Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1015 - The Bottom of the Ocean of Creation

Chapter 1015: The Bottom of the Ocean of Creation

Mo Wen, whose body no longer showed any changes, was meditating like an old monk. His aura withered, and it was as still as the water in an ancient well. His entire being seemed to be in a state of silence.

After a long while, terrifying energy suddenly burst out from his body and intensified. Its horrifying liveliness seemed to brighten up the entire ocean of creation.

At the same time, a swirl appeared beneath Mo Wen. His body sank bit by bit and in the blink of an eye, he sank deep into the ocean.


Everything happened way too quickly. Even before the Jade Xiu King and the Ink Scaled King could react, Mo Wen’s body had sunk more than ten thousand meters.

Their facial expressions changed slightly. Unsure of what was going on, they immediately dove into the ocean and chased Mo Wen.

The facial expression of the Divine Dragon young maiden who was sitting cross-legged at a distance also changed slightly. She immediately transformed into a crystal white Divine Dragon and dove into the ocean, also chasing after Mo Wen.

However, the three of them had not expected that there was more to the ocean of creation than met the eye. After diving for a thousand meters, they could dive no further. Terrifying pressure crushed them from all sides, seemingly even able to crush their bones to dust.

On the other hand, Mo Wen’s body had sunk for more than ten thousand meters. He was becoming smaller and moving further away from them.

“Such terrifying water pressure. We can’t dive any deeper, or we will surely die in the ocean.”

The Ink Scaled King had a serious expression. The ocean of creation was not a normal ocean. Even with his cultivation, he could actually only dive a thousand meters. The Jade Xiu King faced the same predicament as well. Perhaps he could dive slightly further. But they were so far away from Mo Wen, and it was impossible to catch up with him.

As for the Divine Dragon young maiden, she was from the Divine Dragon Clan and her natural habitat was the waters. But even she had to stop diving when she was three thousand meters deep.

The ocean of creation was not for everyone to venture into. They stared at the endless water and had absolutely no idea how deep the ocean of creation was. They could only describe the ocean with one word — bottomless.

Now, Mo Wen completely faded into the dark watery depths and disappeared from their sight.

“How did Mo Wen dive down? It should be impossible,” the Ink Scaled King said in disbelief. How could Mo Wen dive down when even they could not do so? It was likely that even a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator could, at most, dive down to only ten thousand meters.

In the end, one by one, the three of them returned to the surface of the ocean.

“What should we do now?” The Ink Scaled King stared at the Jade Xiu King helplessly. Everything had gone well and then suddenly, Mo Wen had left right in front of their eyes.

“Let’s wait. Maybe Mo Wen will come back. The Junior Master’s Pagoda is still here,” the Jade Xiu King said after pondering for a while.

Indeed, the Junior Master’s Pagoda was still floating in the air. Mo Wen would most likely come back. Among the few of them, if they had to say who was most suited to live in the Creation Pool, Mo Wen would undoubtedly be chosen.

After all, he was the junior master of the Creation Sect. In the Creation Pool, he would certainly be like a fish to water. Regardless, the Creation Pool had always belonged to the Creation Sect; it would certainly take care of the heir of the Creation Sect.

The Divine Dragon young maiden’s expression was serious. She hugged her elbows and did not say anything.

“Miss, what is your relationship with Mo Wen?” the Ink Scaled King said as he looked at the young maiden curiously and walked over in an attempt to make small talk. The Divine Dragon was the material of legend. Just now, when Mo Wen sank down into the depths, this young maiden had also followed him. She seemed to also care a lot about Mo Wen. He wondered what the relationship between Mo Wen and her was.

The Divine Dragon young maiden glanced at the Ink Scaled King and then turned in the other direction without a word. She seemed to have no interest in talking with the Ink Scaled King.

The Ink Scaled King touched his nose, slightly embarrassed. This young maiden had an attitude. Others would not dare to ignore him. But this young maiden was a legendary Divine Dragon, one of the noblest races in the heavens and earth.

Under the water, Mo Wen continued sinking for a long while. He had no idea how deep he had dove.

On his chest, the emerald green eight trigram was constantly emanating a gentle glow as it led Mo Wen to dive deeper. At the same time, endless Creation Qi surged into Mo Wen’s body, as though he was a black hole, a bottomless pit.

Only Mo Wen knew that the coalescence of the Divine Body had not ended. It was still continuing. Moreover, the process was accelerating and getting more and more intense.

Streaks of divine light emanated continuously from Mo Wen’s body. However, for unknown reasons, they were quickly hidden away by a formless force.

Unbeknownst how long it took for Mo Wen to reach the bottom of the ocean, he slowly woke up from his state of meditating.

He saw coral everywhere. The bottom of the sea was uneven. Many plants grew on the uneven surface. Mo Wen didn’t recognize most of the plants growing here.

Of course, it didn’t matter whether Mo Wen recognized them. It didn’t at all affect his ability to judge. Based on the aura emanated by the plants, they were most likely sacred level spiritual plants. There might even be a few immortal level spiritual plants hidden among them. Everywhere Mo Wen looked was covered with various types of plants. Moreover, none of them were ordinary.

Other than plants, there were some animals that Mo Wen had not seen before. For example, there were some golden bugs crawling on the coral, some colorful and weird fishes, and some shells that were as big as houses. As he continued moving, he saw various types of creatures.

Mo Wen didn’t know how deep the ocean of creation was. However, he was certain that he couldn’t reach here based on his own abilities. His arrival here was most likely related to the green light emanated by the Heaven and Earth trigram.

He walked on the bottom of the ocean and was rather excited. Treasures! Everything that he saw was undoubtedly a treasure. Anything that he brought out of here would most likely cause bloodshed in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. He walked towards a colorful and unique flower. The unique flower was emanating an ethereal aura. Mo Wen smelled it, and he felt that his spirit was enlivened.

The Celestial Spirit Qi!

If Mo Wen’s guess was correct, this unique flower before him was an immortal level spiritual plant! It was a precious immortal level spiritual plant that was rare even in the Immortal Cultivation world!

However, when Mo Wen was preparing to pluck this unique flower, a great sense of danger suddenly welled up in his heart. He was stunned in his spot, not daring to move for a long while. An immortal level rare flower was definitely extraordinary. Mo Wen knew a little bit about it from the heritage of Ji Wuya. A spiritual plant at this level had a strong self-defense mechanism. If Mo Wen brazenly plucked it, he would surely come under attack, and it would be terrifying. The sense of danger that he felt just now was with reason.

“With my current ability, I am most likely not qualified to pick any immortal level spiritual plants.”

Mo Wen drew in a cold breath. He knew his own limitations. Even Ji Wuya would need to be very cautious when he plucked these kinds of spiritual plants. This particular plant had been growing at the bottom of the ocean of creation for countless years. If it retaliated, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Mo Wen walked around the bottom of the ocean. He wanted to pick up treasures multiple times, but he did not dare to act recklessly time after time. He did not dare to dream of picking up immortal level spiritual plants, but sacred level spiritual plants were worth a lot too.

“I should walk around and take a look. There must be some spiritual plants that I can pick. Surely not all spiritual plants here are of such high rank,” Mo Wen thought.

He walked around the ocean floor again. It was huge and endless — like a real ocean. It seems like one could keep walking and not see an end.

However, not all areas of the ocean floor had spiritual plants. There were very few places that spiritual plants could grow in. He had to fly very far to come across a small area where Spiritual Essence grew.

Even in the Creation Pool, it was impossible for there to be treasures of such a level everywhere.

Usually, the areas where Spiritual Essence grew were places that were especially rich in Creation Qi.

“Huh? That is…”

Mo Wen suddenly noticed that on the ocean floor in front of him, the ground was covered with small stones as pure and white as jade. The stones came in all shapes and sizes, but the largest one was only about the size of a fist and the smallest one was only the size of a thumb. They were arranged neatly on the ocean floor, covering a radius of around a thousand meters.

From afar, Mo Wen discovered that the Creation Qi in the area was especially rich. It almost reached the point of being thick. Based on his exploration of the ocean of creation so far, it could be considered the place with the thickest Creation Qi.

However, in the large area that the jade stones covered, there was only one stalk of Spiritual Essence growing. It seemed as though it alone had monopolized the largest and the best area.

The spiritual plant was a unique tree. Its appearance was also strange and bizarre. Its branches were like rattan and extended far outward. There were also many that covered the floor. Its branches crisscrossed each other like a spider web.

However, Mo Wen was not concerned about the strange, unique tree. Instead, he was looking at the small jade-like stones on the ground. He could not resist drawing in a cold breath.

Spiritual Transforming Stones!

The Spiritual Transforming Pearl that Mo Qingge had previously mentioned was related to these Spiritual Transforming Stones. The two were actually the same item but referred to by different names.

The ancient cultivators ground the Spiritual Transforming Stones into small beads and called them Spiritual Transforming Pearls. For cultivators, the Spiritual Transforming Pearls had miraculous effects. They were unique treasures that were hard to come by. In most cases, the Spiritual Transforming Stones could only be created in the Creation Pool, and even so, they were hard to come by.

Back then, even the Ancient Age Creation Sect had obtained a rather limited amount of Spiritual Transforming Stones.

Right now, the Spiritual Transforming Stones were being used to pave the ground. How luxurious was that? Other people might not even believe Mo Wen if he told them this.

Mo Wen looked at the bizarre ancient tree. He did not dare approach it. He really wanted to retrieve some Spiritual Transforming Stones, but he was also afraid that the unique tree would suddenly attack him. He could sense that this unique tree was the most frightening among all the spiritual plants he had encountered.

He was also not certain whether the unique tree would attack him if he took away some Spiritual Transforming Stones.

However, Mo Wen did not even have the chance to think any further before the Heaven and Earth trigram on his chest suddenly exploded with brilliant light. The lights were like hungry ghosts that had suddenly laid eyes on the most absolute delicacies. They frenziedly surged towards the unique tree.

As emerald light shone, the unique tree suddenly shook intensely. All its branches were raised up in an instant and danced around frenziedly like whips. While the branch whips danced around, cracks appeared in the surrounding space. It seemed as though the space was being agitated to the point of shattering.

Mo Wen drew in a cold breath. He very decisively retreated backward for more than a thousand meters. This was the Creation Pool! Was this a joke? With the unique tree’s simple wave of its branches, cracks appeared in space and the surrounding area seemed like it would tear apart.

However, despite the frenzied struggle of the unique tree, the emerald green light which shone on it remained steady, as though it was a giant hand that had gotten hold of a child. As time passed, the unique tree shrunk bit by bit.

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