Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 582 - An Unexpected Power

Chapter 582: An Unexpected Power

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“Do you think he is a worthy opponent of Jiang Jingtao?” Bu Zhangkun looked at his most beloved disciple. She actually had so much confidence in that youth.

“You’ll soon realize he is not as simple as he seems.” Yin Banshuang’s lips curled upwards. Mo Wen had been able to kill the spider Puppet Monster with continuous blows, so Jiang Jingtao who was just an ancient martial art practitioner with the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm, shouldn’t be too difficult.

Bu Zhangkun was shocked. His own disciple had such high praise for the youth. Her faith in him had to be reasonable. Could it be that the youth’s ability had far surpassed his expectations?

On the Purple Qi Pavillion’s side, Wu Feng had his brows knitted. He had not expected that because of this incident, Jiang Jingtao would actually personally challenge Mo Wen.

The name Jiang Jingtao was renowned throughout the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension and everyone knew of him. Hence, he was not an ancient martial art practitioner at a lower level like Wang Qiangbiao.

“Master, that old thing, Jiang Jingtao, is really shameless. If Mo Wen cannot compare to him, I intercede for you to protect him.” Because Mo Wen had saved him once, Wu Feng was more biased towards Mo Wen at this moment. Hence, his eyes were mildly filled with worry.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t had a battle with Old Man Jiang in a very long time. It would actually be a good chance for me to test his limits.” Pavillion Leader Ye Rong nodded her head and took a step out. Without a change in expression, she appeared just outside the battle area. If Mo Wen was too weak and was put in any danger, she would appear to save him right away.

The shock in Mo Wen’s eyes vanished slightly. Although this old man was of the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm, in terms of abilities, he was not even on par with the mysterious woman that he had met in Fu Sang country. Back then, he was not a match for that woman. However, that may not be the case anymore.

Mo Wen actually really wanted to challenge Jiang Jingtao and see just how strong he was now, after his earlier transformation.

In the face of Jiang Jingtao’s fist, Mo Wen’s fighting spirit was ignited. Blood rushed through his veins and the inner Qi within his body seemed to burn. Then, it exploded with unimaginable power. In a moment, all the pressure that Jiang Jingtao had created for him with the power of his later stage of the Golden Elixir realm had disappeared. Mo Wen did not retreat but even went forward. He took a step forward and faced Jiang Jingtao’s fist head on. Then, he punched directly at Jiang Jingtao’s fist.

Boom! The power was strong and sand and pebbles were sent flying all around. The frightening power had morphed into invisible ripples as it dissipated into the surrounding areas. Some of the lower level ancient martial art practitioners who were standing close by had been blown away by the force.

The ancient martial art practitioners in the cave were all at least of the Golden Elixir realm. A power that could even send ancient martial art practitioners with the Golden Elixir realm flying backward was simply exceptional.

Mo Wen’s body wavered and he stumbled a little. Then, he was sent retreating, heading four to five steps back. His footsteps imprinted on the ground one after the other. Then, with him in the center, a huge crack appeared.

Jiang Jingtao’s body halted. He had been stopped in mid-attack. However, he did not retreat. His body simply swayed twice before all his power drained from him.

“Very strong indeed, truly an ancient martial art practitioner with the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm.” Mo Wen flicked both his hands and two streaks of powerful force flew out. It caused his body to knock against the cliff behind him, instantly forming two big holes in the cliff. He used the support and stabilized himself.

When he punched into Jiang Jingtao’s fist directly, he had clearly been at a disadvantage. Based on power alone, although he was nearing the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm, there was still a gap. However, it was not too big of a gap. Since he had not been injured at all by going directly at a master like Jiang Jingtao, it was enough to prove that the gap between them was not too great.

Although Jiang Jingtao had an advantage and managed to make Mo Wen retreat with a punch and boosted his own confidence, there was a look of shock in his eyes at the moment. He seemed to be in complete disbelief.

Who was he? The Sect Leader of Weapon Forging Sect was on par with the Pavilion Leader of Purple Qi Pavilion. The Sect Leader of Five Beasts Sect had already broken through into the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm ten years prior. However, he had simply hidden his abilities.

He had not held back when he dealt that punch. It could even be said that he had given it his all. However, even in such circumstances, Mo Wen had still managed to hold up against him and not get injured.

Just how old was this youth? The youth was probably not even half of his age. It was simply unheard of for a person to be so strong at such a young age. Jiang Jingtao had initially thought that he would be able to handle this arrogant junior with a single punch. However, that now seemed like an impossible feat.

If it had been a battle between two people of the same level, it would have been worth celebrating to have forced someone to retreat with a single punch. However, at the moment, Jiang Jingtao was not in the least bit proud of his feat. Instead, he actually felt rather ashamed. As a respectable Sect Leader of Weapon Forging Sect, he actually could not even handle a mere youth. If news of it got out, he would lose his reputation.

“So strong!” Yin Banshuang exclaimed, a surprised look flashing in her eyes. She knew how strong Mo wen was. However, her knowledge of his power was based on his other techniques. She had not expected that he could be so amazing when punching directly with Jiang Jingtao. Just how strong was he actually? Could it be that he had encountered something mystical once again in the palace? He could not possibly have become so strong within such a short period of time just because of the vital Qi!

Bu Zhangkun let out a long sigh. He thought to himself just how he had underestimated the youth. Indeed, as the Yangtze river surges wave upon wave, the newer generation will gradually replace the old. His own disciple was already of the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. In eight to ten years, he would probably be completely surpassed.

Now, this Mo Wen was an even greater anomaly. He was actually on a par with these people of the older generation and there was not much of a gap between them.

“Such a frightening youth.” Pavilion Leader Ye Rong, who was standing very close by, got the brunt of it. The punch from Jiang Jingtao was not held back at all. It was his full force. If it had been directed at her, she would have had to use all her might in order to handle it. She had been prepared to step in and help Mo Wen. She could not believe that the youth had actually endured the punch without a single injury.

“Lad, you are very strong. No wonder you are so arrogant. To be honest, it is the first time I have seen a young person as strong as you. You have the right to be wildly arrogant. However, since I am already battling you, I really want to test out just how strong you truly are.” Jiang Jingtao was transfixed on Mo Wen. He slowly clenched his fist and his eyes had a fierce look in them. When he had first approached Mo Wen, he had only wanted to teach this youth a lesson, but not harm his life in any way.

After all, having such amazing cultivation at such a young age meant that he had some very strong backing. The average sect would definitely not be able to develop such a talent. Hence, he did not want to kill him either, to avoid getting into unwarranted trouble.

However, now, in front of so many ancient martial art practitioners, he had no choice but to give it his all for his reputation. He no longer cared about keeping the youth alive and would give it his all. If he was unable to control his strength then that could not be avoided.

“Come at me then. To be honest, you won’t be able to.” Mo Wen shook his head and looked at Jiang Jingtao calmly. His gaze seemed to convey that he had never viewed Jiang Jingtao as a very powerful opponent. Instead, he seemed as though he was simply facing an average person again.

“Lad, you are really too arrogant. I really want to see how long you can keep that up for.” Jiang Jingtao let out a loud cry and his eyes widened with rage. This youth actually dared to degrade him in front of so many people. Even the Pavilion Leader of Purple Qi Pavilion and the Sect Leader of Five Beasts Sect would not dare to say such words in his presence.

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