Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Doubts

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Just as Mo Wen and the middle-aged nurse were locked in a stalemate, Pan Aiguo led a huge group of people into the ward. Evidently, their consultation had already ended.

The nurse saw Pan Aiguo and his group of specialists as her saving grace in that moment. She swiftly reported the situation and emphasized repeatedly that Mo Wen had disrupted her job. She cried, “Mr Pan, this man…he’s making trouble!”

The deputy director of the hospital, Zeng Yanting, glanced over to Mo Wen with a stern gaze, his face as stiff as a board. If he was not someone who had been brought over by Pan Aiguo, he would have chased this young lad out of the ward early on for disrupting the treatment . He did not even consider the time to make such trouble.

Some of the other medical specialists who had tagged along were exchanging glances. There actually appeared such a troublemaking young lad in Old Yun’s ward; he must have guts! Everyone immediately thought that Mo Wen was deliberately causing trouble. After all, his diagnosis was simply too absurd to them as medical specialists. If it wasn’t troublemaking then what was it?

The edge of Pan Aiguo’s lips also twitched a little as he thought to himself whether or not it had been a bad decision to allow Mo Wen to examine the patient.

Shen Jing looked at the group of specialists and professors squeezed into the room as she said carefully, “Professor Pan, Mo Wen just managed to diagnose Lao Yun’s illness. That’s why he would say that.”

Subconsciously, she pulled Mo Wen behind her, rather like protecting a little calf.

Even though she herself did not believe Mo Wen’s conclusion, now was undoubtedly the only time that she could get Mo Wen out of trouble. No matter how bad it would sound, she couldn’t say Mo Wen was deliberately causing trouble, but rather it was due to his misdiagnosis.

“What happened?” said Pan Aiguo. His eyes narrowed as he listened, his gaze falling upon Mo Wen’s face. He understood Lao Yun’s illness very well but even he himself could not confirm the cause of the illness. They just treated it as a newly appeared disease and even a terminal illness that had yet to have a cure.

The group of specialists had researched into it for years to no avail, so how could Mo Wen actually know?

It was not just Professor Pan. The gazes of the rest of the group of specialist professors had also fallen onto Mo Wen. Shen Jing’s words had evidently attracted everyone’s attention and even the middle-aged nurse was looking at Mo Wen in a different light. She was even the one who had treated Mo Wen as the disruptive lad all along.

“Lao Yun was poisoned with the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison. It adheres to the main channels in the body, and blood has a somewhat suppressant effect on the poison, so it would not be suitable to perform intravenous infusion,” said Mo Wen, but he did not continue any further. Even if he did say more, it’s possible they wouldn’t understand and whether or not they believed him was up to them.

Pan Aiguo knitted his eyebrows and he gazed at Mo Wen a little suspiciously. Beforehand, he had hoped for Mo Wen to put forward a unique perspective but now when he had really done so, it made his head hurt a little.

Shielding his body in front of the nurse and not allowing the patient to get intravenous infusion? The confusing and complicated illness that rendered all of them helpless was a case of poisoning?

Disregarding the others’ opinions, Pan Aiguo, who had great expectations of Mo Wen, even felt a bit like he was spouting nonsense.

After the rest of the specialists had heard Mo Wen’s diagnosis, their expressions instantly became a bit weird and they were all shaking their heads, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Alright, you two young lads can go out first. A patient’s illness can be diagnosed simply by casually saying a few words,” said Zeng Yanting. He pushed up the frame of his spectacles and looked at the two youths in front of him a little helplessly. He had originally already been troubled over Lao Yun’s illness. Experienced and specialist professors could not even come up with a solution or cure, so when did it become these two juniors’ turn to poke their heads in as well?

Shen Jing’s cheeks reddened slightly and she discreetly pulled Mo Wen in preparation to leave.

In the crowd of the specialist professors, only one person did not laugh and instead took a big step out and positioned himself in front of Mo Wen and Shen Jing.

He was similarly a senior and was seemingly even older than Pan Aiguo. But his pair of eyes were sparkling and full of vigor, comparable to that of a youth’s. He said to Mo Wen, “Young lad, since you’ve deduced the cause of illness, do you know of the cure?”

Zeng Yanting looked blankly at Lao Han as he said, “Lao Han, why are you blindly butting into this…”

Time was of the essence and all of them were not even sure if the method they thought of, a rigorous and unusual treatment, would be able to suppress Lao Yun’s condition. How could he still have time to entertain these two juniors?

The senior whose surname was Han interrupted Zeng Yanting’s words with a wave of his hand with his gaze trained on Mo Wen throughout. Others might have thought of Mo Wen’s diagnosis as a joke but he did not think that way. Hua Xia’s medical expertise was extensive and the historical ins and outs were abundant. It could not be completely understood by academics who cooped themselves up in hospitals or research labs all day.

He had long guessed that Lao Yun’s illness was caused by poisoning but because he had not been able to find a cure for it, he did not tell anyone about the matter. Now, when Mo Wen said this, he immediately got the feeling that this lad was unique and was very likely the same kind of person as himself.

Shen Jing looked at Professor Han who was blocking them and then at Mo Wen a little exasperatedly. Anyone knew that Mo Wen’s words could not be believed but eventually, there was actually someone who took it seriously. She had already gotten Mo Wen out of trouble but now the issue was resurfacing. Mo Wen was just a student so when Professor Han got him to verbalize the cure, how could he say it out.

A unique look flashed in Pan Aiguo’s eyes as his gaze fell upon Mo Wen. He knew that Professor Han was one who usually minded his own business. Moreover, his origin and experience far surpassed all of them.

Mo Wen shook his head and looked over to the old man on the hospital bed as he said slowly, “I am unable to cure him. At most, I can help suppress his condition.”

It was not that he did not know the cure but that he could not say it out loud. And even if he could verbalize it, they may not be able to execute it either.

Professor Han narrowed his pupils and his tone naturally rose a few pitches as a wave of joy flashed through his eyes. He said, “You are able to suppress Lao Yun’s current condition?” He had previously asked just to try his luck but deep down did not think that someone as young as Mo Wen would have a treatment method for Lao Yun. In the end, the results were beyond his expectations.

Even though it was just the suppression of the illness, it was still much better than the whole group of them not being able to do anything. Currently, they completely had no idea and could only attempt to execute their final treatment. In truth, none of them had confidence in it.

Pan Aiguo’s eyes were also locked on Mo Wen, as if he wanted to make out whether he was for real or not by staring into his eyes. He then asked, “You can really suppress Lao Yun’s illness?”

The others looked at Mo Wen in surprise but mostly disbelief. After all, Mo Wen was only that old and at outside glance he was at most a student. The words that he said did not have much credibility in the eyes of these experienced specialists.

As she sensed the surrounding gazes congregating once again, Shen Jing smiled bitterly. She did not know what to say about Mo Wen anymore; he was really a lad who did not have tact. Clearly, she had already gotten him out of trouble, and yet he still dared to spout nonsense.

Other opinions aside, even Shen Jing did not believe that Mo Wen had the ability. When she met Mo Wen, he was still moving bricks on the construction site. If one said that in just two days he could solve a problem that had stumped a whole bunch of senior specialists, who would believe it!

Mo Wen touched his nose and he spoke with all honesty. However, with his current status, it seemed like saying whatever was on his mind was indeed a little bit of a stretch. It was simpler to just say that he did not know of the cure. What was the use of arousing the suspicion of others?

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