Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Five Freaks

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“Don’t you know anything about the freak dormitory?” Wang Yuan’s eyes were wide open, staring at Mo Wen unbelievably.

“No. Tell me, what’s so special about that dormitory to the point that it makes you jump?”

Obviously, Mo Wen knew something was off about that dormitory, but it seemed that Wang Yuan knew something that he didn’t.

Upon listening to Mo Wen’s response, Wang Yuan almost fell on his face; his gaze conveyed pity towards Mo Wen’s ignorance.

“Oh my god! I have no idea how you are surviving.”

“That dormitory is the infamous Freak Dormitory of Hua Xia University. It is said that it has over a hundred years of history and is in the special area of the living quarters. Only freaks live in there. Normal people would never set foot in that dormitory. Those who can go to the dormitory are surely freaks.”

Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen as though he was looking at an alien; he was even doubting whether or not Mo Wen was fooling him.

“Freak?” Mo Wen stroked his chin, recalling the ugly teen named Ren Liusha. In comparison to normal people, he was indeed a freak.

“Exactly. I heard people said that a long, long time ago, Hua Xia University had set aside that area as a special area. Those who stayed in that residential building were people who were antisocial and freaks that couldn’t live together with other normal people. But in recent years, an odd phenomenon had occurred. To everyone’s surprise, the only five people in that residential building stayed in the same dormitory. For the previous cohorts, it had almost always been one person staying in one dormitory.”

Mo Wen nodded. Indeed, there were five people staying in his dormitory. Other than his dormitory, the other dormitories in that residential building were all empty.

“Do you know the rumors about the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University?” Suddenly, Wang Yuan asked furtively while getting closer to Mo Wen.

“I don’t know.”

Mo Wen shook his head as Wang Yuan wished, satisfying his vanity of gossiping.

“The legendary Five Freaks of Hua Xia University are the five freaks living in that dormitory. Their fame is beyond those who are on the list of Campus Beauties and College Hunks. Almost everyone in Hua Xia University knows about them. Secretly we call them the Eastern Heretic, the Western Poisoner, the Southern Ghost, the Northern Devil, and the Central Transvestite.”

“The Eastern Heretic, the Western Poisoner, the Southern Ghost, the Northern Devil, and the Central Transvestite?” Mo Wen’s lips twitched; he shook his head in amusement.

“Exactly. Don’t belittle them. They are figures whom nobody in the whole Hua Xia University dare to mess with. According to one of my friends, they are all very powerful ancient martial arts practitioners. Their cultivation is deep and unpredictable. Their personalities are strange and they are temperamental, but their abilities are incredible.”

Seeing that Mo Wen wasn’t concerned about it, Wang Yuan rolled his eyes.

Mo Wen pays no regard to the infamous Five Freaks only because he is courageous with little wit. He has no idea that Hua Xia University is a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. People who have managed to make a name for themselves in Hua Xia University were definitely not normal people.

Regarding this, Mo Wen nodded in agreement

“They are all indeed ancient martial arts practitioners.”

Ren Liusha was an expert in Insect Rearing technique. Someone with such amazing Insect Rearing techniques would naturally have an equally amazing Inner Qi.

But exactly which level of cultivation was Ren Liusha at, Mo Wen had no clue. After all, his cultivation now was weaker than Ren Liusha’s, so naturally he couldn’t tell.

“Are you really staying in that freak dormitory?” Wang Yuan asked doubtfully.

Mo Wen didn’t even know about the Five Freaks of Hua Xia University. How was it possible for him to be staying in it then?

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and didn’t comment further.

“It’s enough for you to tell me this. Don’t tell the others. Or else you would be making a fool of yourself.”

Wang Yuan rolled his eyes. Seeing that Mo Wen remained silent, he naturally thought that Mo Wen was lying to him. Even though Mo Wen was also an ancient martial arts practitioner, he was way below the Five Freaks. His friend was also an ancient martial arts practitioner at the Regulated Breathing realm, but when he spoke of the Five Freaks, his face would turn as white as a sheet.

He knew how scary the freak dormitory was. It was said that the dormitory was packed with malicious ghosts. The Yin Qi [1] in the dormitory was high; normal people would get sick from spending a night in the dormitory. It was also said that the Southern Ghost’s room was filled with many dead bodies; he surrounded himself with the dead.

As for the Northern Devil, he was a savage killer. His room displayed all kinds of human organs; some were immersed in solution, some were stored in containers while some were just laying bare on the ground. It was said that the organs came from people that he had killed with his own hands. One could smell the blood and gore off him from five meters away.

But according to legend, the scariest person was the Transvestite. It seemed like the other four Freaks were fearful of him too. As to why that was the case, Wang Yuan had no clue.

Even hearing stories of the freak dormitory was enough to give someone the creeps, let alone staying in there. If Mo Wen was really staying in that freak dormitory, how could he still be alive for military training now? Anyway, Wang Yuan didn’t believe him at all.

Mo Wen couldn’t care less about what Wang Yuan thought. He went back to the dormitory straight away.

But from Wang Yuan, he got to know about some rumors about the dormitory. As suspected, that place was not normal. But why was he assigned to be in that dormitory? He was still confused about it. Was it possible that the school had known prior that he dared to stay in that dormitory?

But it was obviously impossible. Was it possible that the warden made a mistake when he was assigning the dormitory? It was unlikely too. After all, since the freak dormitory was infamous, it would be impossible to include that dormitory in the list of dormitories for freshmen.

Was it possible?

Suddenly, Mo Wen frowned. Was the warden purposely pranking him? Or did someone else want to prank him?

But it wouldn’t make sense too. The warden and him had no ill feeling towards each other, so why would he prank him? Furthermore, this kind of matter was not something to joke with. If he reported it to the school, it was possible that the warden would land himself in serious trouble.

Was it possible that Cheng Hao had known beforehand that he would appear in Hua Xia University, so he bribed the warden to put him in the freak dormitory?

But when he met Cheng Hao the last time, he seemed shocked to see him, so it did not seem like Cheng Hao knew prior that he would appear at Hua Xia University.

Even if he cracked his head thinking, Mo Wen couldn’t have thought that it was because of Shen Jing. That warden was a fervent admirer of Shen Jing. When he found out that Mo Wen and Shen Jing had a close relationship, immediately his dark thoughts caused him to spring into vengeance without caring about the consequences.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, a full moon was hanging in the sky, looking exceptionally bright. The weather favored them; the weather was quite good. It was pleasing to have refreshing breeze on a summer day.

At 7:00 pm, all of the students from the four battalions started to gather on the field. A simple stage was set up in the middle of the field. It was small but complete; it was well-equipped with all sorts of facilities.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in the evening would be held on this stage.

Everyone was very excited. After all, all of them had gone through intensive training for half a month. Finally, their highly tensed nerves could relax a little.

After half a month of training, the students’ attitude and appearance were very different from how they were before. The four battalions were divided into four regions, surrounding the stage in a semicircle. Every student was sitting upright on the field; their gazes were fixed on the stage. The squad formation was neat with no trace of tardiness.

Even though there were around two thousand people at the place, the field was very quiet.

That night, nobody was dressed in a formal military uniform. Everyone was dressed casually — the boys were in shirts and shorts; the girls, though, had a variety of attire on. Some were in dresses, some were in gowns, some were in pants, some were even in stockings and heels. Everyone overflowed with youth and passion.

“I heard the others say that the female battalion prepared many performances tonight. The number of performances from one female battalion is equal to the combined number of performances by the three male battalions. Tonight will be a feast for our eyes.”

“Yes. There are so many pretty girls in the female battalion. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of their numbers.”

“I heard that tonight, the Battalion Beauty, Qin Xiaoyou will perform on stage too. She is my dream girl.”

“Tsk. The amount of people who like Qin Xiaoyou in the military region is as vast as the sea. You are no exception.”

“I heard that the Battalion Beauty has a dubious relationship with a brat called Mo Wen. D*mn it, I have investigated a few times and I still couldn’t find that Mo Wen. Those who are in Company Three Nine all have their mouths sealed. They wouldn’t say a d*mn thing.”

“Me too. D*mn it. If I found Mo Wen, I would show him who is boss.”

“Stop it. Who do you think you are? On what basis can you guys have a finger in the pie with the Battalion Beauty?”

“What do you mean? Are you looking for trouble…?”

There were discussions everywhere among the three male battalions. But the person they discussed the most was still the Battalion Beauty, Qin Xiaoyu.

Qin Xiaoyu was excellent and competitive, so she could outshine the others in the female battalion in a short time and became generally acknowledged by the rest as the Battalion Beauty. Her beauty went without saying; it was rare to find a girl as elegant and as naturally beautiful as her in the female battalion.

But the most attractive thing about her was still her charisma. It was the easiest to demonstrate one’s charisma during military training, especially for girls. Their unwillingness to be defeated, and their attitude of being an iron fist in a velvet glove could easily inspire the others. She was a combination of both beauty and excellence.

Among the battalions, many students called her the Tender General in secret. She was a girl, but she was being compared with a general. Perhaps in the minds of many students, they had fantasized her as a tender female general who was elegant enough to be shown around to the guests, diligent enough to make good cuisines, and bold enough to go into battles.

Unfortunately they were all wrong. Only Mo Wen knew that Qin Xiaoyou was not an iron fist in a velvet glove, she was soft inside despite her hard shell. She didn’t want to go to war; instead she wanted to be protected. But no one could ever truly protect her, so she had to protect herself.

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