Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 2831

2831 2831 ceremony

“The founding ceremony of the dragon-phoenix Divine dynasty is about to begin. It’s about to begin!”

“The vast palace is about to open. This is my first time here. I feel so small in front of it!”

“Everyone, enter. Don’t make any noise. Otherwise, you will be punished with the crime of contempt!”

The next morning, it was called the first day of the dragon-phoenix calendar by the Imperial Star Field, the day of the founding ceremony.

In front of the vast palace on the inner island of the Dragon Island, countless experts and forces from the imperial star area walked towards the interior of the vast palace.

Each of them looked extraordinarily luxurious, and none of them were ordinary people.


On both sides of the palace, the members of the Nine Heavens Breaking Moon sect reminded everyone.

The noisy noises disappeared. Everyone looked around, their faces full of shock.

In the past, they were not qualified to enter this vast palace.

Now that they were standing on the road of the vast palace, they felt abnormally small.

About a few billion people walked in with a trace of shock, curiosity, and awe.

The founding ceremony of the Dragon and Phoenix Divine Dynasty was broadcasted live by the AI. Only a few billion people were qualified to enter the vast palace and watch it in person.

A few billion people walked through a large door. In front of them was a large square. At the very front of the entire square were nine extremely huge pillars.

On the pillars were divine dragons of various attributes.

Each pillar was up to 100,000 meters tall, reaching straight into the clouds. It looked majestic and magnificent!

Around the entire square, the most elite disciples of Jiu Xiao’s group of factions were lined up neatly.

All of their king God realm experts had arrived.

They were dressed neatly with the words “Dragon”and “Phoenix”written on their chests.

Their powerful auras made everyone’s hearts tremble slightly!

After all, they were the three most powerful forces in the imperial star area.

However, a row of swordsmen stood neatly in front of them.

The golden swords were expressionless, and there was a cold aura around them.

“Those are the powerhouses of the Dragon Palace. What a cold aura.”

“They are the Dragon Guards of the Dragon Palace. The dragon guards are the guards of the Dragon King. The archers are the Archers of the Dragon Palace. The members of the archers are all powerhouses above the godly king level. Each of the archers can kill the enemy within hundreds of millions of kilometers in an instant. When the Abyss battlefield broke out, the Dragon Palace’s archers killed countless abyssal seeds!”

“This is the elite force of the Dragon Palace, the force that could defeat the imperial court and the Wizard Association. Just that aura alone is enough to make one’s heart palpitate.”

When everyone slowly entered the square, they saw the members of the Dragon Guards and the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division in front of them. They were slightly shocked and their faces were filled with shock.

“Everyone, stand properly!”

At this moment, a voice that contained endless majesty sounded in everyone’s mind. Everyone could not help but be slightly startled. They widened their eyes and their hearts were filled with fear.

This was the voice of the divine emperor!

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice in unison, their eyes filled with reverence.

Eleven seats were placed in the center, and two elders stood on both sides of these eleven seats.

They wore black divine dragon clothing and were dressed meticulously.

They stood there quietly. At a glance, they would give people a feeling of fear and panic.

A godly monarch expert couldn’t give people such a feeling.

Two godly monarchs.

Two godly monarchs of the Dragon Palace.

Everyone’s pupils constricted slightly. They hurriedly stood neatly and didn’t dare to move.

What a joke. Even if the godly monarch didn’t look in their direction, he could know what everyone was doing.

Everyone gathered and stood there quietly.

The scene in the square was also displayed on the AI.

In front of the AI, countless people were watching. As the founding ceremony of the Dragon and Phoenix Divine Dynasty and the future Master of the entire imperial star field, as citizens, they were naturally very concerned about this.

“All stand properly!”

“All stand properly!”

At this moment, the bullet screen on the AI was filled with these four words. The screen was filled with densely packed four words.

This was because these four words were also the four words that Ba Qi had said.

The citizens of the imperial star field could also see that this was the god Emperor.

“Wu Wu!”

“Wu Wu!”

Time passed bit by bit. Everyone stood there without daring to speak. Five minutes later, a roar was heard.

Vast and majestic.

When everyone heard this voice, they all looked towards the sky in front of them.

The voice was filled with joy and joy. No one doubted that if this voice was filled with rage and fury, they would be killed by this voice.

Two behemoths appeared. One was more than 100 kilometers in size, while the other was 70 to 80 kilometers in size.

They were real space behemoths.

Many people had never seen little blue and little house before. When they saw the existence that could blot out the sky, their eyes slightly widened, filled with shock.

The Behemoth Little Blue and Little House appeared. They quickly arrived above the hall in front of the square.

“Oh my God, are these the two war pets of the Dragon Queen?”

“This Colossus can kill all of us with a sneeze, right?”

Some people couldn’t help but growl in low voices.

In front of the AI, they also widened their eyes. Even if they weren’t there to watch, they could feel the wilderness and the Colossus through the AI.

“The Dragon Queen is on that Colossus!”

At this moment, everyone saw ten beautiful figures standing on the giant beast.

“Buzz Buzz Buzz!”

At the next moment, ten figures floated and flew towards the area below.

Phoenix robes. The ten figures were dressed in Phoenix robes. Their bodies exuded nobility and holiness. At the same time, they also emitted waves of power.

That was the power of a peak divine king, a ninth level divine king.

Ten beautiful figures landed in front of the square and in front of the Phoenix chairs.

“Welcome, citizens, to the founding ceremony of the dragon-phoenix Divine Dynasty.”

Feng Luan swept her gaze across everyone in front of her. She looked like a great empress. She slowly took two steps forward and spoke.

“The dragon-phoenix Divine Dynasty has been established. It will take over all the territories of the imperial court. It will take over Pingyi Island, Cold Night Island, and Devil Island.”

“The dragon and Phoenix Divine Dynasty has established eleven female emperors to jointly manage the imperial star field…”

Feng Luan introduced the entire dragon and Phoenix Divine Dynasty and announced one thing after another.

When everyone heard that the dragon and Phoenix Divine Dynasty had established eleven female emperors, they were slightly surprised.

“That’s the Empress Star, and that’s the star Goddess!”

Soon, many people in the imperial court realized that the former star Goddess was now a member of the Empress.

“Hiss, can you feel the power of the star goddess? What realm is that? It’s so terrifying!”

“It’s a ninth-level godly monarch, a ninth-level godly monarch. How Old is the star goddess? She actually has such terrifying strength. This… this…”

Even faster, people noticed the strength of the Emperor Star Goddess, and they were all filled with disbelief.

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