Chapter 3309: Decapitating Wang Zheng?!

Chapter 3309: Decapitating Wang Zheng?!

“Bang!” With a wave of Huang Xiaolong’s arm, she was sent flying once again. She shattered the walls around the Zhang Family Manor and she smashed into a luxury car outside the manor!

With her head smashing into the windshield, the bottom half of her body was sticking out like a sore thumb! Even though she was old, her figure was pretty hot.

The grand elders stared at her rotund derriere that was sticking out from the windshield with unblinking eyes.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong reached out into the void and grabbed. The barrier surrounding the Zhang Family Manor turned into a talisman and appeared on his palm.

The barrier disappeared in an instant, and under the shocked gazes of the grand elders, Huang Xiaolong casually shredded the talisman in his hand.

Zhang Yuhan and the others were astounded by his display of strength.

Even an eminent elder of the Six Swords Gate at the level of Wang Zheng wouldn’t be able to do anything like that! However, the formation was comparable to a bubble before Huang Xiaolong.

With another wave, Zhang Wanqing was dragged before Zhang Yuhan. He turned to her and said, “I shattered all the qi veins in her body. Yuhan, you can deal with her however you please.”

Zhang Yuhan felt the world spinning around her when she heard what he said.

Shatter the qi veins in her body?!

The grand elders of the Zhang Family felt their expressions changing.

As Zhang Wanqing laid on the ground, her breaths were shallow. If Zhang Yuhan said that she didn’t hate Zhang Wanqing, she would be lying. However, she felt that she couldn’t bring herself to make the final move now that Zhang Wanqing was lying in front of her, defenseless.

She looked at her parents who shook their heads slightly.

“It’s alright. Xiaolong, please release her.”

Huang Xiaolong widened his eyes in shock, but since Zhang Yuhan had made her choice, there was nothing much for him to say.

As Zhang Wanqing crawled to her feet, she snorted, “Zhang Yuhan, you b*tch! Don’t think that you’ll be safe with Huang Xiaolong’s protection!” Turning to Huang Xiaolong, she continued, “Huang Xiaolong, you will die a horrible death for sealing Lord Wang Zheng’s woman! You will suffer a fate worse than mine!”

After she spoke, she ran away from the hall in haste.

An hour later, the news started to spread. The old ancestor of the Zhang Family was crippled by Huang Xiaolong, and the entire family turned to support Zhang Yuhan as their new old ancestor.

As soon as the news made its way around, the Huaxia Alliance trembled. One had to know that Huang Xiaolong killed the old ancestors of the Zou and Chu Families an hour ago! Now, a third had fallen! Even though Zhang Wanqing wasn’t dead, her fate was worse than death!

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong’s name became synonymous with a death god!

“I heard that Zhang Yuhan and Huang Xiaolong were childhood sweethearts. Zhang Wanqing forced her to marry Eminent Elder Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate, and Huang Xiaolong crippled her in a fit of rage!”

“What?! The Zhang Family really stepped on dog sh*t luck this time!”

“Nonsense! Zhang Yuhan was one of the women chosen by Wang Zheng. Now that Huang Xiaolong threw a wrench in his plans, he’s definitely planning on going against the entire Six Swords Gate! He even shattered Lord Wang Zheng’s formation! With such a blatant provocation, Lord Wang Zheng wouldn’t let him off!”

The powers of the Huaxia Alliance started to quarrel among each other on who was the stronger expert between Huang Xiaolong and Wang Zheng.

Even though Huang Xiaolong killed the old ancestors of the Chu and Zou Families and was compared to Ying Tian, there were some who felt that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t stand a chance against Wang Zheng at all.

After all, Wang Zheng wasn’t someone Ying Tian could stand against! Ying Tian barely entered the Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm, but Wang Zheng had reached the peak of Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm a long time ago!

When everyone was saying how badly Huang Xiaolong would end up, a heaven shaking announcement came from Huang Shengan’s mouth. “Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate is to kneel before the Zhang Family Manor for an entire month as an apology. He will shatter his arms too! If he fails to appear, I, Huang Xiaolong, will personally head over to the Six Swords Gate to behead him!”

The news caused every single power in the Huaxia Alliance to tremble.

“This… Huang Xiaolong… Huang Xiaolong is planning to behead Wang Zheng in the Six Swords Gate?!”

Even He Yuankang, the old ancestor of the He Family, sighed. He felt that Huang Xiaolong was too full of himself. One had to know that there were more than thirty Enlightenment Realm experts in the Six Swords Gate! There were at least five high-level Enlightenment Realm experts among them!

Not to mention the fact that the old ancestor of the Six Swords Gate was at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm and was a foot in the Spirit Severing Realm…

They even had the Six Swords Killing Formation ready to kill him if he stepped foot into their territory!

The Six Swords Formation was made up of six spiritual swords, and all of them were mid-grade spiritual treasures!

Even experts at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm might not be able to return alive!

Much less a ‘mere’ Huang Xiaolong!

Of course, that was what everyone in the Huaxia Alliance thought.

In the Zhang Family Manor, Zhang Yuhan couldn’t help but worry for Huang Xiaolong when she heard the announcement. “Xiaolong, why don’t we let it go? As long as Wang Zheng gives up on me and forgets about harming the Zhang Family, we should let the matter go.”

“Are you doubting my abilities?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly.

Shaking her head, Zhang Yuhan sighed, “That’s not it… After all, there are countless experts in the Six Swords Gate. They even have the Six Swords Killing Formation! It’s too dangerous and there’s no need for you to take the risk!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed in amusement. “Relax. I am confident in my strength.” He looked into Zhang Yuhan’s eyes and a trace of contentment flashed through his eyes. In the past hundred years, she managed to enter the Nascent Soul Realm, but time wasn’t as kind to mortals. Her hair was gray, and the light in her eyes was no longer as bright as they once were.

Zhang Yuhan’s heartbeat accelerated when she noticed Huang Xiaolong’s burning gaze. She lowered her head and stuttered, “You… You…What are you looking at?!”

“Of course I’m looking at you. I’ve been gone for so long, and it’s time to make up for all the lost time.” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

With blood rushing to her face, Zhang Yuhan glared at Huang Xiaolong. “You weren’t such a sweet talker in the past!”

Even though she sounded angry, there were traces of happiness hidden in her voice.

Huang Xiaolong turned serious all of a sudden. “Do you wish to become young again?”

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in shock, a trace of joy flashed in her eyes. “Is there a way for you to do that?!” Like every woman, they desired to return to the peak of their beauties when they were younger.

“Of course.” Huang Xiaolong nodded and explained, “Even though I won’t be able to allow you to return to how you looked a hundred years ago in a short amount of time, I can still return you to your thirties if you give me a moment.”

When Huang Xiaolong was transforming her body, Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate exploded in fury when he heard the news. He shattered the cliff beside him and roared, “Little f*cker from the Huang Family, who do you think you are?! I’ll head over and kill you now!” As soon as he spoke, he shot towards the Huaxia Alliance.

As the second strongest expert in the Six Swords Gate, he lived for more than five hundred years. He was no weaker than the patriarchs of the various sects, and now, a mere grand elder of the Huang Family dared to threaten him! How could Wang Zheng allow that to pass?!

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