Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Great Competition between Battalions

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Wang Yuan was originally an ancient martial arts practitioner so even if he had to run over 3 miles with 66 pounds of weights, he would only be a little tired at worst. Now, however, he was the opposite of tired and even felt quite comfortable.

Mo Wen laughed helplessly. He knew that Wang Yuan was referring to Zhang Lizheng. He also did not expect that a person who was so normally serious would actually use such a method to cover things up. Moreover, it seemed as though it wasn’t Wang Yuan’s first time using it. Otherwise, it’d be impossible for him to move 10 fake backpacks out so quickly. Wang Yuan had definitely prepared beforehand; it was impossible to be so well-prepared.

The night sky gradually became dark and shadows of over 10 people moved on the track. An hour had passed and by the end, everyone was dragging along. At the rate they were going, they would not be able to finish the run with weights. Good thing they had 2 to 3 hours to complete the training.

As for the people of Company Nine, they had no additional physical stress added to their training, they still remained on the track so that they could prevent the people of the 3rd Battalion 4th Company from completing their training. Moreover, they stayed to appreciate how worn out all of the people in the 3rd Battalion 4th Company looked so exhausted that that they looked like dying dogs. The 9th Company was happy to stay during their “torture” so that they could properly watch the suffering of the 3rd Battalion 4th Company.

It took all the way until 9 o’clock at night for everyone to gradually complete the weighted run. The people of the 3rd Battalion 4th Company all collapsed on the floor and could not bring themselves to rise. Their bodies looked like they had just been pulled out of the water and their clothes were entirely soaked with sweat.

Everyone in the 4th Battalion 9th Section also collapsed on the floor and pretended to be dead tired as they panted heavily. Although there wasn’t a drop of sweat on their bodies, nobody could tell so late at night.

After completing their run, Zhang Lizheng’s adjutant commanded more than 10 soldiers to bring the bags away. They had all been in on it from the beginning, but none of them revealed anything.

In the following week, their military training gradually became more regular and proper. The training segments started to increase, and one could say that the tough days were just beginning.

However, after completing the last punishment, the people of the 9th Section were all especially compliant with Zhang Lizheng’s commands. They were also very serious and diligent in training. Slowly, but surely, they became the most outstanding section in the 3rd Battalion 4th Company.

Between the soldiers, there were naturally all sorts of comparisons made. There were competitions between different battalions, between companies, and even within the same company but in different sections. there was a strong environment of competition and comparison.

The 3rd Company 9th Section was able to stand out compared to all of the 3rd Company. It was an honor that was achieved after defeating the other nine sections. The 9th Section was the neatest and had best upheld the standards in their military postures and walking. They had the highest standards in their combat techniques, highest average score for the 400 meters obstacle course, and learned military knowledge and escape techniques the fastest.

The first week of military training had already involved fights and scuffles. Yet the most mischievous and willful section, at least the eyes of other sections, ended up getting the most achievements.

Today, they had just started to train in shooting. Shooting in the military was considered to be an indispensable segment. Although some people would only touch the gun a few times in the military during their entire lifetime, the shooting segment displayed the standard of a person’s comprehensive disposition.

Mo Wen held and toyed with the pistol in his hand as his fingers swiftly jumped around. Within a few minutes, he had reduced the pistol to pieces of its original parts. Then, he started to assemble. Not long after, with very little effort & three breaths of Kungfu, a completely reassembled pistol appeared in his hand.

Yesterday, the instructor had just taught them about the principles and structure of firearms and gave a demonstration on the the process of disassembling and reassembling a pistol. Today, the moment they were finally able to practice, Mo Wen had already continued to learn ten times more.

In both worlds, the average person was unable to compare with Mo Wen’s intellectual quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ). His abilities in perceptiveness and academics far exceeded that of normal people. Now that he had trained up his Heavenly Hands technique, both of his hands were especially nimble. This made assembling and disassembling a gun to be done at an unimaginably fast speed.

Pulling out the safety pin, Mo Wen lifted his hand and aimed a shot at a target 50 yards away. A hot gush of wind rushed out of the muzzle and the bullet shot out. Almost simultaneously, a gunshot appeared in the middle of the bull’s eye on the target far away.

Mo Wen squinted his eyes slightly. It was the first time he had firsthand experienced the power of a gun. Its explosive force, speed, and penetrative ability were all very scary. To the current him, it still posed as a very big threat.

The miracle physician, Mo Wen, from that lifetime could have perhaps distributed his Qi as a shield to defeat the bullet in an instant. His current standard now, however, would place his life at a risk if he were to encounter a gun.

Moreover, a pistol was the most basic of firearms. There were still more complicated forms like: the rifle, machine gun, and the sniper rifle – most lethal of them all. The moment someone was caught in heavy gunfire, death was certainly the only outcome.

A gasp of admiration suddenly rang out from not far away. “Good marksmanship,” lauded Instructor Zhang Lizheng. His expression was a little odd as he walked over and looked at Mo Wen, asking, “Have you learned to shoot before?”

Earlier, just as Mo Wen was about to shoot, Instructor Zhang’s gaze had coincidentally fell on him and found his execution to be natural and smooth. The moment he lifted his hand, he fired a shot. Moreover, he had hit the center of the bull’s eye; a technique achievable only after countless years of practice.

Mo Wen smiled slightly. He did not acknowledge nor refute it.

He had not learned how to shoot, but he had trained with secret weapons before. That training was similar to target shooting in the sense that striking someone from hundreds of steps away could claim the person’s life if aimed properly. Moreover, practicing his secret weapons was way easier than practicing shooting. Back then, he had to go through many trials and tribulations just to learn the technique of secret weapons from an old senior of the Jianghu. With his control over secret weapons and his perceptiveness, shooting was naturally an easy task.

Zhang Lizheng was seemingly deep in thought as he looked at Mo Wen and said, “Your marksmanship is not bad, almost equivalent in standard to a professional.” He started to have a slight interest in Mo Wen’s identity. What kind of person could be so familiar with shooting?

Even though there were many possibilities, one thing was for sure – Mo Wen was not as simple as he seemed. In addition, Mo Wen was also one of the people who was previously involved in the canteen scuffle. At the end of the scuffle, most people were somewhat injured, but Mo Wen and Wang Yuan were not hurt at all. In such a chaotic situation, a lack of injuries suggested that the two of them had more than just the basics of combat training.

“I am just more attuned to the usage of guns, but I have not had any professional training,” Mo Wen said. Technically he was not lying about anything.

Zhang Lizheng gave a non-committal smile. He was not someone that liked to pry into other people’s lives because everyone was bound to have some secrets. He gently said, “There is an inter-battalion competition in two weeks. The four new battalions will gather together and share the outcomes of their training while also competing against one another on professional techniques. Simply put, it is a competition amongst battalions for them to vie with one another and compete for their reputation. Maybe you can fight for an honorary title for our 4th Battalion.” Zhang Lizheng looked at Mo Wen deeply then turned his body to leave.

Mo Wen stroked his chin and shrugged his shoulders a little. He did not take the glory of battalions to heart. Even though he was a hot-blooded youth, he had already experienced a lot and could see past many frivolous things by now.

He had heard of the inter-battalion competition. It would occur at a later segment of their military training, and according to convention, there would be a huge competition between all the battalions. The competition would be used to determine the most outstanding military battalion. The students who contributed to this would receive a certificate of merit and it would be recorded as an honor in their personal records.

In the 19th organization of the military region, there were four student battalions that made up over 2000 people. One was a female soldier battalion and the three others were male soldier battalions. In order to stand out in over 2000 people, and steal the limelight of others, was not an easy feat.

After all, the students of Hua Xia University were all crouching tigers and hidden dragons. There were many students that were above average. Nobody would know if there were outstanding individuals amongst them. Wang Yuan, for example, was an ancient martial art practitioner that was hidden amongst the normal people and he had yet to be discovered.

Mo Wen believed that there were more people like Wang Yuan in the military region, but he didn’t know what level of practice they were at.

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