Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!

Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!

On the second floor of the Delicious Restaurant, attacks from the guards of the Duke’s Mansion became more aggressive and even more powerful as time wore on. As Fei Hou’s barrier came closer to breaking, Huang Xiaolong frowned and was considering if he should first conceal himself within space and kill the bald-headed Meng Xia, Suddenly, from the skies above a sharp cry of a condor that could shatter a rock with its sound wave was heard.

Everyone within a few miles heard the condor’s sharp cry which hadn’t been heard for a long time, so all Royal City residents looked up to the sky.

When Fei Hou heard the condor’s sharp cry, he was so glad; Senior Brother finally arrived!

Meng Chen heard it, he felt the cry was very familiar, but at the moment he couldn’t grasp why. So he snickered when he noticed the happy expression on Fei Hou’s face. “Oh, It would seem that your backup is here. He came at the right time, This way I can clean-up all of you once and for all! I want to see who he is, that is so powerful, even if he has three heads or six arms to come and interfere in this Duke’s business!”

Meng Chen didn’t bother to turn around after he spat those words at Fei Hou.

Fei Hou was already spent, and no longer a threat. So what if another peak late Tenth Order appears, the Duke Mansion could equally deal with it.

Meng Chen did not turn back; however his son, Meng Xia, turned to look when the condor’s sharp cried resounded and when he saw the huge gray condor up in the air and the silhouette on its back, his jaw dropped in shock. He became frightened and his body shook as if it was covered with fleas from head to toe.

“Dad! Dad!” His tongue seemed to have knotted as he called out to his Dad desperate and yet unable to form a coherent sentence.

Noticing that something wasn’t quite right with the way his son was behaving, he frowned as he said, “What are you panicking for! Even if the sky falls on you, Dad will hold it up!” He turned around after saying that; looking at his son with dissatisfaction. “Useless”; If he was this frightened over just a little matter such as this, how then could he take over the Duke’s position in the future? He then looked up following his son’s gaze.

Just like his son did, he instantly saw the silhouette of an enormous bird, and on its back was the dignified Marshal Haotian in his golden armor!

‘Mar, Mar…” Meng Chen stammered, and he became dizzy as if the sky was falling directly on him!

By this time, the Ironclaw Condor and Marshal Haotian were less than three hundred meters from Delicious Restaurant, and he could see more than ten people were simultaneously attacking one person; his Junior Brother Fei Hou!

A wave of rage rose up from the bottom of his heart to his head, and he became livid with anger, his veins distended making it look as if green vines were popping up under his skin.

“Who dares to hurt my Junior Brother!!!” He roared and the sound of the roar thundered for several li. A heavy oppressive atmosphere burst out and descended from his body, the aura of the King of Generals!

All the residents within several li heard his angry thundering voice.

Marshal Haotian leaped off the back of the Ironclaw Condor and crossed the distance of tens of meters with just one leap like a tornado. From above the second floor, Marshal Haotian slashed his halberd down at the second floor of the restaurant.

“Heaven’s Wrath!”

As the halberd cut down, chained images of the halberd slammed downwards.

And when Duke Meng Chen heard Marshal Haotian’s words, the blood vessels in his heart nearly snapped.

Junior, Junior Brother?! Marshal’s Junior Brother!

That lowly commoner was actually the Marshal’s Junior Brother!

The attackers from the Duke’s Mansion only heard a loud shout, and suddenly a silhouette descended from the sky as terrifying halberds rained down on them. They were shocked and wanted to retreat, but it was already too late.

Screams were heard throughout the restaurant’s second floor as all the attackers were swept away by the force and the floor trembled like it was about to collapse.

Blood spurted out of First Mister and Second Mister’s mouth, their faces filled with fear. Two pairs of eyes quickly glanced around and found out other than the two of them, everyone else was dead!

One strike injured two Tenth Order, and annihilated more than ten Eighth and Ninth Orders!

This kind of terrifying power, only… Both of them quickly looked upwards and saw the person floating down unable to believe it.

“Hao, Mar, Marshal Haotian!”

After he had swept away the flies, Marshal Haotian walked towards Fei Hou, his deep voice asking, “Junior Brother, your Senior Brother was late, are you alright?”

Smiling, Fei Hou looked at the person before him and said, “I’m alright.”

Then, the Marshal’s gaze shifted to Huang Xiaolong. When he was in the air, he had noticed that his Junior Brother was exerting all his might to protect this little kid. What is this little kid’s identity? Could he be Junior Brother’s grandson?

While these thoughts were running through Haotian’s mind, his eyes suddenly fell upon Huang Xiaolong’s left hand. On Huang Xiaolong’s left hand ring finger was a dark black ring and when Haotian saw this ring, his body shook visibly, eyes staring widely in disbelief, isn’t this…?!

His eyes turned to Fei Hou.

Fei Hou already knew what his Senior Brother wanted to ask and nodded his head at Haotian.

Seeing his Junior Brother’s nod confirming his guess, his body trembled and his face flushed red with excitement while his body shifted wanting to kneel down. A tiny voice similar to a fly’s buzz was transmitted to his ear as Haotian was about to kneel, stopping hm. He swallowed the word ‘Sovereign’ that was about to leave his mouth and changed it into, “Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal Haotian greets the Young Master!

“Young, Young Master!” The minds of the Duke and his son, First Mister, and Second Mister’s crashed! The Luo Tong Kingdom’s exalted Marshal Haotian actually... actually saluted that little kid. Moreover, the Marshal called him Young Master! It was as if the Heavens flipped over, their legs shook unsteadily, and they were close to fainting.

At this moment, not even the sky falling could compare to this disaster!

Marshal Haotian! Even Huang Xiaolong was stunned. This person saluting him who looked like a man in his seventies was Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal Haotian!

Marshal Haotian is an Asura’s Gate disciple!

Fei Hou’s Senior Brother!

Then, how vast and powerful was Asura’s Gate?!

“Young Master.” Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was in a daze, Fei Hou called in a small voice, reminding him. Only then did Huang Xiaolong wake up, and his hands reached out to help Haotian up, “Marshal Haotian, please stand.”

Marshal Haotian’s heart nearly jumped out when Huang Xiaolong reached out to help him, feeling extremely flattered he quickly stood up. “Haotian thanks Young Master.” After he had stood up, Marshal Haotian’s sharp cold eyes looked at the four people: Meng Chen, Meng Xia, First Mister and Second Mister.

He naturally recognized Meng Chen and his son.

Waves of murder raged in Marshal Haotian’s eyes.

If they were only ganging up on his Junior Brother Fei Hou alone he would’ve let this matter slide and ended it here, but now! He walked slowly towards the father and son pair, and he got to First Mister and Second Mister, his wrist turned and his palms struck directly on their chests causing it to explode instantly.

Two Tenth Order warriors died just like that!

“Mar, Marshal Haotian, I…” Meng Chen’s face had already lost all his arrogance, stammering as he desperately tried to act tough. “I am Duke Meng Chen!” Although Marshal Haotian is only below the King, but he still can’t recklessly kill a Duke!

Marshal Haotian in a cold voice said, “I know you are Duke Meng Chen.”

Meng Chen sighed in relief when he heard this; it’s better that you already knew who I am. But, as Meng Chen relaxed, the halberd in Marshal Haotian’s hand speared forward, passing straight through his throat before he pulled it back.

Even though you are a Duke, for daring to attempt to kill my Asura Gate’s Sovereign, you must die just the same!

Marshal Haotian looked on coldly as Duke Meng Chen’s body slowly tumbled to the floor.


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