Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 41 - Taking Over the First-Grade Restaurant (2)

Chapter 41: Taking Over the First-Grade Restaurant (2)

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“I guess you really made Director Zhou enraged tonight!”

“You saw it too. He was the one who started it. If it weren’t for you, I would have asked them to get lost.”

“Hur hur, the last thing you said was simply… I’m speechless.”

Wang Xian and Guan Shuqing walked out from the First-grade Restaurant exchanging words happily on the old street.

The gathering was not over yet. But when Wang Xian handed the leftover caviar to Director Zhou just now, he smiled and said, “Director Zhou, this is the caviar that you asked for. Try it. Welcome to my restaurant in the future. Oh, this restaurant is not mine yet. So, you’ve still got to pay for tonight’s dinner.”

After he finished his sentence, Wang Xian called Guan Shuqing out.

At that time, Director Zhou’s face was looking extremely sulky!

“Heh, I need to apologize to you for offending your superior. Looks like you won’t be getting your two-day wages. I’ll compensate you for that.” Wang Xian said with a smile.

“Of course, you have to compensate me.”

Guan Shuqing chuckled and looked over her shoulder at Wang Xian as she felt her heart warming.

This was the first guy who made her happy, comfortable, and heart-warming.

The feeling was not immense, but she was addicted to it.

“Hop on.”

Wang Xian rode his Harley motorcycle over and called out to Guan Shuqing.

“Okay.” Guan Shuqing felt her heart thumping as she looked at him on the bike.

She got on the bike. With some hesitation, she held out her arms and wrapped them around Wang Xian.

Sensing a warm body closing up on him, Wang Xian’s body stiffened up. Subsequently, he revealed a smiling face.

“Sit tight, we’re leaving.”

He stepped on the accelerator and headed back to school. Soon, they arrived back at the female dormitory.

“See you tomorrow. I’ll pick you up over here.”

Wang Xian waved to Guan Shuqing.

“Okay.” Guan Shuqing nodded and waved back to him. Happily, she skipped her way back to her room.

Wang Xian chuckled and drove back to the male dormitory.

During that night, Wang Xian did not do any cultivating. Instead, he slept soundly.

When he woke up the next day, it was past 8 AM. Wang Xian got up quickly and freshened up.

When he picked up his phone, he saw an unread message.

“Hur? Lan Qingyue again?”

Wang Xian was taken by surprise when he saw the Wechat message. It was Lan Qingyue again. The same thing, she wanted to buy him dinner in appreciation for the previous incident.

The message was sent out five minutes ago.

“I’m sorry, Chairman Lan. I’ve been busy lately, and I really don’t have time.”

Wang Xian declined politely. Today, he was going to take over the First-grade Restaurant. In the next few days, he would be too busy for anything.

He needed to handle the internal issues of First-grade Restaurant and its management issues.

The Longxuan Restaurant is going to open soon beside the restaurant, and it was an outright act to steal business from him.

After hearing the conversation between Director Li and that young man yesterday, Wang Xian knew that the other party had some capacity. Hence, he needed to prepare himself for it.

After Wang Xian sent out the message, he packed up and brought the lobsters and swimming crabs downstairs.

Within a room in a villa, the entire place was loaded with pink color.

All the men in the Rivertown would not have imagined that the renowned Ice Queen, Chairman Lan Qingyue, would paint her room with such a girly color.

Someone once said that every aloof girl fantasizes about fairy tales.

Lan Qingyue lay with her stomach on the bed with a big-sized, pink teddy bear beside her.


When her phone rang, she quickly opened her WeChat.

“Rejected… He rejected me again.” Lan Qingyue was a little lost.

Yesterday, she guessed that he might really have something going on, and that was why he turned her down. Hence, she asked him again early in the morning, but little did she expect that she was being rejected again.

On top of that, he replied that he would be busy lately!

“Does he dislike me, so he doesn’t want to see me? Or is he really that busy?”

Lan Qingyue frowned and got up from the bed immediately to stare at herself in the mirror.

Despite the fact that she just woke up without any make-up, her refined profile and her perfect figure were extremely seductive.

“Is my charm not attractive to him at all?” For the first time, Lan Qingyue doubted her own charm.

“Let’s have breakfast. I want to eat steamed dumplings.”

After fetching Guan Shuqing on his bike, together with Wang Xian, they headed towards the old street.

“Sure, whatever the beautiful lady wants!”

“What a glib tongue you got. If I wanted to eat your meat, would you cut yourself for me?”

“You are not that cruel. I’m not the Tripitaka from Journey to the West.”

“But I’m the wicked female monster. Haha!”

As they cracked jokes, Wang Xian and Guan Shuqing reached a steamed dumpling shop. After breakfast, it was time to meet Director Li.

When they reached First-grade Restaurant, the door was already opened.

Director Li and Manager Huang were already here.

“Director Wang.” Upon seeing his arrival, Manager Huang went up to him immediately and greeted him with a beam on his face.

“Good morning, Manager Huang!”

Wang Xian nodded and looked at Director Li, who was standing at the side.

“The property deed and the deed of ownership transfer are ready. Apart from the past profits, everything in the restaurant belongs to you. We will be busy for the entire morning since we are going to the Property Management Bureau for the transfers of the property and other stuff.” Director Li smiled when he saw Wang Xian.

“Great, let me see the contract first.” Wang Xian nodded.

“Here, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the contract.”

Director Li handed the contract to him. Wang Xian took it and studied it carefully before he casually nodded his head.

Next, they took Director Li’s car to the Property Management Bureau, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, some departments in the bank to expedite the transfer procedures, including business licenses, and so on.

After running around for the entire morning, Wang Xian transferred the balance amount to Director Li’s account. Both of them shook hands, and the deal was sealed.

“Boss, Director Li did not take anything with him when he left. Everything is operating as usual for now. I’ll take you over to meet the rest of the staff.”

After coming back from the bank, Manager Huang, who had been following around the entire morning, spoke to Wang Xian with enthusiasm.

“Sure, let’s get to know the restaurant. Also, all the staff positions will remain as they are now.”

Wang Xian nodded. It was lunchtime when they reached the restaurant. Wang Xian called for Manager Huang and Guan Shuqing to have lunch at the First-grade Restaurant.

Manager Huang knew Guan Shuqing too. She had worked as a greeter for more than half a month.

When they met again, Manager Huang guessed she could be the Lady Boss in the future. Hence, he was proactive to serve Guan Shuqing.

As such, Guan Shuqing felt lost when her previous manager fawned upon her in such a way.

All these were because of the guy beside her.

After lunch, Wang Xian toured the entire restaurant. Looking at the First-grade Restaurant, he felt a sense of achievement.

This was his restaurant, and he would definitely make a name for this restaurant in the entire Rivertown, and it would be the best restaurant ever!

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