Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Shooting Competition

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Mo Wen leisurely appeared from behind Qin Xiaoyou. Seeing as she had yet to climb over the tall wall, he gave her a push on her round and full bottom.

The sudden contact with her bottom made Qin Xiaoyou let out a sharp scream as she turned behind, panic-stricken. When she noticed that it was Mo Wen behind her, her eyes immediately widened as she said angrily, “Mo Wen, are you looking for death?”

“Accident, accident.”

Mo Wen laughed dryly. Previously, it was really an accident. Looking at Qin Xiaoyou anxiously not being able to climb up, he simply helped her. At that time, he did not think too much of it.

Qin Xiaoyou had no strength to continue lecturing Mo Wen. After glaring at him sternly, she jumped off the tall wall with a reddened face and ran to the pile of nets opposite the wall very professionally.

Mo Wen continued to hover behind Qin Xiaoyou. Whenever she could not complete something due to her physical ability, Mo Wen would help her discreetly. However, it always earned him an eye roll from Qin Xiaoyou.

Unknowingly, Qin Xiaoyou had already become the third of all the female soldiers. As for the two other female soldiers in front of her, they were really the tough women.

However, as compared to the female soldiers, competition amongst the male soldiers was even more intense. Currently, there were already people who had completed the obstacle region and were running to the finishing line.

Finally, Qin Xiaoyou came in 21st place, Mo Wen came in 22nd place, Wang Yuan came in 4th place, Chan Zhongqing came in 15th place. The other two people from the 4th Battalion had placed even before Chen Zhongqing.

After a period of tallying the scores, the final results came out. The 3rd Battalion was still in first place, the Fourth battalion in second place, the Second battalion in third place and, naturally, the First battalion in last place.

Out of the first three finishers, two of them were from the Third battalion, and the last one was actually from the First battalion, which is the female battalion. There was actually a female!

Leaving the frighteningly valiant female out of the equation, the 3rd Battalion securing two out of three of the positions proved that they were really strong. It would not be easy for the 4th Battalion to win over them.

After the first round of competition, the 3rd Battalion finished off with 108 points for the first position, the 4th Battalion finished off with 103 points for the second position, the 2nd Battalion finished off with 98 points for the third position and the 1st Battalion finished off with 97 points for the fourth position.

Zhang Lizheng looked at chief instructor Zhou Zhen and said helplessly, “The students of the 3rd Battalion are indeed a cut above the rest. That battalion has particularly many talents.”

At this point, the chief instructor’s face had already darkened once again.

“From what I know, the 3rd Battalion still has some outstanding people that have yet to compete in the first round. They should be appearing in the last two rounds. If the 4th Battalion is thinking of winning against the 3rd Battalion, it will be a very hard fight,”

another company instructor said, a little bitterly.

He was on rather good terms with an instructor from the 3rd Battalion. From there, he found out that there were still some outstanding students in the 3rd Battalion. However, even without sending them out in the first round, they still managed to secure the first place for the 3rd Battalion. It appeared that winning against the 3rd Battalion in the later stages was even more difficult at this rate.

“You mean to say that we don’t even have a few talents in the 4th Battalion?” Zhou Zhen’s expression was cold as he said this.

“There are, but whether or not they will be able to win over the 3rd Battalion is still unclear. From what I heard, a sharpshooter has emerged in the 3rd Battalion. That boy is so unbelievable. Apparently, he is able to shoot a clay pigeon from further than 100 meters away,” Zhang Lizheng said, a little anxiously.

The second round was the shooting competition, and it was worth even more points than the obstacle course. If the 4th Battalion also lost in the shooting competition, there would be no more chances of a revival.

“Didn’t you tell me last time that there was a boy who was very good at shooting in your Third Company?” Zhou Zhen said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Even though that boy is rather good, in comparison to Shao Jianyang from the 3rd Battalion, he still has a very big gap in skills.”

Zhang Lizheng laughed bitterly. At this point, he slightly regretted his decision of reporting about Mo Wen to Zhou Zhen. Back then, he thought that Mo Wen could win the first place in the shooting competition, which was why he relayed the good news to Zhou Zhen.

But now, a Shao Jianyang had appeared in the 3rd Battalion and he had unbelievable shooting skills. Even some professional snipers from special forces may not be able to match up to him. He did not have much hope in Mo Wen winning first place in the shooting competition anymore.

“There is no need for excuses. Failing is failing, losing is losing.”

Zhou Zhen lightly let out a hmph and gently shut his eyes. Evidently, he no longer had much hopes for the subsequent competition.

After the first round of competitions had ended, the middle-aged soldier returned to the center of the drill ground once again. Carrying his trumpet, he announced the start of the second round.

“The second round; 100 meters shooting competition. May the four battalions now nominate the 10 most outstanding competitors to proceed with the second round of competitions. The first place will get 20 points, second place 15 points, third place 10 points and the fourth place 5 points. We will now begin.”

The second round, which was the 100 meter shooting competition, was very simple. Every battalion would choose 10 competitors who would shoot at a stationary target more than 100 meters away.

The four teams from the battalions would send out one person at a time, and the four people would take turns to shoot. Everyone had to hit the bull’s eye of the target. The second one misses, they would be eliminated.

After multiple rounds of elimination, the battalion that manages to survive till the end will be crowned first place. The earliest team for all the competitors to be eliminated would come in last place.

The second round tested individual skills. For example, if one person could continuously shoot the bull’s eye, they would not be eliminated. As long as each team still has one person not eliminated, it would not be the end for the team.

However, to hit the bull’s eye every time was not as simple as it seemed. Even if one was a sharpshooter, just a little bit of distraction could cause one’s failure.

Unquestionably, the 4th Battalion sent Mo Wen out as their first participant. Even though the result of his 400 meter obstacle course was not especially outstanding, his shooting standard had the recognition of instructor Zhang Lizheng.

Similarly, Wang Yuan was chosen for the second round. He was the rare ancient martial art practitioner and his abilities far surpassed a normal person’s in all aspects. Other than Mo Wen and Wang Yuan, whether or not the entire 4th Battalion still had a third ancient martial art practitioner was hard to say.

Not long later, the teams of tens from the four battalions had appeared in the center of the drill ground. The thing that surprised Mo Wen, was that Qin Xiaoyou had actually appeared!

Was she actually an all-rounder?

In the center of the drill ground, four stationary targets had been set up. A red line was drawn 100 meters away. The area outside the red line was split into four areas: Area One, Area Two, Area Three, and Area Four, which were facing their respective targets.

Each battalion team walked over to their allocated area and started to prepare by doing some warm-ups. 10 minutes later, the shooting competition officially began.

The gun to be used during the competition was not stipulated. There were pistols, rifles, and even machine-guns. Of course, there were no sniper rifles.

The students could choose any gun that they were most proficient in for the competition.

During the 10 minutes of warm ups, after everyone had started doing their warm up activities and had chosen the suitable guns, they started to practice shooting at the targets.

Mo Wen lifted a semi-automatic machine gun but did not try shooting the target. Instead, he directly disassembled the gun into its original form and checked that nothing was wrong with it. After confirming that there was no problem, he reassembled it.

A youth who wasn’t very tall and had a very average appearance but a fierce gaze walked over to Mo Wen. He used his gaze to scrutinize Mo Wen.

“You are that Mo Wen. What is your relationship with Qin Xiaoyou?”

He was actually not tall but he always thought of himself to be taller and never looked people in the eye. Standing in front of Mo Wen, he used a commanding tone to talk to Mo Wen.

“It doesn’t seem to be any of your business,” Mo Wen said blandly, and swept a look at the youth.

“Very good. You’ve got guts. I’m called Shao Jianyang. please remember my name, and later on, you’ll know exactly who f*cked you. I heard that you are the first seed of the 4th Battalion? Haha, I don’t know what the expression of the 4th Battalion will be like later on, when I cruelly step on you under my foot.”

Shao Jianyang looked at Mo Wen coldly before leaving while laughing out loud.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. It was really ridiculous.

However, he was already used to it. Ever since high school, he has had a lot of trouble because he knew Qin Xiaoyou; even now that it was a university, things were still the same.

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