Chapter 3174: Cosmic Dust Starfield

Chapter 3174: Cosmic Dust Starfield

As it would take at least fifty thousand years to reach the Blazing Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong seized the time to raise his cultivation. Hopefully, by the time they reached the Blazing Dragon World, there would be an improvement in his power of time and space.

Huang Xiaolong built several hundred buildings in the belly of the Purple Lightning Peak, there were more than enough rooms for him and everyone onboard to cultivate and live in.

When cultivating, Huang Xiaolong and his ladies would cultivate inside the buildings in the mountain’s belly, and at other times, he would bring the ladies up to the peak to enjoy the universe’s ever-changing sceneries. The days were idyllic, carefree, and sweet.

“Xiaolong, if days like this can last forever, how wonderful would that be!” Shi Xiaofei said as she leaned in and rested her head on Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder with gentleness overflowing from her eyes.

Huang Xiaolong embraced Shi Xiaofei with one arm and promised with a smile, “One day, we will live this kind of life forever. Even if the universe shatters, and the heavens no longer exist, we will still be together!”

Other ladies also leaned towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, look, what’s that?” Suddenly Yao Chi pointed towards the front.

Everyone turned to look. In the vast space before them was a huge, suspended starfield of black particles. This starfield was formed from the accumulation of these black particles that were roughly the same size as the Origin Holy World!

In the midst of space, it was right in the Purple Lightning Peak’s line of path.

“This is a cosmic dust starfield!” Huang Xiaolong explained with furrowed brows, “In space, experts traveling across space can face the risks of encountering a cosmic storm that can wreck the entire flying ship into pieces, reducing them into black grain-like particles like that!”

Shi Xiaofei, Li Lu, and the others listened with amazement.

“Is the space within this cosmic starfield liveable?” Yao Chi asked.

Other ladies also looked at Huang Xiaolong with anticipation in their eyes, as clearly all of them were interested to take a look around.

Huang Xiaolong said, “The space within this cosmic dust starfield is not easy to enter. Moreover, after those experts died, the particles their bodies turned into carried an astounding amount of spiritual energy. After all, most of these experts were Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm experts and above. Materials used to build those flying ships were definitely genesis-level materials, and even after being pulverized by cosmic storm, the spiritual energy in these particles is comparable to the remains of those experts. That’s why the space within this kind of starfield has rich spiritual energy, like those top-tier holy worlds.”

All the ladies’ eyes lit up.

Seeing that these ladies still had not figured out the cosmic starfield’s danger, Huang Xiaolong added, “After those experts’ physical bodies were destroyed, their dao souls remained, floating in the vast space, and many of them would choose to hide within starfields like this. The majority of cosmic dust starfields like this are actually particles of corpses, it has a certain amount of death qi and corpse qi, and those wandering dao souls would be affected when they cultivate. Overtime, those dao souls would turn into fierce souls that like to feast on cultivators’ flesh!”

The ladies, who were originally interested in exploring the cosmic dust starfield, paled at Huang Xiaolong’s words.

Huang Xiaolong went on, “Therefore, generally, experts would avoid cosmic dust starfields. These fierce souls are powerful experts to begin with, and they would only grow stronger as time passed. Once they sense prey approaching the cosmic dust starfield, they come out in droves, and even an Extermination List expert would have a hard time trying to outrun them.”

The ladies turned another shade whiter.

A long time had passed since they had ascended to the holy world, and they already knew what an expert on the Extermination List represented.

“Xiaolong, then we should quickly make a detour,” Fang Xuanxuan urged with worry.

Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly, “It’s fine, those fierce souls can do nothing to your husband!”

“We’ll just fly through it!” Taking a detour would have greatly increased the distance. With Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, there were very few existences that could threaten his life. More importantly, a cosmic dust starfield like this would have a lot of genesis-level spiritual herbs.

Huang Xiaolong didn't mind exploring inside.

If they encountered suitable fierce souls, Huang Xiaolong might even tame them as guards to protect his family.

Thus Huang Xiaolong directed the Purple Lightning Peak towards the cosmic dust starfield.

Even though they had Huang Xiaolong beside them, the ladies couldn’t help feeling nervous as they got closer to the cosmic dust starfield, including Feng Yue and Yin Yue who were already Dao Venerables. When compared to experts on the Extermination List, they were as insignificant as ants.

Just as the Purple Lightning Peak got close, sharp roars sounded. The roars sounded more like a howl whilst not, neither resembling a beast nor human, causing the ladies to inch closer to Huang Xiaolong in fear, and even more.

In the meantime, Yuan Tianyi, the ten overlords, ten beast kings, Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, Myriad Formation Devil, Li Shuo, Old Man Grandmist, Huang Peng, and the rest also came out. Right at this time, a giant black shadow rushed out from the cosmic dust starfield, straight towards them.

This black shadow looked like it was slobbered with a thick layer of black ink, and its eyes were completely crimson-like blood. This was a dao soul corrupted by death qi and corpse qi, a fierce soul.

A dao soul was originally an intangible entity, but after years of consuming the flesh of numerous experts in the universe, these fierce souls had gradually become corporeal over time as their entirety was filled with a black matter which gave them form!

Before the fierce soul arrived, terrifying death qi and corpse qi rolled towards the Purple Lightning Peak, with overwhelming pressure. This fierce soul was not weaker than those on the Mystical List.

Before the fierce soul got anyone, it was zapped by the streaks of purple lightning from the Purple Lightning Peak. The purple lightning penetrated through the rolling death qi and corpse qi, and struck the fierce soul!

The horrifying fierce soul didn’t even have the chance to let out a cry and the purple lightning sent it flying millions of miles away.

The ladies were surprised, as none of them had thought that the Purple Lightning Peak’s lightning could send such a terrifying fierce soul away so easily.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised at all. Not to mention, it was a fierce soul with the strength to enter the Mystical List, so even if it was a hundred times stronger, the result would be the same. Not even an existence on the Extermination List could withstand the Purple Lightning Peak’s lightning attack!

Through years of reforging, the Purple Lightning Peak’s grade had reached the peak of quasi-creation artifact, and there was no doubt that its attack had also increased significantly.

Second after the fierce soul was sent flying, several fierce souls rushed over from the cosmic dust starfield.

This time, purple lightning qi enveloped the entire Purple Lightning Peak as it accelerated forward, knocking away the several fierce souls in an instant.

The Purple Lightning Peak proceeded unhindered.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even need to move a finger as the lightning qi from the purple Lightning Peak was enough for them to cut into the cosmic dust starfield, and when Huang Xiaolong detected any genesis-level spiritual herbs, he would collect them into the Sun Moon Furnace with a single thought.

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