Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself

Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself.

Huang Xiaolong turned around to look at Huang Wei, then said in a cold tone, “If he’s not qualified to sit here, then you are even less qualified than he is!”

“What?! Huang Xiaolong, you!” Huang Wei was truly offended; rage filled his heart. He possessed grade ten martial spirits, the future Lord of Huang Clan Manor, yet this Huang Xiaolong actually said he’s less qualified when compared to a slave servant?

At this moment, Huang Qide spoke: “Enough! We are in Li Residence, Old Patriarch Li’s celebration banquet!”

Because his grandfather had spoken Huang Wei could only glare at Huang Xiaolong with a vengeance.

Huang Qide then turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Xiaolong, is this person your newly purchased slave? He’s not qualified to sit here!”

Huang Xiaolong’s brow wrinkled, no matter what; in the end, his grandfather was still partial to Huang Wei. Ever since both of their martial spirits awakened, this has been Huang Qide’s attitude.

He was certain that If it weren't because Li Lu kept demanding that Huang Xiaolong comes, his grandfather Huang Qide would have brought only Huang Wei with him.

Huang Qide spoke again. “Tell you slave servant to leave the hall, and wait in the yard.”

Leave? Huang Xiaolong’s anger started to rise, grandfather’s meaning is Fei Hou’s not qualified to even stand here?

“Xiaolong didn’t you hear what your grandfather said. Quickly tell you slave servant to scram! We are at Old Patriarch Li’s celebration banquet, you bringing over a slave servant, are you trying exhibit yourself?” Huang Ming added in an admonishing tone.

Scram? Huang Xiaolong’s anger continued to rise, sneered: “Although my servant is new, but it’s not for you order him around!”

“You!” Huang Ming didn’t expect an event like this where Huang Xiaolong would actually contradict him; his eyes bulged so in anger much they almost fell out.

“That’s enough, Xiaolong.” Huang Peng said. “Obey your grandfather’s instruction, let him return to the yard.” Even though Huang Peng agreed with his father, Huang Qide and Huang Ming’s words were excessive, but he also felt that his son bringing a slave servant on such an occasion was not appropriate.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback, suppressing the anger, he nodded and said to Fei Hou behind him: “Fei Hou, go back and wait for me.”

While the conversation took place, Fei Hou’s expression was calm, “Yes, Young Master.” He saluted respectfully after saying that, turned around and left.

Huang Wei was feeling proud seeing that Fei Hou was ordered to leave.

Li Lu who was sitting beside Huang Xiaolong glared at Huang Wei when she saw his satisfied expression.

Suddenly, loud laughter erupted from outside the hall; it was Old Patriarch Li. Everyone in the Main Hall looked out and saw Li Mu, Li Cheng and their other guests walking towards the Main Hall under the protection of experts.

Seeing them, everyone got up.

However, as the group of merry people were about to step into the Main Hall, suddenly an anxious cry was heard: “Old Patriarch, it’s bad! Something bad happened!”

The voice was abrupt, and the laughter filled hall became silent; Li Mu was startled as he turned around to look, others did the same.

A flustered residential guard ran in looking frightened; the guard panted heavily as he reached Li Mu and Li Cheng, his finger pointed towards the main entrance and with a shaky voice said, “Old Patriarch, outside, outside!”

“Outside? What happened outside?” A sinking feeling crept into Li Mu’s heart, and he almost shouted his question.

“Outside, there is a huge coffin placed outside!” The Li Residence’s guard said in a quivering voice.

“What? A huge coffin!”

“What is the matter?!”

Inside the Main Hall, all the Patriarch and experts that came to congratulate Old Patriarch Li were shocked, and whispers circulated the hall.

Li Mu’s heart skipped a beat; his expression became solemn, and he said: “Go!” After speaking, Li Mu and his son Li Cheng walked towards the main entrance of Li Residence’s with quickly, while the experts of Li Residence followed closely behind them.

“We will also go and have a look,” said Huang Qide as he too walked out of the Main Hall, followed by Huang Xiaolong and the others, and Li Lu followed Huang Xiaolong. At her age, although she didn’t understand what a huge coffin being placed in front of the main entrance on her grandfather’s birthday celebration represented, she was nervous and tense.

Huang Xiaolong followed his grandfather to the main entrance, looked out and saw that a huge red-colored coffin was placed directly facing the main entrance of the Li Residence.

The of the coffin was dyed red with human blood and a strong scent of blood wove through the air assaulting their nose.

Everyone’s heart tightened watching this weird scene.

Li Mu walked up to the coffin. His expression was cold as he shouted: “Which scoundrel dares to look for trouble with Li Residence? Get out here!” When Li Mu shouted, the surrounding air rolled like waves, forming a large lion in midair; the lion roared endlessly.

Everyone was surprised and a look of awe apparent in their expression.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered. His father told him before about the battle skill that Li Mu practiced, is this the middle grade, Mysterious rank battle skill – Sky Lion Roar?

Moments later, the lion in the sky dissipated, and there was quiet.

“Hey hey!” A snicker sounded in the air, from all direction confusing everyone as to the source of the voice. “Old Man Li, today is your eightieth birthday thus we prepared this big gift for you, you should be happy. Why are you angry? A bad temper usually leads to a short life!”

Li Mu flew up, with a loud shout his palm struck out; releasing many palm prints which rotated to form an enormous wind storm, swirling up as clouds became faintly visible.

“Windcloud Palm.”

The massive windstorm created by the palm prints fell on a government building in front, and suddenly a muted green fist print pierced through the air and collided head-on with Li Mu’s palm print. A loud deafening explosion resounded as the two energies collided. Two muted green silhouettes appeared in midair above the government building as they stood in midair. Huang Xiaolong and everyone else looked at the two figures; their bodies were actually covered in scaled like a snake, with black eyes, their faces covered with green stripes and a long snake-like tail attached to their backs.

“Soul Transformation!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed.

When a warrior reaches the Seventh Order, their martial spirits experience a second evolution which allows the warrior's body to integrate with their martial spirits. This ability is called Soul Transformation. After transformation, the warrior possesses the innate ability of his martial spirits. For instance, if a person’s martial spirit is a poisonous snake, then after Soul Transformation the battle qi in the warrior’s body will contain a certain amount of poison.

Clearly, the martial spirits of these two were some type of snake, and from the looks of it, most probably poisonous snakes.

“Hey Hey, Old Man Li, your Windcloud Palm is only so-so!”

“We won’t be killing you now; but within three years, we’ll definitely take your dog-life!”

“Open the coffin and see our birthday present to you!”

Both of them smirked, and their bodies became shrouded in a muted green glow, then disappeared in a flash right in front of everybody.

Li Mu didn’t expect the other party to flee the moment they appeared, so by the time he regained his senses and wanted to pursue, it was already too late.

“Dad!” Li Cheng walked up to Li Mu moments later. He then looked at the sealed coffin and asked, “Should we open it?”

Li Mu turned around, inhaled deeply, and said: “Open it!”


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