Chapter 3749: Went To the Front?

Chapter 3749: Went To the Front?

“Golden Gorge, Devil Mirror Palace!” Huang Xiaolong put away the devil mirror fragment and disappeared at the edge of the horizon in a streak of light.

The dragon soul source Ao Shan looked in the direction Huang Xiaolong left with a complicated gaze, muttering under his breath, “Perhaps, not too long from now, the Fourteen Universes’ true lord will appear!”

Counting the Origin Universe and the Thirteen Universes, there were fourteen universes in all.

From the time when the fourteen universes were born, there had never been one true sovereign lord.

But the dragon soul source had a feeling that not too far in the future, the fourteen universes’ true sovereign lord would appear.

While Huang Xiaolong was rushing to the Golden Gorge, the many Emperors of Origin Universe were also making haste to the same destination.

The devil mirror inside the Devil Mirror Palace held the secret to their breakthrough into Universe God Realm. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Not to mention, inside the Devil Mirror Palace were countless treasures, many top-level techniques, peak-level origin universe spiritual veins, guardian treasures, and rare treasures like Universe Source Stones! Some of the top-level cultivation techniques were left behind by experts.

The Devil Mirror Palace had appeared many times, and every time it appeared, scuffles and conflicts between experts who rushed inside were inevitable, as well as killings. Thus, the top-level cultivation techniques and treasures of these people remained inside the Devil Mirror Palace.

Of course, there were many treasures that existed since the beginning together with the Devil Mirror Palace, such as peak-grade origin universe spiritual veins, guardian treasures, and Universe Source Stones.

In the Thirteen Universes, a treasure like the Universe Source Stone had only appeared twice! One was obtained by the Universe First Race, and Huang Xiaolong obtained the second stone not long ago at the White Deer Cave. Universe Source Stones were rarer than rare. However, every time the Devil Mirror Palace appeared, there would be experts who obtained Universe Source Stones within.

The Golden Gorge was located in a vast desert, and the desert was within the territory of the third-ranked strongest cultivator in the Origin Universe, the Lord of Ghost Desert.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the Golden Gorge a year later, the area was already crowded with experts.

In the four directions of the Golden Gorge were experts from various celestial empires’ families, and all of them were cultivators of God of Creation Realm. At a rough glance, there were at least several million people.

There were layers of restrictions around the Devil Mirror Palace, even in the outermost area. Only God of Creation Realm experts could enter, thus only experts of God of Creation Realm and above gathered here.

The Golden Gorge stretched miles across the desert, just like a gaping abyss across the barren desert viewed from above. Throughout the year, the Golden Gorge was filled with a kind of golden fog, and that was where the Golden Gorge got its name.

No one knew exactly how deep the Golden Gorge was. The Lord of Ghost Desert had once descended down the Golden Gorge, but even after several thousand years, he still did not reach the bottom of the gorge and had to return to the surface.

Moreover, the further down he went, there was a devouring force coming from below.

Therefore, no one had ever reached the bottom of Golden Gorge.

Some people claimed the bottom of the Golden Gorge was the deepest part of the Origin Universe.

However, this remained a myth with no way of proving its authenticity until someone successfully reached the gorge’s bottom and came back out.

At the time Huang Xiaolong arrived, he took a quick look around, then headed straight to the center of the Golden Gorge because every time the Devil Mirror Palace had appeared in the past, it was always at the center of the gorge.

However, the Golden Gorge’s one hundred thousand miles radius area had been blocked off by Yuan Fang, Lord of Ghost Desert, and the rest of the human race’s ten Emperors. Other races’ old ancestors and patriarchs were unable to get close at all.

Experts that broke the twenty billion mark like Old Granny Void and Domineering Blade Xihu were all waiting outside of the one hundred thousand miles radius, and no one dared to take one step across the line.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to enter the Golden Gorge’s center area, a half-step Universe God Realm expert breaking ten billion marks in battle strength, saw an unknown human race youngster bypass him. His face sank. “Brat, scram to the back, or else…”

But before he could finish the rest of his sentence, he was overwhelmed by the monstrous momentum coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body. The ten billion mark expert was startled, and just as he thought of dodging, it was already too late. In a split second, he was struck by the force from Huang Xiaolong’s body and sent flying.

This sight shocked the surrounding experts who noticed the commotion there.

The expert Huang Xiaolong sent flying ended up with severe injuries, and he was quite famous in the Origin Universe. Many experts recognized him, and because of that many experts were shocked.

“Who is this youngster?!”

“Could he be one of the Human Emperors’ disciples or juniors?”

Many experts had the same guess.

Whilst these guesses were shared through low whispers, someone in the crowd exclaimed, “Huang Xiaolong!”

The noisy environment suddenly died abruptly.

“Huang Xiaolong? Which Huang Xiaolong?” an old ancestor asked in confusion.

‘He’s the one who kidnapped His Majesty Treasure Sage Human Emperor, that Huang Xiaolong!” The person who recognized Huang Xiaolong blurted out in excitement. This family patriarch happened to be at the Big River Mountain at that time.

The scene exploded upon hearing the old ancestor’s explanation.

“What?! It’s him?! That human race youngster is Huang Xiaolong! Aren’t they saying that he was killed by the Dragon Sage Human Emperor for trying to snatch the dragon soul source?”

“Did His Majesty the Dragon Sage Human Emperor spare him? Or did he escape by a stroke of luck?”

These experts’ astonished and bewildered gazes followed Huang Xiaolong.

The news of Huang Xiaolong’s arrival traveled fast, from one person to a hundred, and before long, almost everyone at the Golden Gorge had heard about it.

“Oh, Huang Xiaolong,” Yuan Fang who was waiting at the frontmost area in the center of the Golden Gorge made a small gasp of surprise.

The Lord of Ghost Desert remained expressionless.

Eight Human Emperors looked towards the outer edge of the barricaded area, and each had a different expression on their face.

“Your Majesty Buddha Sage Human Emperor, that Huang Xiaolong… Should we?” one of the Buddha Saint Palace’s experts couldn’t help but ask, referring to whether they should capture Huang Xiaolong.

Other Human Emperors also looked to the Buddha Sage Human Emperor for his decision.

“The Devil Mirror Palace will appear in half an hour. It won’t be too late to capture Huang Xiaolong once we’re inside,” said the Buddha Sage Human Emperor.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

After Huang Xiaolong got the annoying expert out of his sight, he continued towards the center area. This time, no one dared to stop him anymore. In fact, the crowd separated and opened a wide berth for him to pass through.

Even experts breaking the twenty-billion mark like Old Granny Void and Domineering Blade Xihu dared not block Huang Xiaolong’s path.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong reached the edge of the center area, and before everyone’s eyes, he stepped into the center area and continued forward until he was behind the eight Human Emperors’ camp.

The eight Human Emperors’ cold gazes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong, and the overwhelming momentum from their bodies came crashing down on him.

All eyes were on Huang Xiaolong and the eight Human Emperors.

“Say, do you guys think that Huang Xiaolong would dare to bypass the eight Human Emperors and stand in front of them?” Domineering Blade Xihu asked in a hushed whisper.

“Probably not, right?” The Gold Devouring Supreme shook his head. After all, the ones in Huang Xiaolong’s path were eight of the human race’s Human Emperors!

The remaining eight Human Emperors were in full attendance!

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