Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 466 - Sui Huang’s Injuries

Chapter 466: Sui Huang’s Injuries


Wang Xian looked surprised by the oldest son of Sui Huang. Sui Huang is severely injured? With Sui Huang’s strength, there are few who can severely injure him in the entire Underworld.

“How did Sui Huang get injured?” Wang Xian asked with a frown.

“I don’t know. Father has been overseas over this period. I have no idea as to how he got injured either. Dragon King, our Sui Clan will have to leave now!” said the oldest son of Sui Huang.

Currently, the Sui Family didn’t have a second unparalleled expert. Sui Huang was the sole pillar of the entire Sui Clan. If he were to get into trouble, it would be a destructive blow to the entire Sui Clan.

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment before answering him. “I’ll go back with you guys in a while!”

“Hmm. Thank you, Dragon King!” The oldest son of Sui Huang nodded his head.

“What? Xiao Xian? You are saying my master is severely injured?”

After the pilgrimage had been going for about half an hour, Wang Xian brought Guan Shuqing along and followed the rest of the Sui Family members back to Shang Jing.

“Hmm. We are going to take a look.” Wang Xian nodded his head.

“How could this… Master said he was heading overseas to get me some art of cultivation. How would he be injured…?” said Guan Shuqing, who was clearly anxious.

“He will be fine. Don’t worry about that!” Wang Xian consoled Guan Shuqing and shook his head at her.

Sui Huang had been away for some time to look for cultivation arts for Guan Shuqing. He had not expected him to return with severe injuries.

Wang Xian and Guan Shuqing followed the members of the Sui Family and rushed back to Sui Clan on a helicopter.

“Let’s go! We will head back right away!”

When the experts of Sui Clan got off the helicopter, they didn’t hesitate at all as they took flight and flew towards the sacred mountain.

Their Laozu getting into trouble was a huge matter for them.

“Great grandpa…”

“How’s father doing now? What really happened?” the group of experts from Sui Clan asked in a hurry.

“His injuries are severe. Old Huang is inside and administering treatment to Laozu. He asked us to wait for him here!” an old man said bitterly to the group.

“With master’s strength, how would he be injured? How would he be injured…?” Guan Shuqing asked anxiously.

“Let me go take a look!”

Wang Xian took a look around and headed in directly.

“Dragon King, please!”

The group from Sui Clan didn’t attempt to stop him. After all, he had been known as Miracle Doctor Wang by the public previously and he was also an unparalleled expert currently.

Wang Xian entered and saw Sui Huang lying on the bed. Both of his arms were gone and he was drenched in blood. At the same time, his body was emitting a creepily high temperature.

The Clan Leader of the Sacred Followers Guild was administering treatment. Beside him, a young girl was helping him out.

Seeing Wang Xian walking in, he picked up a jade-green bead in his hand and heaved a long sigh.

“How are the injuries of Sui Huang?”

Wang Xian took a glance at Old Huang before walking to the side of the bed.

“Huh? Who are you? Didn’t we say not to let anyone in now? He will be interrupting the treatment!” said the young girl as she turned around and looked at Wang Xian.

The young girl was in a white dress and had bright eyes. She looked captivating and didn’t seem to be a girl from the mortal world.

Old Huang waved his hand at the young girl, turned to Wang Xian and said solemnly, “His injuries are severe. Really, really severe. Both of his arms were severed and his internal organs were torched by a Heavenly Flame. There are also several lethal wounds on his body that are taking a huge toll on Sui Huang!”

The young girl pouted and looked curiously at Wang Xian.

Wang Xian walked to the side of the bed and checked on Sui Huang’s injuries. His eyebrows knitted together and he placed a palm on his body.

A stream of dense dragon energy entered.

There’s a fire spark in his body!

Feeling the injuries in Sui Huang’s body, Wang Xian was astonished.

“It’s an injury that has gone deep into his bones. That black fire spark has attached itself deeply in the body of Old Sui. The one who injured him is definitely not an ordinary expert. If it wasn’t for Old Sui being a fire attribute expert too, he would probably be finished. That black fire spark is a really pressing issue. If I can find the Eternal Ice Water, I will be able to resolve it. Do you have other ways to erase it?” Old Huang asked Wang Xian.

“Yeah. I can treat Old Sui’s injuries!” Wang Xian nodded his head.

“You can?” The young girl looked at Wang Xian and clearly didn’t believe him. “Even my master couldn’t heal him. You can?”

“The most severe injury on Sui Huang is that black Heavenly Flame. That Heavenly Flame is too domineering. Old Huang, can you restore the arms of Sui Huang?”

Wang Xian didn’t pay any attention to that young girl as he asked the Guild Leader of the Sacred Followers Guild.

“Yeah, I can regrow his arms. The main issue is that black Heavenly Flame in his body. If you can remove it, Old Sui’s injuries wouldn’t be much of a problem!”

Old Huang nodded his head.


Wang Xian nodded his head. He could also grow Sui Huang’s arms. However, it would exhaust an immense amount of dragon energy.

He wasn’t surprised that the Guild Leader of the Sacred Followers Guild could regrow limbs. After all, he was number one on the Miracle Doctors Chart in the Underworld.

Even when compared to the entire world, he was second. His medical technique wouldn’t be weak at all.

Wang Xian placed his arm on Old Sui’s body.

Water counters Fire.

Streams of dense water dragon energy entered Sui Huang’s body.

“The owner of the black Heavenly Flame is really strong!”

When the water dragon energy reached the side of the black Heavenly Flame, it was blocked away to the astonishment of Wang Xian.

However, Wang Xian wasn’t weak either. Dense water dragon energy surrounded the black Heavenly Flame and slowly extinguished it.

After a dozen-odd minutes, the small black Heavenly Flame in Sui Huang’s body was finally erased.

Wang Xian heaved a sigh and said, “The black Heavenly Flame has been removed. As for the other injuries, I believe they will be easy for Old Huang!”

“Yeah.” Old Huang nodded his head and took a long glance at Wang Xian. “Miracle Doctor Wang, your medical skills are even more incredible than I imagined!”

“I’m just average I guess!” Wang Xian smiled plainly.

“Medical Saint Sect isn’t as simple as you imagined. Be careful in the future!” Old Huang reminded plainly. He retrieved the jade green wood-attribute bead and started his treatment of Sui Huang.

Wang Xian was taken aback by what Old Huang said. However, he simply shook his head nonchalantly.

The young girl scrutinized Wang Xian from top to bottom. “I had not expected you to be a miracle doctor too. You are pretty good!”

“I’ll get out now. Please let me know when Sui Huang regains consciousness!”

Wang Xian didn’t pay attention to the young girl as he headed for the door.

“Tsk! Who is he? What’s there to be arrogant about!”

Seeing Wang Xian ignoring her on multiple occasions, the young girl stared behind her and raised her fist furiously.

“Master, who’s that stinky brat?” asked the young girl with contempt.

“Him? He’s an incredible young man and a very arrogant one. Qiao Qiao, don’t you ever offend that kid. He’s a little dauntless!” said Old Huang to the young girl with a smile.

“Tsk. He’s just an ignorant brat. What’s there to be so arrogant about!” the young girl grumbled. In her place, who dared to ignore her?

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