After recording everything down, Xiong Meiqi gave Li Lu a wooden plate then told Li Lu to go into the inner hall to test her martial spirit and other procedures.

Despite stating requirements of grade a nine and above martial spirit and being under the age of twelve, there were still additional assessments to be taken.

Receiving the wooden plate, Li Lu stood one side to wait for Huang Xiaolong.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong walked up and withdrew a recommendation letter.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong took out a recommendation letter, the amiable attitude she displayed with Li Lu vanished into thin air and was replaced with a frosty expression. Dislike and contempt shone from her eyes; she hated these types of disciples that didn’t have grade nine martial spirits and instead, relied on their family’s connection to get a recommendation for Cosmic Star Academy for special enrollment.

“Name, age!” Xiong Meiqi snapped.

“Huang Xiaolong, nine and a half years old.” Huang Xiaolong answered.

Xiong Mei roughly recorded the information, and took out a plate about two thumbs size, with starlight twinkling and flung it to the floor, saying, “This is your student plate.”

The twinkling student plate fell right beside Huang Xiaolong’s feet, it was extremely obvious that the plate did not fall by accident.

Seeing this, Fei Hou and the two guards became angry, but just as they were about to step forward, Huang Xiaolong stopped them and shook his head. Only then did the three endure and restrain themselves.

Fei Hou picked up the student plate.

Since Xiong Meiqi threw his student plate on the floor, Huang Xiaolong was no longer inclined in being polite with such a person, his voice sounded cold as he asked “Where do I pay the fees?”

Xiong Meiqi retorted icily , “Are you dumb?! Can’t you to ask someone else?”

“Insolent!” When Fei Hou heard Xiong Meiqi actually dare to insult his Sovereign as a dumb, his Tenth Order oppressive atmosphere was instantly released.

Xiong Meu blanked for a moment realizing Fei Hou was a peak late-Tenth Order warrior, but instead of fear, she laughed coldly, “Want to make trouble?” Saying that, Xiong Meiqi went all out, and her martial spirit appeared in the air behind her.

Xiong Meiqi’s martial spirit was actually a butterfly!

But, her butterfly wasn’t the common type; hers had eight wings colored golden-silver and a halo of colors surrounded its entire body.

“Seven-Colored Butterfly!” This was beyond Huang Xiaolong’s expectation.

The Rainbow Butterfly was a rare kind of martial spirit; although it was a grade nine martial spirit, it was considered average.

Martial spirits of the same grade are further classified into: average, top, and apex classifications.

At this time, from different directions of the square, three silhouettes flew over to Huang Xiaolong’s location at high speed and soon, the three figures appeared before them. All three people wore similar clothing to Xiong Meiqi, the Cosmic Star Academy’s teacher uniform apparently the newly arrived people were also academy teachers.

One of the three had a vertical slit on his forehead akin to having a third eye, adding a devilish charm.

Arriving at the location, the slit on his forehead moved as he turned to Xiong Meiqi, asking, “Meiqi, what happened?” as his question ended; his gaze fell on Fei Hou.

Xiong Meiqi burned with indignation glaring at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou: “Just a waste of a student with a recommendation letter who is relying on a family’s background to cause trouble!”

A waste with a recommendation letter!

Relying on family’s influence!

Causing trouble!

Huang Xiaolong’s face instantly turned cold. Initially, he found this woman unpleasant, but now it shot up to total dislike; even if Huang Xiaolong was registering into the academy with a recommendation letter and not through assessments, this was the Academy’s issue, this ugly woman had no authority to interfere, she’s only a teacher. By trying to vent her dissatisfaction on him, this woman chose the wrong prey.

“Oh, so it is a waste student bringing a recommendation letter; kid, if you’re trying to make trouble you found the wrong place! Why don’t you look around and realized where you are standing!” The man, Zhong Yuan barked at Huang Xiaolong, and continued in a cold tone, “Now, kneel down and apologize to Teacher Xiong, and we will forgive this matter, otherwise…!”

Those coming to register with recommendations usually had strong backgrounds, therefor in Zhong Yuan’s opinion just punishing him by asking him to kneel down and apologize for his actions was already very tolerant and magnanimous!

Otherwise, he would have revoked this kid’s qualification and told them to scram!

Kneel down and apologize? When Fei Hou and the two guards heard that the man wanted Huang Xiaolong to kneel down and apologize, their anger soared, and at this point, Huang Xiaolong shifted his attention to Zhong Yuan. Pointing at Xiong Meiqi, he sneered sarcastically, “I also give you and this female bear a choice, kneel down and apologize to me, or else…!” A cold, sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Since these two people him and were giving him trouble, he would grant them their wishes.

That no one dared to do so past didn’t mean no one would in the future!

By this time, those who came to register with their family had crowded around them; hearing Huang Xiaolong wanted two teachers to kneel down and apologize, shocked gasps echoed within the crowd.

This brother is too f**king awesome!

Xiong Meiqi and Zhong Yuan were shocked senseless; their faces turned red and deepened to purple in a fury; a waste relying on a recommendation letter to enroll was so brazen, and dared to tell them to kneel down and apologize to him instead!

That Xiong Meiqi pointed at Huang Xiaolong, her voluptuous bosom rose and fell as she hollered: “I’m revoking your qualification this instant, get out of here with your three slaves!”

Huang Xiaolong jeered, “You want to revoke my qualification? a mere teacher like you doesn’t have the qualification!” What Huang Xiaolong said was a fact, only the Principal had the right to revoke the registration of students who registered through a recommendation.


Niubi – f**king awesome/ overwhelmingly domineering and strong

(can be used in feeling fear or comedic situation)

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