Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: High School Campus Beauty Qin Xiaoyou

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Mo Wen’s Heavenly Hand was mostly used to save people and very rarely used to kill. This didn’t mean that he was unable to kill though. If he were still in his old world, Mo Wen would have killed off the two delinquents who conspired to kill and rob. However, things were different in this society. There was a proper legal system and it was frowned upon to casually kill people. Even though he could mask the killings with an indeterminable cause of death, it would be better to have one less thing to worry about. Spending that much effort on those troublemakers just wasn’t worth it.

After he effortlessly broke all the bones in the bodies of the two delinquents, Mo Wen found a phone while patting them down and called the police. Whatever happened next was left to the police to handle. Just by the looks of the two, Mo Wen thought they had already committed a number of crimes and could even be wanted by the police already.

Mo Wen also found about ten thousand dollars in cash while patting their bodies down. Although it was a lot of money, the bank notes were haphazardly stuffed together instead of being neatly stacked. It was clear that they were stolen.

Mo Wen’s kept calm with a straight face as he casually took the money and his it in his own pocket. He didn’t feel a bit of remorse as he was very poor so it could be viewed as charity. Even though the tuition for Hua Xia University had been completely footed, Mo Wen still had to pay for meals by himself. Ten thousand dollars meant he would not have to worry about food for at least a year.

Clapping his hands together, Mo Wen left the forest completely unaffected person. Not long after, police walked into the forest with their flashlights, lifted the two robbers into the police car, and sped off.

Clear, bright rays shone down in the chilly moonlight. Mo Wen leisurely laid in the park on a long bench by the lake. With his eyes wide open, he gazed at the stars in the sky. His eyes were a little blurry and it was unclear what he was thinking about.

Mo Wen realized that after reincarnating, it wasn’t just his memories that had changed, but also his personality. If it was the old him facing up against such wicked delinquents, then the situation would not have been settled so simply. He would have kept watch until the police arrived and followed them back to the station to give his statement. Also, he definitely wouldn’t have dared to steal ten thousand dollars.

Perhaps his mindset had shifted now, resulting in a different viewpoint. Regardless, he was no longer the Mo Wen from before.

He sighed lightly as he did not know what the ultimate fate of the miracle physician, Mo Wen, would be. In other words, he did not know what his eventual fate in this lifetime would be; if he would survive through the foggy forest; whether or not he would be able to save his one and only younger sister Mo Dong?

Mo We really wanted to know his ultimate fate and to return to the dream in order to regain his memory. He knew the dream wasn’t over and probably had more to it. However, he had absolutely no clue how to reenter the dream again.

He stretched out his hand to retrieve the eighth trigram from his shirt pocket and the metal emanated a cyan coloured glow under the moonlight. After flipping it over for a while to observe, it seemed like a normal metal piece without nothing out of the ordinary.

Despite its ordinary appearance, Mo Wen was certain that everything was related to the eighth trigram. It was just that he was lacking a key, a key that could start up the eighth trigram.

That’s right!

It suddenly occurred to Mo Wen that accidentally opening up the eighth trigram in the past was not an accident, but rather because he had fulfilled some criteria before it had opened or unknowingly stumbled upon the key.

“But what exactly was the key?” Mo Wen thought back and began to recall the events of that day.

At the time, Lao Zhang was suffering from an acute myocardial infarction. A group of people surrounded him and no one dared to step forward. Only Mo Wen and Shen Jing, a fellow doctor, had dared to step up.

The problem definitely stemmed from one of the three men, but the possibility that it originated with Mo Wen was slim. If not, why didn’t the eighth trigram open when he had gotten hold of it before?

If not him, then that left Lao Zhang and Shen Jing. Mo Wen carefully thought it through before eliminating Lao Zhang from the possibility. Mo Wem had already gotten a hold of the eighth trigram for four to five days while living in the same work shed as Lao Zhang. Despite Lao Zhang’s presence, there was no effect on the eighth trigram.

Shen Jing?

That’s right, the eighth trigram had a reaction. It was the exact moment after Shen Jing had appeared. At that moment, Shen Jing was busy alleviating Lao Zhang’s illness but Mo Wen had averted his focus onto Shen Jing. It was because Shen Jing’s body was emanating an odd fragrance and that attracted his attention. Back then, he subconsciously took in a few breaths before suddenly entering that dream…

“Could Shen Jing be the key?”

Mo Wen’s eyes gleamed with light but he closed up tightly right after once again. If Shen Jing was the key, then why did subsequent exchanges with Shen Jing and her body’s fragrance have no effect on the eighth trigram?

Unknowingly, Mo Wen fell deep into thought again. The eighth trigram was a secret but he was missing the key that would open it up. The key remained a complicated and confusing mystery that he couldn’t wrap his head around.

However, Mo Wen believed that the first time he had opened the eighth trigram was not a coincidence and there was definitely some link within. It was just that he had not noticed it.

Suddenly, a sobbing sound rang out in the quiet night. It was as if someone nearby was suppressing crying noises.

The crying noises woke Mo Wen from his deep thoughts and he subconsciously looked over to where the sound originated from. It was already one in the morning. Who would still be in the park so late at night and why would they be crying?

After confirming that the sound came from under a willow tree by the lake, Mo Wen curiously walked over. Hearing a girl crying in the middle of the night would scare most people.

Under the willow tree by the lake, he only saw a girl decked out in a white dress hugging her knees. She was trying to suppress her sobs. From the back she looked a bit slender and seemingly thin and weak.

Mo Wen stroked his chin, how could he encounter such a situation during the middle of the night? He did not know what else to say. If this occurred further from his sleeping site, perhaps he could pretend to not see it. But it was so close, how could he sleep with such incessant crying!

“Hey, is anything making you sad?” said Mo Wen helplessly.

If he could, he wouldn’t mind saying another soothing sentence or two. But a girl hiding in the park in the middle of the night secretly crying, was her heart broken?

“Ah!” The girl suddenly let out a sharp scream and was so scared that she fell and landed on the ground. If it wasn’t a girl, even a boy would have been scared out of his wits.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m a good person.” Mo Wen touched his nose and laughed dryly before he realized that approaching a stranger in the middle of the night was a little unsuitable.This is why he asked a typical question. However, it might have been better if he hadn’t said anything because the girl started trembling of fear from the moment he opened his mouth.

The girl climbed up from her position on the ground, her face was filled with shock as she looked behind her and continuously backed up.

“Who… who are you?”

“Don’t back up anymore. If you keep going, you will land in the lake,” Mo Wen helplessly said.

Even though he was not exactly a great person, he was not a bad person either right? Moreover, he would never have an ulterior motive against a girl. Was he really that scary?

Upon listening to Mo Wen’s gentle reminder, the girl suddenly realized there was a lake behind her and immediately stopped walking. She definitely did not want to fall into the lake. The girl heaved a sigh of relief as it seemed the man had no intention of coming any closer.

Qin Xiaoyou originally had her back toward him and Mo Wen did not recognize her. Now that she had turned to face him, he immediately recognized the girl as his classmate Qin Xiaoyou. They were in the same class for three years! “Eh, Qin Xiaoyou, why are you here!”

“Is that you? Mo Wen!”

Qin Xiaoyou had also recognized Mo Wen at the same moment. After all, the two of them were in the same class for three years and were pretty familiar with each other. Moreover, Qin Xiaoyou was also one of Mo Wen’s few good friends. The number of people who could say that could be counted on one hand.

With Mo Wen’s personality and family background, there were not many people who could be his friend during his high school days. Qin Xiaoyou was one of them. Initially with Mo Wen’s introverted character, it was basically impossible for him to be friends with such a beautiful girl.

However, coincidentally Mo Wen was not careful and fell on the basketball court, Qin Xiaoyou took initiative as class monitor, and brought a bandage to wrap his wounds. Mo Wen’s heart was filled with gratitude and as a result, would strike up casual conversation with her from time to time. After that, there was a situation when his had insufficient living expenses. When Qin Xiaoyou found out, she lent him five dollars on her own money, helping him overcome those difficult times. Over the course of several more encounters, the two of them started to hang out more and became more familiar with each other.

Of course, they could only be considered classmates with a good friendship. Even though Mo Wen could not deny that he had developed feelings for Qin Xiaoyou, a beautiful and kind girl, he always kept it inside and never said anything out loud.

Qin Xiaoyou was among the three campus beauties of the capital’s leading high school. There was no knowing just how many boys liked her. Even if he had expressed a interest in her, Mo Wen was afraid that he’d become a laughing stock or be viewed as an ugly toad trying to get with the beautiful swan.

After graduating from high school, he had not seen Qin Xiaoyou again. Who knew that they would meet under such circumstances. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry of disbelief.

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