Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 50 - Treatment

Chapter 50: Treatment

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Wang Xian sat at the waiting area within Summer Sun Resort and the usher brought him a cup of water.

He gave Guan Shuqing a call and informed her about it. Moreover, she hadn’t left her house.

Wang Xian took out his phone and started playing to kill his boredom.

“Big Brother Wang Xian!”

At this moment, a voice sounded. Under the astonishment looks of the ushers in the surrounding, their young boss was running towards a young man.

“Huh?” Wang Xian lifted his head and saw Xue Jing running towards him. He smiled and thought that Xue Jing was probably here under orders of his father.

“Big Brother, why didn’t you let me know that you are coming? I would have come to pick you up at the entrance,” Xue Jing ran over passionately and said.

“A friend invited me here so I didn’t disturb you.” Wang Xian smiled and answered Xue Jing.

As the other party was so zealous and warm to him, he naturally would treat him with sincerity.

“You aren’t disturbing me. Not at all! I happened to be here anyway.” Xue Jing laughed as he walked. “Big Brother, are you waiting for someone?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting for someone.” Wang Xian nodded his head.

“Big Brother, why don’t I bring you around for a tour since you are free now? Moreover, my grandfather has asked me to thank you again. Since my grandfather was treated by you, he has made a breakthrough in his cultivation level,” Xue Jing said with gratitude.

“Really? In that case, I’ll have to congratulate Old Xue.” Wang Xian nodded his head with astonishment. Dragon Energy was a top-grade type of energy. While treating Old Xue’s injuries, he also strengthened his heart. This was what allowed him to achieve the breakthrough.

“Big Brother, let me bring you around for a tour. I’m guessing this is your first time here at our Summer Sun Resort. Let me introduce you to the various sites.” Xue Jing asked.

“Alright, I’ll be troubling you then.” Wang Xian hesitated before nodding his head.

“Not at all!” Xue Jing shook his head, stood up and led the way immediately.

“This resort is pretty good and the area is pretty big,” Wang Xian remarked while following behind Xue Jing and listening to his explanation.

“This resort of ours is the largest in the entire province. Our Xue Family invested $1 billion to build it in the past. Currently, our Xue Family are relying on this resort and the five-star hotel in the city center,” Xue Jing explained.

Wang Xian nodded his head. Looking at this, Xue Family’s assets should be at least a billion.

There were many rich people in the country and many of these rich people were not known as they kept a low profile. Xue Family could be considered as a family that kept a rather low profile.

They didn’t have a lot of properties but their properties weren’t small.

The scenery by the seaside was extremely beautiful after modification. The resort houses in the vicinity were all luxurious and exquisite.

Large trees and a clean swimming pool!

There were various kinds of entertainment. The restaurant by the sea was a great place to go to in the resort. When winter came, there would even be a hot spring. This place was great for tours for all seasons in a year.

“Big Brother, would you like to go to the room at the side to take a break. My father and grandfather are both here today. If it’s convenient for you, let’s have lunch together today?”

The Xue Family would like to make Wang Xian a friend. Xue Jing had also witnessed his strength and therefore tried to invite him and make him closer with them.

Wang Xian also knew about the thoughts of Xue Jing and the Xue Family. Even though the other party wanted him as a friend, he wasn’t against the idea. To him, there were still a lot of benefits from getting to know an additional friend.

“Sure, my friend hasn’t arrived yet. However, let’s talk about lunch again later. If I have the time, I will definitely agree to it.”

Wang Xian nodded his head.

“Alright, Big Brother Wang Xian, this way please.” Excitement flashed past Xue Jing eyes as he replied quickly.

“Big Brother Wang Xian, the two most luxurious rooms of our resorts are here. One of them is this and the other just beside. You can come over directly with your Family Membership Card.”

Xue Jing pointed at the two luxurious rooms as he explained.

Wang Xian looked over and nodded his head. After which, he walked into one of the luxurious rooms.

Within the room, Xue Jiahua was sitting in the main hall with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was smoking and had a worried look on him.

“Brother Wang Xian!” When Xue Jiahua saw Wang Xian walk in, he was filled with surprise. He stood up immediately and went over to welcome him.

“Mr. Xue, please take a seat!” Wang Xian replied immediately.

“Come, come!” Xue Jiahua smiled and nodded his head. He immediately took the teacup from the table, poured tea in it and passed it to Wang Xian personally. “Brother Wang Xian, take a seat too.”

“Sorry for disturbing Mr. Xue.” Wang Xian nodded his head. He felt a little weird about his enthusiasm as he sat down.

“Not at all, not at all!” Xue Jiahua waved his hand immediately. “Authentic longjing tea, have a try!”

“Mm. I won’t stand on ceremony then.” Wang Xian nodded his head.

The middle-aged man by the side looked at Wang Xian with surprise.

This was the second time he saw Wang Xian. He met him for the first time at the entrance and Xue Jiahua left them aside just to greet this young man.

Xue Jiahua even poured him tea personally and addressed him with deference!

Even when facing his own father, he had never been so enthusiastic!

He looked over inquisitively.

Waa, waa, waa!

At this moment, the crying sounds of a child propagated over. Soon after, a guy with his upper body naked ran out of the room.

“Little Kite, don’t run! Grandpa will bring you out to play! Let’s go!”

Behind him, an old man with a walking stick walked out and called to the little guy.

“Dad, so itchy and pain!” The little guy looked at his father and ran over with tears all over his face.

“It’s alright, everything will be fine soon, my son!” The middle-aged man carried the little guy, patted his back and was consoling him.

Wang Xian looked at the small boy inquisitively. He noticed that his entire body was strangely red.

“Brother Wang Xian, you are here?” Old Xue walked out of the room and saw Wang Xian. He had a shocked expression as he quickly made his way over.

“Old Xue, sorry for bothering you.” Wang Xian nodded at Xue Liangren. Clearly, he didn’t know that Wang Xian had come.

“Father, we happened to meet while fetching Old Qin previously. Therefore, I asked Xue Jing to go and receive him.” Xue Jiahua stood up, walked to his father’s side and spoke softly.

Mm. Xue Liangren’s eyes lit up.

“Waa, waa. Dad, so hot, so hot… Let’s go swimming… swimming.”

The crying sounds of that little boy sounded once again. He choked for a moment but soon started crying loudly again.

Wang Xian’s attention was once again attracted by that little boy. He frowned and hesitated before extending his hand over. “Hey pal, come and let brother take a look.”

“Huh?” When the middle-aged man heard Wang Xian, he frowned.

Old Qin, who had a walking stick with him, looked at Wang Xian with doubts on his face.

However, Xue Liangren was stunned. He commented immediately, “Quick! Xiao Qin, come and let Brother Wang Xian take a look.”

When the middle-aged man heard Old Xue, he was slightly shocked and turned to his father.

Old Qin also looked at Old Xue in surprise.

However, Old Xue wasn’t paying attention as he introduced the little one to Wang Xian. “Brother Wang Xia, Little Kite is Old Qin’s grandson. He has a congenital illness and the symptoms are really strange. Currently, we can only use internal energy to alleviate the effects of the illness. Why don’t you take a look at it?”

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