Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Freak Dormitory

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With Shen Jing’s beauty and grace, she would naturally be the most attractive once she appeared at the school gates, constantly drawing in the students around her like a whirlpool.

Shen Jing dealt with the lovesick students around her while anxiously keeping an eye out for whether or not Mo Wen had arrived at school.

How can he not have a phone? For real?

Shen Jing was grumbling in her head. When she asked for Mo Wen’s phone number yesterday, he told her he didn’t have a phone! What era is this; there is actually a man without a cell phone!

Based on her understanding of Mo Wen, he shouldn’t be the kind of person who was too poor to afford a cell phone. He was truly a freak for not having a phone.

In Shen Jing’s mind, Mo Wen was undoubtedly equated with mystery. She kept feeling that he was a bit odd: sometimes he was normal, but sometimes he was profound and inscrutable, making him hard to grasp.

An exceptionally screechy voice rang among the crowd; a lean, yet muscular figure squeezed into the crowd surrounding Shen Jing.

“Ahem, ahem! Excuse me. Please excuse me. I am looking for someone.”

“What do you mean excuse me? We have business here too.”

“Move aside. Don’t you see I’m busy?”


Seeing that someone was trying to cut the queue to get nearer to Miss Shen Jing, the crowd was instantly roused to action. The rest subconsciously raised their guard against Mo Wen; instead of giving way they used all their strength to push Mo Wen out of the crowd.

“You’re all crazy!”

Mo Wen couldn’t help but curse. He couldn’t understand the zeal of those students. Shen Jing was too popular in school, all the top students in Hua Xia University had became her fanboys and fangirls.

The pause among the crowd had naturally attracted Shen Jing’s attention. Seeing that Mo Wen was only able to show his face briefly before he was forced out of the crowd, Shen Jing chuckled involuntarily.

“Students, the person I’m waiting for is here. We still have something on, can everyone please disperse?”

After talking, Shen Jing quickly parted the crowd, got hold of Mo Wen, and walked into the school yard. Her steps were quick, seemingly afraid of being surrounded again.

“Who is that person? So, the person that Ms. Shen Jing was waiting for was him?”

“D*mn it, who is that brat? What’s his relationship with Ms. Shen Jing?”

“I can tell by his looks that that brat is no good. Nope, I must tell the boss about this.”

“You sure are popular in school!” Mo Wen laughed dryly, shocked by the scene he just witnessed.

“That’s true.”

Shen Jing slanted her eyes at Mo Wen, letting out a soft hmph, seemingly peeved with Mo Wen.

“As expected of Hua Xia University’s idol lecturer. Truly exceptional; it took me an hour to find you.”

Mo Wen could lie without batting an eyelid. He had just arrived at the main gate of Hua Xia University at 8:30 am. Now, it was just a quarter to nine. He had barely spent fifteen minutes.

“Nice try. Don’t think I didn’t know that you were late for half an hour.”

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen snappily. Even though she was surrounded by the students, she was still looking out for Mo Wen; he couldn’t be seen anywhere around the school entrance before 8:30 am.


Seeing that his lie was busted right away, Mo Wen gave an uneasy titter.

“You delayed us for half an hour. I still have a meeting at 9:00 am. After I have helped you with the admission procedures, you will look for the dormitory’s location yourself. I don’t have time to help you with it.”

Shen Jing was walking briskly; she seemed to be in a hurry. Naturally, Mo Wen didn’t say much and followed her closely.

Along the way, there were students constantly saying hi to Shen Jing. Her popularity was rather high; other than freshmen this year, it seemed like everyone in the school knew her.

After ten minutes, Mo Wen and Shen Jing walked out of the administration building. The admission procedures were basically settled. His admission was last minute and his name wasn’t in the system before this, but since Professor Pan had informed the department earlier, everything went smoothly. Even the administration director had personally made an enquiry into the matter.

“Mo Wen, the living quarters are a little far from the faculty district. If you walk along this road, you should reach it in about half an hour. You can take the Route 302 bus there too. You need to register at the warden’s office first. Then, you will receive some daily necessities for free and they will assign you to your room.”

“Remember now. I’m not bringing you there. Don’t take a wrong turn.”

Shen Jing was mumbling the whole way, instructing him on things related to admission. After they exited the administration building, she hurried in another direction.

Mo Wen touched his chin. Holding his enrollment certificate in one hand, he walked along the direction pointed by Shen Jing.

Hua Xia University was huge. Mo Wen had no clue exactly how big it was. As far as he knew, its area was around one-fifth the size of a county. It was divided into many campuses; the total number of students was around 70,000 to 80,000 people, gathering almost one-tenth of the population of the top students from around the country. Calling Hua Xia University the No.1 University was not exaggerating at all.

It was said that the living quarters were located at the center of Hua Xia University. All of the main campuses were distributed in the surrounding areas. Between the campuses, the living quarters would be closest to them unless they were closest to each other.

But even so, walking from the nearest campus to the living quarters would take twenty minutes. Based on this, one could see the enormity of Hua Xia University. It could be called a city within a city.

There were on-campus shuttles in the university, specially for transporting the teachers and the students. The shuttle routes were all within Hua Xia University, going to and fro among the faculty district, living quarters, research area, administration area, the university’s subsidiary companies and other related industrial districts.

Mo Wen didn’t take the on-campus shuttle. Instead he strode along a small path. He was used to familiarizing himself with a new environment when in a new place.

Walking for about half an hour, the space in the front suddenly widened up. Blocks and blocks of eight story high residential buildings were neatly arranged, like a set of well-organized mahjong tiles. At a glance, he couldn’t even see the end; there were at least a hundred blocks. Hua Xia University only had one dormitory area; basically all the students lived here. Of course, there were some exceptions as to where the students lived off-campus.

The warden’s office was not hard to find. Once he set foot into the living quarters, a five story high building appeared in front of him and the warden’s office sign was hanging on it.

As soon as Mo Wen entered the main hall, he could see many students lining up in front of an eye-catching counter, carrying their luggage. It seemed to be the registration counter of the warden’s office.

The registration proceeded quite fast. Very soon, it was Mo Wen’s turn. He put his enrollment certificate and other related certificates on the countertop, waiting for the warden in his thirties to register and arrange his accomodation.

“Hmm? Isn’t that brat the person Miss Shen Jing was waiting for?”

“It is. Ms. Shen Jing waited for him for an hour. Who is he exactly?”

“That d*mn brat, we meet again.”

A messy chatter suddenly echoed from behind. A few seniors were bringing a group of freshmen into the warden’s office. A few of them could recognize Mo Wen at a glance. He was the guy whom the goddess teacher waited an hour for.

The discussion at the back caught the attention of some people in front. Some students seemed to know Shen Jing too; immediately all of them stared at Mo Wen with funny gazes. It went without saying there was animosity in their gazes.

The warden, who had his head lowered while helping with registration, paused. Then he casually raised his head to take a glance at Mo Wen.

For some unknown reasons, Mo Wen felt that the warden’s gaze was a little gloomy, and seemingly unfriendly towards him. He raised his eyebrow and calmly shot a glance at the warden, but the warden had lowered his head and continued to do the registration already.

“Okay. Go take your necessities there. Your dormitory is A-16-805. Don’t go to the wrong place.”

The warden lifted his head and spoke to Mo Wen flatly.

Upon hearing his words, Mo Wen retrieved his enrollment certificate and left the counter. He kept feeling that something was wrong with the warden’s gaze, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

The tuition fee of Hua Xia University was free. The school gave out some basic necessities for free too. The students only had to pay for their meals. So when coming to enroll at Hua Xia University, one would only need to bring simple luggage; the rest of the things could be omitted. This had greatly disencumbered the students coming from all around the country.

The necessities were very simple too: a basin, a bucket, a comforter, a mattress…

After Mo Wen had received the necessities, he left the warden’s office.

As soon as he left, some seniors gathered and started discussing. They seemed to be gloating.

“That fella named Mo Wen is in for some bad luck. The warden is mean. I can’t believe he sent him to dormitory A-16-805.”

“Hehe, that’s the freak dormitory of the university. Only a freak can live there.”

“Exactly. It is said that not long ago a student moved into that dormitory and he went insane the next day. I heard that he was hospitalized for two months. The psychiatrists treated him daily for two months before he could recover.”

That warden who was working with his head lowered suddenly raised his head again. Staring at Mo Wen’s back, he cracked a creepy smile.

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