Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 603 - Shocking Yong Chang City (2)

Chapter 603: Shocking Yong Chang City (2)

Yong Chang City was a big city that had a population of 10 million.

Yong Chang Tower was a five-hundred-meter-tall tower, situated in the middle of Yong Chang City.

As Yong Chang enjoyed its peaceful days, the entire city was prosperous with the vital economy controlled by various families that were established by the higher management members of Immortal Sects.

Yong Chang City was a safe city, as the Yong Chang Law Enforcement Team established by the three Immortal Sects upheld the security.

At dawn, when the first beam of sunlight shone, the entire city was fully boisterous.

The early birds were walking in the street, ready to do business or work.


However, a horrifying shrill sound suddenly cut the silent dawn air.

Below the Yong Chang Tower, a woman was terrified upon seeing the corpses on the ground as she let out her screams.

“Look at the bodies, the bodies!”

The woman pointed at the tower as she frightfully exclaimed, drawing all the curious people over.

“What bodies? Why are there bodies? Who would dare to do it?”

A middle-aged man lifted his head in disbelief.

The three Immortal Sects had absolute control such that Yong Chang City was very safe.

Of course, fights and bloodshed occur when people are around. Yong Chang City had its own dark side.

Someone could disappear for no reason.

But nobody dared to commit murder openly, and would only destroy the corpse quietly because no one dared to challenge the superiority of the three Immortal Sects.

However, the middle-aged man stiffened as he craned up his head and looked at the tower.

Bodies were hanging from the tower.

His eyes went blank with shock as he fixed his gaze on those two bodies.

“That is…? That is…?”

His body slightly quivered as he narrowed his eyes. “The two masters from Saint Forge Workshop! They are Budding Realm experts!”

“It’s the elder from Ao Family, a Budding Realm expert too!”

“The elder from Da Hong Immortal Sect!”

“That old man is the attendant from Yong Chang!”

“This is madness. There are many Budding Realm experts here. Gosh, who did it? How did they die?”

At this time, shocking exclamations were heard from all over the place. Instantly, the surrounding atmosphere began to seethe.

More and more people were gathering at the bottom of the tower in the middle of Yong Chang City.

This is big news, big news!

It was appalling for everyone to realize the deaths of so many, and their bodies hanging above the tower.

“Who dared to be insolent, hanging their bodies on the tower after killing them?”

“All the ones who are dead are big shots. There are even two elders from Immortal Sect. That’s way too insolent!”

Each of them revealed a shocking expression.

The elders from Immortal Sect were the most important big shots in the entire Yong Chang!

Yet two of them were dead!

More than ten thousand people gathered below the tower before seven o’clock. They were pointing around, exchanging conversations in shock.

“Get out of the way!”

At this time, another exclamation was heard. One by one, the law enforcers rode on their swords and came directly to the bodies.


The law enforcer in the middle was a middle-aged man, Half-Step to Budding Realm expert. When he swept his gaze across all the bodies, he froze.

“Budding Realm, fifteen Budding Realm experts!”

A group of law enforcers exchanged gazes as they revealed a stern look in their eyes.

Budding Realm experts were considered top-notch experts in the Yong Chang world with there being no more than a few hundred Budding Realm experts. Yet, fifteen bodies of Budding Realm experts were found over here.

The law enforcers gasped at the sight of it.

“Report to Immortal Sect immediately. This involved the elders, attendants of Immortal Sect, and it’s not within our scope!”

“Who is it exactly? How dare he challenge the superiority of the three Immortal Sects? Who is courting their own doom?”

The morning in Yong Chang City was unusually seething.

Fifteen Budding Realm experts, including two masters of Saint Forge Workshop, elders, and attendants of Immortal Sect.

Those dead people hung at the top of the Yong Chang Tower. Such a brazen act shook the entire Yong Chang City.

This was a blatant provocation.

This incident struck fear into many people within Yong Chang City.

After all, fifteen Budding Realm experts, the top-notch existences, were dead.

What kind of person could kill so many experts?

This was probably the most incendiary event in the thousand years of Yong Chang City.

At this moment, sixty people were already gathered at the same courtyard as yesterday.

Ao Shuwen rushed over here with the members of the family, with both eyes filled with disbelief.

The atmosphere in the courtyard was rather tense as the elders of the family sat on the chairs in the hall, sweeping gazes around everyone.

“That little shop is still there, but our people…,” an old man exclaimed in a low voice as he looked around with a sullen face.

“We had so many experts with us. How is it possible that they were all killed by the Dragon King? Is this even possible?”

Is it possible?

Everyone darkened their expressions. Was it possible that fifteen Budding Realm experts were killed by the Dragon King?

But who else could do it if it were not him?

All of them were well aware of the mission yesterday.

“It must have something to do with the Dragon King. Fifteen Budding Realm experts!”

The old man was shaking. They only had two Budding Realm experts in their family, and losing one was a heavy loss to them.

All the people around kept silent. The death of the fifteen Budding Realm experts was a huge blow to them, after which they all felt wary and fearful.

“What should we do now?” an old man took a deep breath and asked.

They had sent some men to kill the Dragon King. Yet, everyone was dead, and their bodies were hung at the Yong Chang Tower as though it was a provocative sign to them.

Fury and fear were felt by them at the same time.

“Can we make use of the power of Immortal Sect and punish him?” said an old man after less than a minute of silence.

“Immortal Sect? Now that he has been promoted to an elder of Da Hong Immortal Sect, how could we make use of the Immortal Sect? He’s the alchemy and blacksmith master. Besides, we could not announce openly that this incident had something to do with him!”

Another old man shook his head straightaway with flickering eyes.

“Unless we can find his weakness, or else…”

An old man sighed. “Now that we have fallen out with each other, he will be a strong opponent since he has the means to kill fifteen Budding Realm experts in one go. I won’t feel safe if we don’t remove him!”

“This Dragon King just sprouted up recently. I went to check on him, but couldn’t find out anything. His identity is somewhat mysterious. I think we should focus on digging up his past!” said Ao Shuwen as he furrowed his brows while looking at the old men.

As one of the top three most outstanding of Da Hong Immortal Sect, this was the first time he felt a tinge of fear for someone of the same level.

“That’s right. We should know our enemy. Let’s dig up information on him, and cease our actions for the time being. But we also need to prevent him from striking at us!”

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