Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The heart of the strong

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Mo Wen whipped out the military dagger from his thigh pouch, the same one every student was issued for self-defense.

A short guy with thin sunken cheeks was chasing and attacking Wang Yuan with hard and forceful strokes. As he was in the later stage of Body Consolidation realm, it was easy for him to defeat Wang Yuan who was only in the middle stage of Body Consolidation realm.

He curled his lips into a mirthless smile with a pair of claw gloves in his hands. After a while, Wang Yuan’s body was covered with more than ten claw marks. He enjoyed the feeling of torturing people little by little until the person was dead.

Just as he was about to leap onto Wang Yuan to claw him again, a strange figure suddenly appeared in front of him. A glisten flashed out in the next moment, and a chill went down the nape of his neck as if something was flowing out of his body. Subsequently, the person limped onto the ground like a deflated balloon.

His eyes widened, hoping to see the figure clearly, but the figure had already disappeared from his eyes. He didn’t know how the figure appeared in front of him or when it had disappeared.

The same thing happened to the tall guy who was attacking Wang Yuan. A glisten flashed as well, and the figure swayed into his sight for a moment but disappeared completely in the next.

With two attacking enemies lying on the ground, Wang Yuan exhaled deeply as if his strength was being sucked out of him. Then he limped and sat on the ground. Although the fight was short, he suffered quite a few injuries to his body.

Looking at Mo Wen who once again entered the fighting zone of Liu Guangwen, a tinge of shock and fear flashed across Wang Yuan’s eyes. When Mo Wen was killing the two enemies just now, he was efficient, decisive, and ruthless. All were killed with one blow and they went off without a hitch. Obviously it was not the first time he killed someone.

Who exactly was he? Wang Yuan’s face turned pale. Killing a person was like play for Mo Wen and he was actually dealing with such a person for a month.

“Oh no. Brother, the rest are dead,” said the only person left on the ground. He had not made a move after realizing how bad the situation was. He was so terrified that he started screaming loudly.

The short middle-aged man who was concentrating on fighting with Liu Guangwen was shocked to hear that and shot a glance at their direction. Indeed, five corpses of his men lay on the ground.

His face turned grave instantly; how could he not have realized the situation had changed so suddenly?

How much time had passed? It was definitely less than a minute and yet they killed five people. Who could have such a terrifying method!

“Run!” the short middle-aged man shouted without hesitation. He abandoned Liu Guangwen and turned around intending to make his way into the forest.

He knew his plan today had failed. He never expected to have so many experts to be around Liu Guangwen. If he had known, then he would have sent people with at least the skills of a the Soothing Pulse realm.

“You want to run away now? Don’t you think it is too late?” a nonchalant voice said suddenly behind the short middle-aged man. At the same time, a glistening flash was rushing towards the center portion of his back.

The short middle-aged man’s face changed after hearing that. Without a second thought, he rolled onto the ground and made a lucky escape from Mo Wen’s dagger.

“I reiterate what you said before. Tonight, nobody will leave this place,” Mo Wen curled his lips into a piercing smile, and flicked his fingers forming a flashing silver light. In a distance, the ancient martial arts practitioner who had already run more than ten meters away, suddenly plummeted onto the ground with a loud thud and a bloody hole unexpectedly appeared on the back of his head.

It was not that he had a strong desire to kill, but he didn’t want to have any inexplicable troubles. The things that happened tonight had nothing to do with him; he just happened to come across it. Regardless of whatever happened to Liu Guangwen, he didn’t want to be a part of it. That’s why those who were trying to kill them had to die. He could only assure that nobody would be after him and Qin Xiaoyu’s group unless he disposed of them. Otherwise, they would only continue to hunt Liu Guangwen.

“You are not afraid of God’s punishment for having such a strong desire to kill?” the short middle-aged man said. He was terrified as he didn’t know how Mo Wen managed to appear behind him just now.

Mo Wen laughed nonchalantly while saying, “Killing consists of benevolent and malevolent killing, but needs to be done with a clear conscience. Since you are contaminating the society by being on earth, I don’t mind transcending your soul to the Western Paradise.”

Mo Wen killed quite a few people, but he would never kill the innocent. Some people thought their lives were precious, but others’ lives were like dirt.

“What a glib tongue. A killing is a killing. Even if I die today, I will let you off easily,” the short middle-aged man’s face turned sullen as he knew that the matter tonight wouldn’t be settled easily.

Mo Wen laughed heedlessly while the dagger flew out his hand, and in a glistening flash it appeared in front of the short middle-aged man.

The short middle-aged man snorted before whipping out a broadsword from behind his back. He turned his body around to avoid the attack of the dagger, and at the same time brandished his broadsword instantly to hit back at the dagger.

Mo Wen raised his brows as he realized this short middle-aged man seemed to be quite capable. That’s why he was able to be the leader of those six people.

However, Mo Wen moved simultaneously as he threw out the dagger. When the short middle-aged man hit the dagger, Mo Wen suddenly appeared in front of him.

A plain punch was thrown. Instantly, the body was bursting with a mighty overbearing aura; it was not the pressure of the profound Cultivation, but the overbearing willpower from the heart.

With the will derived from the heart, any coercion would be easily destroyed when it faced the heart of someone who was strong enough.

It was a simple punch, yet the short middle-aged man felt as if a mountain was colliding onto him. The invincible mighty grandeur that swept upon him was like an exceptionally strong person treading on earth coming towards him.

His grandeur was weakened instantly with an uncontrollable surge of a heartfelt tremble. Although he knew it was an illusion, it was simply out of his control.

In the presence of the terrifying willpower of the strong one, he couldn’t even control his body to make a defensive action. He could only put the broadsword grudgingly in front of his body in an attempt to barricade Mo Wen’s punch, which was as powerful as the avalanche.

Overlord Fist!

This was indeed the genuine Overlord Fist which took on the mighty overbearing grandeur of the strong in heaven and on earth. It was not submissive to the heavens or the earth and held tremendous willpower.

Only someone with the heart of the strong would be able to know what the Overlord Fist was.

The Mo Wen of that past lifetime was unable to grasp the true essence of Overlord Fist as he did not have the heart of the strong.

Subsequently, he tasted different herbs, frequented mountains and rivers, and ventured to perilous places. He also faced daily fatal threats and struggles in order to survive. Regardless of these difficulties, he never compromised and gradually steeled himself to have the heart of the strong.

Perhaps his body was not physically powerful, but he had an invincible willpower.

The strength of the heart was mysterious and inconceivable, it was unaffected by time, space, dimension, and all other things. If my willpower existed, I would always be the strong one.

At this moment, the strength of the heart was completely released and presented Mo Wen’s most genuine side: there was an undaunted heart of the strong under the ordinary and nonchalant façade he presented.

Hence, he dared to give up everything with no desire for prosperities, and entered painstakingly into the mysterious foggy mountains alone.

Roar! A sudden wild and arrogant roar of the tiger sounded in the heart of the short middle-aged man, causing him to be shaken into a trance. His mind was completely disturbed and caused his Inner Qi to be dispelled.

The next moment, his body was thrown out and plummeted harshly into the ground. The broadsword in his arm was broken into two. He struggled for a while but then could not get up.

Dead?! Liu Guangwen was dumbfounded as he looked at the short man lying on the ground. The expert who nearly pushed him to the verge of death just now, was dead without taking even a stroke from Mo Wen. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had always thought that Mo Wen was at most equivalent to him, he never expected the difference to be so great. The punch just now seemed like a simple punch in his eyes, but how did the short middle-aged man die without a fight?

He walked to the short middle-aged man and realized that his eyes were widened and filled with terror. He squatted down to examine the dead body but was so horrified that he fell to ground. The short middle-aged man’s corpse was like a pile of ashes with every bone and joint in the body shattered into pieces.

It was simply a plain punch but its power was so terrifying that his heart trembled uncontrollably for a few moments.

Mo Wen’s face turned pale and he stood motionlessly like a wooden stake. He utilised the genuine Overload Fist for the first time without the complement of the Inner Qi so his mind felt tremendously strained.

The punch had caused a sense of fatigue start to surge in his heart.

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