Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Chapter 389 - I’ll Help You Kill Them!

Chapter 389: I’ll Help You Kill Them!

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Killing Dao was indeed not lying. For the next five or six days, she cooked for Qin Jue and had already become his personal chef.

Moreover, the meals she cooked were different every time. Her methods became more and more skillful, not inferior to Su Yan at all.

However, Su Yan had not come again during this period of time, making Killing Dao, who was eager to show off, feel as if she had punched cotton and was incomparably depressed.

Helpless, Killing Dao could only ask Qin Jue.

“She probably has something to do in the Thunder Breeze Sect. I forgot to tell you that she’s the holy maiden of the Thunder Breeze Sect.”

Qin Jue didn’t care.

Ever since she stepped into the peak of the Supreme Stage, Su Yan had become the strongest expert in the Thunder Breeze Sect. The reason why she could come often a few days ago was most likely because of her status. However, she couldn’t completely ignore the Thunder Breeze Sect, right?

Therefore, Qin Jue wasn’t surprised.

“Holy maiden of the Thunder Breeze Sect?”

Killing Dao was stunned and slightly disappointed. “I see. I understand.”

Seeing this, Qin Jue frowned. “Do you have a reason to be looking for her?”

In Qin Jue’s impression, the two of them should be very hostile towards each other. When did Killing Dao become so concerned about Su Yan?

“Huh? Not really. It’s fine.”

Killing Dao shook her head repeatedly. She didn’t want Qin Jue to know that she was looking for Su Yan to show off her cooking skills.

Qin Jue :”…”

Even an idiot could tell that there was definitely something wrong with Killing Dao.

However, Qin Jue didn’t continue to ask. After all, women had always been fickle-minded. Who knew if those two had already become good friends in private?

“Um, what does Master want to eat today? I’ll make it.”

Afraid that Qin Jue would sense something, Killing Dao changed the topic.

“Uh… make something more bland this time.”

These days, Killing Dao had prepared multiple feasts. Qin Jue had also gotten tired of it.

“Alright, no problem!”

After saying this, Killing Dao flew up and instantly disappeared into the horizon to search for food.

Several minutes later, Killing Dao flew back and took out countless heavenly treasures from her storage ring. She set up a barrier and began to cook.

Because she was cooking a dish she had never cooked before, Killing Dao was extremely careful. Just as she was about to place the ingredients down, intense fluctuations suddenly arose in the space not far away, and a peerlessly beautiful woman walked out. This woman was precisely Su Yan who she had not seen in a long time.

Killing Dao looked up and immediately revealed a happy expression. Haha, you came at the right time!

They could finally compete!

However, Killing Dao quickly realized that something was wrong.

In the past, every time Su Yan came to find Qin Jue, she would be extremely happy. However, this time, she looked depressed. She was completely different from before.

At the same time, Su Yan looked at Killing Dao and didn’t say anything. She turned around and walked to Qin Jue’s side and slowly sat down.

“What’s wrong?” Sun Wukong asked.


Since Killing Dao could sense Su Yan’s change, Qin Jue naturally could too.


Su Yan lowered her head and opened her mouth, not knowing how to answer.

“Tell me, aren’t we friends?”

Qin Jue smiled.


Su Yan’s eyes lit up slightly before quickly dimming. Finally, she whispered, “I’ve been officially appointed as the new sect master.”

“Oh? Isn’t that good?”

Qin Jue was puzzled.

As the holy maiden of the Thunder Breeze Sect, Su Yan had been nurtured as the future sect master of the Thunder Breeze Sect more than a decade ago. Under normal circumstances, she should only be officially accepted a hundred years later. However, after the death of Patriarch Thunder Breeze and Su Yan’s sudden increase in cultivation, the matter was naturally forced to be brought forward.

“Not good.”

Su Yan gritted her teeth and shouted, “Not good at all!”

This was the first time Qin Jue had seen Su Yan lose her composure. He immediately shot out a golden light from his fingertip and fused it into the space between Su Yan’s eyebrows to stabilize her emotions.

“Sorry, Senior, I…”

Su Yan, who had regained her senses, hurriedly apologized.

“It’s alright. What happened?”

Qin Jue asked.


Taking a deep breath, Su Yan spoke tirelessly.

The start of this matter began half a year ago. At that time, because Patriarch Thunder Breeze had just died and the other three major sects had yet to declare their stance, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect were worried that they would be attacked. Therefore, they used the things left behind by Patriarch Thunder Breeze to contact a faction in the Central Continent in hopes of obtaining their protection.

Because Patriarch Thunder Breeze had once gone to the Central Continent when he was young and had served in that faction for a period of time, the other party had surprisingly agreed to their request!

However, after that, the Three Major Sects suddenly announced that no faction was allowed to attack the Thunder Breeze Sect for the next hundred years. In addition, because of Su Yan’s rise to power and the fact that the faction had yet to send anyone, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect gradually forgot about this matter.

In the end, half a month ago, the other party sent another message that they were sending people to the Thunder Breeze Sect!

Upon learning of this, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect were overjoyed. If they could obtain the protection of the forces of the Central Continent, then the Thunder Breeze Sect would definitely rise to a higher level and might even directly return to the Four Major Sects!

In order to make the Thunder Breeze Sect appear less weak, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect decided to make Su Yan the new sect master and welcome those important figures from the Sacred Land of the Central Continent.

With Su Yan’s cultivation talent and strength, she could absolutely be valued by the other party!

Su Yan was actually very happy about this at first. After all, this was a good thing for the Thunder Breeze Sect.

That was until the important figures of the Sacred Land of the Central Continent descended.

The person in charge of leading the team was a Legendary Stage expert. They claimed to be from the Ice Clan and threatened to help the Thunder Breeze Sect consolidate all the factions in the Southern Land!

Of course, that was not the main point. The main point was that the young man accompanying him had taken a fancy to Su Yan and wanted to marry her!

How could Su Yan agree to this?

However, the other party did not care what Su Yan thought at all. If she refused, he would directly flatten the Thunder Breeze Sect and support other factions.

If she agreed, then from now on, the Thunder Breeze Sect would rise above the Three Major Sects and look down on the Southern Land!

It was only at this moment that the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect realized that the so-called “protectors” they had found did not care about them at all!

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Facing a Legendary Stage expert, the higher-ups of the Thunder Breeze Sect were unable to resist. They could only choose to persuade Su Yan to agree to marry the young man.

The furious Su Yan wanted to leave, but she was trapped in the courtyard by that Legendary Stage expert and could not go anywhere.

Seeing that the Thunder Breeze Sect had already begun to prepare for the wedding with great fanfare, Su Yan felt despair and disappointment.

Ever since Patriarch Thunder Breeze died, Su Yan had become the only hope of the entire Thunder Breeze Sect. She had cultivated diligently, wanting to advance to the Legendary Stage and lead the Thunder Breeze Sect back to the ranks of the Four Major Sects. In the end, she had been abandoned just like that.

Thus, Su Yan could only choose to ask Qin Jue for help.

After hearing Su Yan’s description, Qin Jue was rather speechless. What a melodramatic plot!

In addition, the Ice Clan?

One of the Twelve Sacred Clans of the Central Continent?

Without waiting for Qin Jue to speak, Killing Dao shouted angrily, “Bastard, what Ice Clan! Where are they? I’ll help you kill them!”

Although Killing Dao disliked Su Yan, it did not mean that others could bully her as they pleased!

Qin Jue :”…”


Su Yan looked up, dumbfounded.

“What? You don’t believe me?”

Killing Dao pursed her lips and said proudly, “Don’t worry, on this continent, besides Master, no one is my match!”

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