Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 595 - Here For Your Death (1)

Chapter 595: Here For Your Death (1)

The strongest disciple of Da Hong Immortal Sect, Hong Tianda!

The second strongest disciple of Da Hong Immortal Sect, Piao Lingxue!

The two of them and the mountain sects behind them.

After Hong Tianda tossed the space ring to Wang Xian, he did not leave. Standing quietly, he cast a brief glance at Ao Shuwen.

No words from him, just a burly figure standing over there.

Yet, his attitude was apparent.

Noticing such a situation, the disciples of Mt. Leng gasped hard with trepidation in their eyes.

Both Tong Xiuping and Lin Xingjian were stupefied as they looked dumbfoundedly at the Mt. Gumen disciples and the soundless Hong Tianda.

The burly figure had brought about immense oppression to them.

The disciples from Mt. Xingyun and Mt. Wu behind swallowed their saliva without knowing.

How could they go against the top two mountain sects of Da Hong Immortal Sect?

This is a joke!

Ao Shuwen clenched his fists as he gradually turned to Wang Xian.

It was unexpected to him that this Dragon King was actually acquainted with Piao Lingxue and Hong Tianda. They had even stepped forward to help him.

This was something that caught him off guard.


“Since Senior brother Hong Tianda and Senior Sister Piao Lingxue are standing in defense of Mt. Fengyu and the Dragon King, Mt. Leng will stop making things difficult for them. We need to give face to our Senior brother and sister!”

Ao Shuwen took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice.

In the face of Piao Lingxue, he dared to be tough, and even so with Hong Tianda.

But facing both of them together at the same time was something Ao Shuwen would not dare to try.

All the more, the Mt. Leng disciples following behind dared not utter a word. At this moment, even the genius disciples who were as strong as Su Fa dared not say anything in front of them.

Even Su Fa would not dare to provoke them!

“Haha, Ao Shuwen, Mt. Leng, and the few of you will not make things difficult for us?”

Just as Ao Shuwen’s voice trailed off, Wang Xian quirked his lips and revealed a smirk. “What do you mean by making things difficult? Let’s have a fight then!”

As he said, he swept his gaze across those people coldly.


Ao Shuwen and the rest of the people beside him threw Wang Xian razor-sharp and icy cold gazes.

“Hehe, Dragon King? If not for Senior brother Hong Tianda and Senior Sister Piao Lingxue, you’d be lying here dead today!” said Su Fa to Wang Xian impassively.

“Brat, have you found your alchemy shop?”

Lin Xingjian and Tong Xiuping sneered while fixing their eyes on Wang Xian.

Ao Shuwen craned his head slightly as he gazed coldly at Wang Xian with aloofness in his eyes.

Wang Xian took a brief look at them before he walked towards the back with a smile. He came to a spot two hundred meters away.

Everyone stared at him with quizzical looks.

“What is the Dragon King trying to do?”

“Handsome Dragon King, what are you doing?”

Some of the disciples from other mountain sects and Mt. Xue asked in surprise.

“I’m drawing this ground as the arena. Ao Shuwen, the four fellows behind you, and you, come over!”

Wang Xian stretched out his hand and pointed to six people, including Ao Shuwen.

Wang Xian’s act swept everyone with surprise.

“Drawing the ground as the arena? Challenging Senior brother Ao Shuwen, Tong Xiuping, Lin Xingjian, Su Fa, Feng Haosi, Ming Ziyu? What is he doing? Is he out of his mind?”

“Digging his own grave? Getting in the arena means that killings are allowed. He actually dared to draw an arena for Senior brother Ao Shuwen and the rest. He must be either out of his mind or he’s lost his senses!”

“Darn, this fu*king Dragon King is the most arrogant fellow I have ever seen. His strength is at most ranked top ten. Now he’s actually issued a challenge to Senior brother Ao Shuwen and the rest. Any one of the Senior brothers could easily deal with him, let alone Senior brother Ao Shuwen!”

The surrounding mountain sects’ disciples were startled when they witnessed Wang Xian’s actions. Immediately, they began discussing among themselves.

The Dragon King was challenging six people, including Senior brother Ao Shuwen.

He was a Budding Realm expert, in the top three disciples of Da Hong Immortal Sect.

Not only did the surrounding disciples freeze, but even Ao Shuwen and Su Fa, whose names were called out, were stunned.

“Challenging us?”

A taunting look surfaced on Su Fa’s face as he fixed his eyes on Wang Xian. “Senior brother Ao Shuwen doesn’t even have to strike. I could easily cripple you alone. Since you’re asking for your death, I’ll give it to you!”

As he spoke, he turned to Piao Lingxue and Hong Tianda at the side. “Senior brother Hong Tianda, Senior Sister Piao Lingxue, he taunted us first, not that we’re making things difficult for him.”

The deadpan Piao Lingxue slowly nodded.

“Fate determines who shall be killed in arena matches!”

Hong Tianda spat out the words without emotion.

Fate determines who shall be killed in arena matches.

The rules stated so, but very few people would kill each other in the arena.

“That’s right. Fate determines who shall be killed in arena matches!”

Ao Shuwen drew his lips slowly as he looked at Wang Xian. With a tinge of ridicule in his eyes, he said, “You’re still not worthy of being my opponent.”

“That’s right. You are not worthy to fight with Brother Ao. Just leaving it to me will do!”

Lin Xingjian lifted his head and yelled at Wang Xian.

“Haha, me too. Let me test the strength of the Dragon King and see how much he has got for him to be so arrogant!”

Tong Xiuping burst out a clap of laughter as he took two steps forward.

“Six of you just came forward together. Nice! I can kill a nest of you in one shot!”

Wang Xian stared at the six of them coldly.

“Wang Xian, stop!”

At this time, an anxious voice cut through the air from the sky.

Mentor Yu’s figure flew over. She was in a somewhat pitiful state when she stared at Wang Xian and yelled, “Withdraw your arena and fight with them!”

“The arena has already been set up. How can you withdraw it? Haha, Shuwen, Su Fa, go on. Kill that brazen brat of Mt. Fengyu for me!”

Another shrill sound came from the sky. With a similar pitiful look, Mentor Leng swept her cold gaze at Mentor Yu and Wang Xian. Her lips were drawn with murderous intent.

“Aunt, don’t worry. Let us handle this!”

Ao Shuwen looked at Mentor Leng and replied with a smile.

“No, Wang Xian. Your strength…”

Mentor Yu, who came to Wang Xian, was looking worried as she tried to persuade Wang Xian once again.

“Mentor Yu, don’t worry!”

Wang Xian shook his head at Mentor Yu.

“This is bad. Great Senior Sister, the handsome master is issuing a challenge to Ao Shuwen and the rest. If they really fight…”

The rest of the female disciples of Mt. Xue revealed a concerned look as they shouted to Piao Lingxue with tender voices.

“Rest assured, he’s the master of the Art of Water Refining!”

Without the slightest worry, Piao Lingxue cast her gaze to the Mt. Xue disciples and assured them in a soft voice.

“Art of Water Refining, oh yes. Handsome master possesses the Art of Water Refining. Hey, wait. So his strength…”

These female disciples were slightly stunned as shocked looks slowly surfaced on their faces.

The proficiency in Art of Water Refining had something to do with the cultivators’ strength. To become a master, his strength should be at least at Budding Realm!

At the thought of this, the female disciples of Mt. Xue revealed more shocked looks.

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