Chapter 3313: Fierce Tiger Gang

Chapter 3313: Fierce Tiger Gang

As Huang Xiaolong and the others rushed off, a group of bodyguards were protecting a young lady in the middle of a mall as they glared at the bunch of people standing before them.

The young lady in the middle glared at a youngster from the other side and growled, “Chen Shaozuo, as someone from the Huaxia Alliance, you willingly hunted down other comrades of the Huaxia Alliance for the Japanese Alliance! You’re a disgrace to all of us!”

Chuckling sinsterly, the other party explained, “Lu Anan, don’t pretend to be all high and mighty here. Do you really think your Nanjing Chamber of Commerce hasn’t done anything wrong?”

Lu Anan raged, “We earned from the Japanese, and we wouldn’t betray our comrades like you guys!”

Chen Shaozuo sneered, “When our Fierce Tiger Gang replaces your Nanjing Chamber of Commerce, we will represent the members of the Huaxia Alliance in the Japanese Alliance! When that happens, your chamber of commerce will become a joke to the Huaxia Alliance! You will be a disgrace! When that happens, no one will dare to talk bad about my Fierce Tiger Gang!”


“If you want to blame something, you can only blame yourselves for rejecting the offer from the Iga Clan!” Chen Shaozuo continued, “Lu Anan, do you really think that abiding by the rules will allow you to stand tall in the Japanese Alliance? Humph. Look at you now. Not a single person from the Huaxia Alliance is willing to help you.”

The faces of those from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce turned extremely ugly.

However, Chen Shaozuo chuckled in amusement all of a sudden. “Lu Anan, why don’t you marry me as my mistress instead. When that happens, I’ll get the Iga Clan to spare your life.”

“Of course, I will only protect you. Your parents, grandfather, and everyone else from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce will have to die.”

“You b*stard!” One of the experts protecting her roared in anger as they rushed towards him.

Before he could arrive, he was sent flying by one of the experts beside Chen Shaozuo. He slammed into one of the pillars in the mall, and blood stained the ground.

“Uncle Bai!” Lu Anan yelled.

The others raged as they rushed over to take revenge for their fallen comrade, but they were sent flying all the same. Everyone in the mall started to scatter as the fight broke out.

Chen Shaozuo looked at the man called ‘Uncle Bai’ and he sneered, “You’re just a mid-level Golden Core Realm cultivator. How dare you try to make a move on me.” Turning to the buff man standing beside him, he introduced, “I forgot to introduce you guys. This is Yagyu Tyrant.”

He was the person who sent everyone from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce Flying.

“A member of the Yagyu Clan!” Uncle Bai gasped in shock.

The Yagyu Clan was one of the large families in the Japanese Alliance, but they were different from the three great Japanese Families. They didn’t interfere in the Japanese Alliance’s politics and financial matters.

The Yagyu Clan was known for training the most dedicated samurais!

One tenth of the Samurai Warriors in the Japanese Alliance came from the Yagyu Clan, and one could only imagine how strong they were!

“That’s right. I am Yagyu Tyrant.” The well-built man crossed his arms before his chest and he growled in a low voice.

The faces of those from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce fell, as none of them thought that the Fierce Tiger Gang would be able to recruit the members of the Yagyu Clan!

With the Iga Clan and the Yagyu Clan standing behind the Fierce Tiger Gang,it was a matter of time before they swallowed the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce whole!

“Take her away!” Chen Shaozuo laughed merrily when he saw the look of defiance on her face.

Seeing as their young lady was about to be taken away by the members of the Fierce Tiger Gang, Manager Chen and the others arrived.

“Hold it right there!”

Huang Xiaolong followed behind them as he casually strolled into the mall.

“Manager Chen, you have to be careful! The person beside Chen Shaozuo is Yagyu Tyrant!” Uncle Bai yelled when he saw their arrival.

“Yagyu Tyrant?!” The members of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce who just arrived stared at the man in shock.

Yagyu Tyrant was known as the strongest cultivator under the Nascent Soul Realm in the entire Japanese Alliance!

Chen Shaozuo sneered at Manager Chen, “Chen Longbiao, you should know what’s good for you. Get out of my sight right now or I’ll have to personally kick you out.”

“Chen Shaozuo, you’re a traitor! Release Anan immediately!”

Chen Shaozuo’s expression sank. “Chen Longbiao, do you really think that I won’t move against you because you’re my second uncle? Get lost!” A trace of coldness flashed through his eyes.

“I’m not afraid of you! Let’s see how strong you really are!” Chen Longbiao growled in rage.

“Do it!” Chen Shaozuo snapped at the members of the Fierce Tiger Gang behind him.

As soon as they received the order, everyone rushed forward. Yagyu Tyrant threw a fist at Chen Longbiao, and a horrifying pressure filled the mall. Chen Longbiao’s expression changed as he didn’t think that the man would attack immediately. He might be a high-level Golden Core Realm cultivator, but he knew that he wasn’t a match for Yagyu Tyrant!

Just as the fist was about to slam into his chest, Yagyu Tyrant froze in mid air. Everyone stared at him in shock and they turned to look at the hand that stopped Yagyu Tyrant. The palm that stopped him was tiny compared to the fist, but it was enough to freeze Yagyu Tyrant in place.

Chen Longbiao stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock. “Little brother, this…”

He didn’t think that the brat who was asking them for information would be able to stop Yagyu Tyrant with ease!

Could he actually be as strong as Yagyu Tyrant?

Struggling to pull his fist back, Yagyu Tyrant discovered that he couldn’t move his hand no matter how much strength he used. In a fit of rage, he used his other hand to punch Huang Xiaolong. It was too bad Huang Xiaolong shattered his arms before it could arrive.

A miserable shriek left Yagyu Tyrant’s lips as he was sent flying into a wall in the mall.

Both the Fierce Tiger Gang and the members of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce sucked in a cold breath.

“You… Who are you?!” Chen Shaozuo roared at Huang Xiaolong. “How dare you interfere with the matters of my Fierce Tiger Gang?!”

“Fierce Tiger Gang? Never heard of you.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

With the ugliest expression he could form, Chen Shaozuo snapped, “Just… Just wait and see!” After he spoke, he went to help Yagyu Tyrant to his feet as they left with their tails tucked between their legs.


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