Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1073 - Thousand-feet-tall Giant

Chapter 1073: Thousand-feet-tall Giant

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“You will not be able to leave today.”

Mo Wen had no intention of letting the mayor of Muhong City escape. He knew that if he did not defeat the mayor today, it would be a more challenging task for him when he battled the mayor the next time. Mo Wen could not allow the mayor to have more time to make preparations.

“You can’t keep me here.” The mayor of Muhong City stared at Mo Wen with a cold gaze as he wiped away the blood in the corner of his mouth. The mayor had to admit that he had also been injured while he had been fighting with the youth earlier. This was not a battle where one of them could instantly kill the other party. Even if he could kill the youth in the end, he would most likely pay a high price.

“You can try,” Mo Wen said with a calm smile. His injuries were far more severe than the mayor of Muhong City. However, he did not show any signs of pain, appearing as if no injuries were sustained on his body.

The mayor couldn’t believe his ears, thinking he had just heard a big joke. He let out a derisive laugh. A Tide Changing Realm cultivator was actually threatening Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator and would not allow him to go? Was there anything more ridiculous than this?

“I want to see how you will keep me here.”

The mayor’s silhouette flickered, and six figures flew out at the same time. His silhouettes filled the skies, and these silhouettes began splitting again into many others. In this way, the skies started to be slowly covered in the silhouettes of the mayor of Muhong City.

Even a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator would not necessarily block such an advanced release technique, let alone a Tide Changing Realm cultivator. In a similar situation, many other people would still be in a daze and would certainly not be able to stop the mayor.

However, a beam of blue light flashed into the swarm of silhouettes. It caught up with one of the silhouettes in an instant before anyone could even see what was happening. In terms of speed, even the mayor of Muhong City was far inferior to Mo Wen.


There was a loud bang following a massive collision, and a figure was knocked back into the multitude of silhouettes. The next moment, all of the silhouettes disappeared, leaving only six figures hovering in mid-air. The figure that was sent flying was none other than the original body of the mayor of Muhong City.

“You can see through my illusory figures release technique!” The mayor was astonished, and the expression on his face was now dark and furious. Even in his dreams, he would never have imagined that this youth would be able to see through his illusory figures release technique.

The illusory figures release technique was a type of release technique. Many cultivators would usually cultivate such release techniques for times they needed to escape from critical situations.

As a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator, the mayor of Muhong City naturally cultivated the illusory figures release technique to a high level of mastery. But, he could not imagine that even with such perfection of his release technique, Mo Wen had actually seen through it.

The mayor was now exasperated, and fear took hold as he saw the danger he was now in. He was no match for Mo Wen when it came to down flight speed. He was relying on his illusory figures release technique, but as it had proven to be ineffective, the situation instantly became untenable for him. Just as Mo Wen had said, if Mo Wen was not willing to let him go, he would indeed not be able to leave.

“Mo Wen, do you really think that I am unable to kill you? You are pushing me to do so.” The mayor of Muhong City glared grimly at Mo Wen. Even if he could kill this youth, the price that he would have to pay would undoubtedly be high. It could also possibly prove too much for the mayor to bear.

As such, the mayor had prepared to retreat first to safety and come up with a different strategy. However, right now, there seemed to be no other option for him. This youth was clearly prepared to fight him to death.

“I truly do not believe that you can kill me.” Mo Wen smiled calmly.

He kept the mayor of Muhong City here to determine a victor. If Mo Wen could not defeat him within a short time, he intended to slowly wear him out until he was tired out before going in for the kill. Mo Wen did not believe that the mayor could outlast him. Although such a move was not the most dignified of strategies, it was still an excellent method to employ if he could kill the mayor.

In the Immortal Cultivation world, there were very likely only a few people who would dare dream of wearing out a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator while they were only at the level of Tide Changing Realm levels. There was no one else like Mo Wen, and if others knew about his plan, they would undoubtedly take him to be a lunatic!

As a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator, the mayor of Muhong City had his pride and honor that he would defend even at the risk of death. He was now enraged and bristling with hostility. Upon hearing what Mo Wen had said, the mayor did not say another word and immediately attacked Him. He did not believe that, as a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator, he could not wear down a Tide Changing Realm cultivator.

Two silhouettes once again began to battle. They fought from daylight to sunset, from night time to dawn, and from dawn until dusk again. They fought for three days and three nights without sleep or rest.

On Yingyun Island, the siege of the city had long ended. All the cultivators had stopped and been observing the epic battle going on in the sky above. Without the participation of the mayor of Muhong City, his cultivators could not possibly take down Yingyun City. There was no benefit in the two sides continuing this fight.

Instead, the battle between the two persons in the sky would ultimately determine the final result of this war. Whoever emerged victoriously could directly affect the outcome of the war.

“So a Tide Changing Realm cultivator can also do such things. Have I been too fixated on breaking through realms that I have neglected many other aspects?”

Elder Xue looked at the battle in the sky above. He had a look of astonishment in his eyes. Before this, he believed that his level was the highest level of the Tide Changing Realm. Others at the Tide Changing Realm would not be much stronger than him. Cultivators like Huai Hongxiu had to depend on treasures to have an advantage over him.

However, right now, the scene before him had utterly altered his initial perceptions.

“No wonder that senior sent him here alone. Who would’ve expected this young man could achieve? This youth cannot be understood based on common sense alone.” Huai Hongxiu laughed bitterly.

Mo Wen was severely injured. Despite his injuries, he persisted in the fight against the mayor. He was like a roly-poly toy, the more he was pushed, the stronger he would rebound.

On the other hand, the injuries of the mayor of Muhong City were getting worse, and his recovery speed was far slower than that of Mo Wen. The mayor had begun to feel that the youth was not really hurt at all. With his confidence shattered, this condition was worsening, and he couldn’t help worrying that he might really die at the hands of this youth.

“What kind of sorcery body have you practiced exactly?” The mayor of Muhong City asked with an anguished expression. They had been in a battle with each other for a long time now, the mayor had noticed that the problems he encountered all stemmed from the youth’s body. In the battle, he always felt that the body of this youth was not flesh; instead, it was a mountain which the mayor could never overcome.

“The Celestial Body,” Mo Wen replied calmly. The next moment, Mo Wen’s aura suddenly heightened, and a surge of energy was unleashed from his body. His body enlarged continuously, and in an instant, Mo Wen was more than a thousand feet tall.

Mo Wen was a thousand feet tall, garbed in mighty black armor, and had two heads, four arms and hair as long as rivers. He looked like the Battle God with his head in the sky and his feet pressing against the earth.

Right now, Mo Wen finally unleashed the Celestial Body and planned to kill the mayor of Muhong City with a fatal blow. Mo Wen was confident that he could wear out the mayor of Muhong City until he was exhausted. Mo Wen naturally relied on the indestructible Celestial Body to thwart the attacks. At least the mayor of Muhong City would never be able to kill him.

“That is…”

The mayor of Muhong City shook in fear as he stared at the thousand-foot-tall giant. He was not shocked by the giant’s savage appearance since the members of the Sorcerer Clan all came in different shapes and sizes. The mayor was instead taken aback by the aura emanated by the thousand-feet-tall giant. The giant’s aura actually evoked a sovereign and supreme vibe.

The mayor felt that his knees had gone weak, and his heart was trembling. It was as though there was an invisible pressure forcing him to kneel and worship the giant.

The feeling that the mayor experienced made him feel that the thousand-foot-tall giant was even more terrifying than the deities.

The mayor of Muhong City was stupefied, but the entire Yingyun Island was also in shock as all the immortal cultivators stared at the sky in awe, as though their souls had left their bodies.

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