Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 584 - Unfortunate Wang Qiangbiao

Chapter 584: Unfortunate Wang Qiangbiao

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In the cave behind, a large group of ancient martial art practitioners was hesitating. They seemed to want to try but did not dare to do so. Although there were many ancient martial art practitioners in the cave, there were not more than thirty who had intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation. The remaining hundred or so were all beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

There were a few beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners that had dared to venture into the river, relying on their extraordinary cultivation and methods of self-preservation. Not everyone was afraid of dying. However, most beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners did not have such courage.

Some beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners who did not have such high cultivation had also found a way to cross the underground river. It was to walk on the river’s surface rather than flying above it. By using the buoyancy of the water’s surface, they could just about keep themselves from falling into the water.

Almost all the beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners could walk on the water surface. However, this method wasn’t without risk. On the contrary, it was equally dangerous to flying above the river. That was because the water in the underground river was cold enough to freeze the Inner Qi inside the body of ancient martial art practitioners. Walking on the water’s surface would consume an enormous amount of Inner Qi. Furthermore, there were many unknown species of aquatic monsters in the underground river. If they were not cautious, they might die in the mouths of the aquatic monsters.

This method could increase the probability of beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners crossing the underground river. If they were lucky, they might not even get hurt. If the beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners wanted to fly over the river, it was definitely not possible.

Most of the sects did not have any intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners. However, many were reluctant to give up Luofeng Sect’s treasures. After all, six hundred years ago, Luofeng Sect had conquered the entire Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. At that time, even Purple Qi Pavilion, which had a long history, could only come in second after Luofeng Sect.

One could only imagine how rich the treasures of such a gigantic institution would be. Otherwise, the large number of ancient martial art practitioners would not have been tempted to come.

Some sects which did not want to give up would rather risk their lives attempting to cross the underground river. Among those people was Wang Qiangbiao, the sect leader of Danhuan Sect. However, Wang Qiangbiao’s ability was far above the common beginning stage Golden Elixir realm, so it was relatively easier for him to cross the river.

Mo Wen flew in mid-air. His step was neither fast nor slow. It was as though he was taking a walk in the garden.

Those intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners were all charging forward without a sound, flying as fast as possible. They were worried that if they delayed too long, they might not be able to stand it and they would be in danger of falling into the underground river.

Even the few top masters with later stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation crossed the river as soon as possible without stopping, so they had no time to check on others. The few people who were flying in front were naturally all top masters from the Five Beasts Sect and the Purple Qi Pavilion. Since Yin Banshuang’s cultivation had broken through to the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, she was also leading the group.

As for Wu Feng from Purple Qi Pavilion, even though his cultivation was lacking, he had excellent talents and the protection from Pavilion Leader Ye Rong, so he was steadily flying forward as well.

Among everyone who was flying in the air, Mo Wen was the only one who was doing the exact opposite of the others. Not only did he not fly over the underground river as soon as possible, but he also strolled leisurely in the air, looking laid back. It seemed as though he was not at all concerned that the terrifying gravitational pull would drag him into the underground river.

“Sect Leader Wang, do you need help?” Mo Wen was strolling in the air with his hands behind his back. He still had time to look at the water surface. Once in a while, he would loudly greet the ancient martial art practitioners who were walking on the river surface.

Mo Wen noticed Wang Qiangbiao in an instant. With a smile on his face, Mo Wen leisurely walked towards the air above Wang Qiangbiao.

At the moment, Wang Qiangbiao looked a little embarrassing. His luck was not good. Along the way, he had encountered a few attacks from the aquatic monsters. He had nearly died in the mouth of the aquatic monsters. Besides, his earlier battle with Mo Wen had consumed much of his Inner Qi. He was severely injured too. Even though he was a sect leader, he felt a little overwhelmed right now.

“It’s you!” Mo Wen’s voice startled Wang Qiangbiao. He had not expected that Mo Wen would be standing above him. The mocking gaze that looked at him made him shiver uncontrollably and a sense of dread welled up inside of him. Could it be that the youth was prepared to use this opportunity to attack and kill him off?

Wang Qiangbiao’s face paled in an instant. With his current situation, a casual blow from Mo Wen would most likely be enough to claim his life. He didn’t have the ability to fly in the air. If he fell into the water, it would be as though he was offering himself as food to the aquatic monsters. He would surely die.

“What… what do you…. plan to do?” Wang Qiangbiao’s entire body tensed up and he felt his voice quaver. He felt like a person standing on the edge of a cliff with one hand behind him ready to push him down at any moment.

“A knave thinks of others in terms of his own desires.” Mo Wen laughed with disdain and ignored Wang Qiangbiao. He continued moving forward with his casual steps. Before this, he hadn’t killed Wang Qiangbiao, so naturally, Mo Wen would not kick him when he was down now. If Mo Wen had truly wanted to kill him, Wang Qiangbiao wouldn’t be alive now.

“You deserve to die!” Wang Qiangbiao clenched his fist. A sense of shame welled up inside him. Mo Wen’s look of disdain was like a needle, puncturing deep into his heart. He was the sect leader of a big sect; since when had he been teased like this by a youth? The humiliation that he received today was more than he had endured in his entire life.

“I will not let this go.” Wang Qiangbiao was almost shouting this sentence from the bottom of his throat. However, he didn’t realize that he had only dared to say it when Mo Wen was long gone. Deep within his heart, he had utmost fear for Mo Wen.

Roar! With a roar, an aquatic monster leaped out from the water surface. Its shadow was cast on Wang Qiangbiao, enveloping his whole body in it.

The aquatic monster looked like a catfish, but with many horns. It was more than twenty meters long, the size of a water tank. Its bloody, large mouth could swallow a few people alive.

The aquatic monster leaped out from the water surface and bit Wang Qiangbiao. When it moved, it was astonishingly fast, like a streak of lightning. Even Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners would most likely not be able to dodge its attack if they were not paying attention.

Mo Wen had drawn Wang Qiangbiao’s attention away, causing him to stop observing his surroundings. Only now did Wang Qiangbiao realize that he had actually been surrounded by a few aquatic monsters.

In an instant, his face turned green. He didn’t think much and dodged out of reflex.

Even though his response was quick, he was still a step too slow. The dorsal fin of the aquatic monster sliced through his body, cutting a huge wound on his chest. Blood splattered and tainted the river red.

“It’s poisonous!” Wang Qiangbiao’s facial expression was distorted. He stared frightfully at the terrifying aquatic monster. A layer of blue ice formed on the wound of his chest, with green smoke oozing out from underneath the layer of ice. His flesh and blood were tainted green, and the stain was spreading.

Furthermore, he realized that he couldn’t move his body anymore. It was as though he had been injected with anesthetic. His brain was losing control over his numb body.

Splash! Wang Qiangbiao’s body fell into the water like a piece of wood. As soon as he fell into the water, the few aquatic monsters, which had been waiting around him for leaped onto him.

“No!” Wang Qiangbiao screamed hysterically. Then, his voice was gone. Only gushes of water bubbles and blood could be seen surfacing from the water.

Far away, Mo Wen was slightly stunned. Even though he didn’t turn back, his terrifying soul power was observing everything around him. He even heard what Wang Qiangbiao said just now.

Unexpectedly, Wang Qiangbiao had died in the blink of an eye. Mo Wen had not intended to harm Wang Qiangbiao. He disdained doing so to Wang Qiangbiao. But he didn’t expect Wang Qiangbiao to be so unlucky and die by some strange chance. Ignoring what had happened to him, Mo Wen continued flying forward.

With the help of the teachings of the Glory of Wind, Mo Wen could dissipate the gravitational pull. So, he didn’t rush through the river. Therefore, he was the last to reach the other side of the river among all the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

Right now, there were around thirty people standing on the other side of the underground river. Most of them were ancient martial art practitioners from the Eight Major Influences. The others were famous strong practitioners in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. There was a total of thirty-six people. Around twenty of them were people with intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation. Only around ten of them were people with beginning stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation.

After all, for beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners to reach the other side of the underground river so quickly, it was definitely much rarer than the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

At a glance, Mo Wen could recognize a few familiar faces among the crowd.

“Mo Wen, long time no see.” When Mo Wen arrived, Yin Banshuang walked over with a smile and took the initiative to greet him.

“Yin Banshuang, I seem to be encountering you everywhere.” Mo Wen landed and stood with his hands behind his back. The corner of his mouth curled up. Naturally, he had seen Yin Banshuang in the cave earlier on. However, he was challenged again and again, so he didn’t have the chance to greet her.

“You mean to say you hoped not to see me?”

“I did hope to see you. Why wouldn’t I? Seeing a beauty is more pleasant than seeing an old man.” Mo Wen nodded at Yin Banshuang, then he walked over to Chen Wuhui and Chen Zikuang. He didn’t appear to be close to Yin Banshuang.

Yin Banshuang took a glance at Mo Wen and didn’t care much about his attitude. The two of them had no relationship to begin with. Before this, they merely cooperated for a mission. After this, it was hard to say whether they would be friends or enemies.

However, Yin Banshuang’s action caused many to speculate. What kind of relationship did this mysterious youth have with Yin Banshuang, or rather with Five Beasts Sect?

Standing nearby was Jiang Jingtao. A strange look flashed in his eyes. He glanced at Mo Wen, then at Yin Banshuang. Then, he looked at Bu Zhangkun, the Tiger Palace Hall hall leader. His serious eyes were seeking Bu Zhangkun’s opinion. However, after a long while, he had not received any response from Bu Zhangkun. Jiang Jingtao coldly snorted and his facial expression turned sullen.

A playful look was visible in the eyes of Pavilion Leader Ye Rong from Purple Qi Pavilion. She had already known that the youth had some sort of relationship with Yin Banshuang. She was not surprised since she knew that the two of them were traveling together before this. However, she was rather curious as to what the youth’s was. How could he be so close to Intentionless Sect, yet seemingly also have some entanglement with Five Beast Sect?

It could be said that since Mo Wen appeared, everyone was focusing on him. It was because Mo Wen’s performance before this was too bizarre. He was almost equivalent to a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. Most likely only a few ancient martial art practitioners in the whole Green Ancient Mystery Dimension had reached that level.

“Now I understand how Intentionless Sect, which is getting weaker, could defeat Sacred Flame Sect, even killing the two Sacred Flame Sect sect leaders on the spot. Indeed, heroes are born young. This is my first time encountering such a young top practitioner.” On the other side, there was a team. The team leader was an elder in white robes. His gaze was fixed on Mo Wen. His voice was calm and peaceful. Yet, one could feel the hostility from his gaze.

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