Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 2727

2727 2727 charged straight at him

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A terrifying attack headed straight for Patriarch Horizon.

Octaqi and the others controlled the heaven’s end ruler while Ao Qitian charged straight at him, setting up a heaven array formation.


It could be said to be a three-on-one battle.

Patriarch Horizon’s expression changed drastically as he faced the attacks of AO qitian and the other two!

“Run, run, run!”

A hint of panic flashed across Patriarch Horizon’s eyes when he saw Ao Qitian and the others besieging him. Without the slightest hesitation, he dodged to the back.

“Fire Pagoda, Explosive Flame!”

He roared and the Fire Pagoda attacked Ao Qitian and the others directly. With a wave of his arm, he attacked the black hole space-disturbing array formation behind him.

“You want to escape?”

Ao Qitian’s body trembled as blood-red chains wrapped around Patriarch Horizon.

“Damn it. I can’t be entangled by them, or I’ll be finished.”

“The Dragon Palace has one more peak godly monarch expert than last time.”

Patriarch Horizon’s expression was extremely ugly. He anxiously dodged the chain’s attack and desperately attacked the array formation.

“Array formation, divine spear of light!”

Seeing him desperately trying to break the array formation and escape, heaven array frowned slightly. With a wave of his arm, an array formation was formed.

Light flashed and instantly shot toward Patriarch Horizon.

“Oh no, this array master’s strength is very terrifying. Even if it’s a one-on-one fight, I’m not his match.”

Seeing this terrifying divine spear of light, Tian Chen’s expression was ugly. He gritted his teeth!

“Fire Pagoda, block it for me!”

With blood-red eyes, he roared loudly. The one-meter-long pagoda instantly became ten thousand times bigger and completely blocked his body.


The Divine Spear of light landed on the pagoda and sank into it. The flames trembled violently, and half of it was instantly penetrated.


The divine artifact he had nurtured was severely injured. Patriarch Horizon spat out blood as well. He gritted his teeth and continued to attack the black hole spatial disturbance formation.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

The Fire Pagoda bought him some time, and cracks appeared on the formation.


At this moment, Ao Qitian and the Heaven’s end ruler attacked the fire pagoda in front of them from behind.


The fierce collision almost broke the fire pagoda, and some metal materials flew in all directions.


But at this moment, the Heaven’s end patriarch also broke the array formation. He spat out blood, and even the corners of his eyes were bleeding.

He turned around and looked at AO qitian and the rest with a ferocious expression.

“Dragon Palace, just you wait. We will not rest until one of You is dead!”

He shouted sternly, and his figure slowly disappeared.

“We will not rest until one of You is dead?”

Wang Xian was standing outside the formation. When he heard this voice, his face was filled with mockery.

When the formation disappeared, he immediately flew into it.

“The Dragon King Is Here!”

The group of powerhouses from the imperial court looked at Patriarch of the world’s end escaping in shock. When they saw Wang Xian, they whispered.

“Wang Xian!”


The Imperial Star Lady was too weak. She could not see clearly in a battle of this level.

Bei Shuang saw Wang Xian and greeted him with a smile.

“HMM, it’s good that you’re Alright!”

Wang Xian nodded at them and landed on the world’s end ruler.

“Let’s go. Since the horizon sect dares to attack my disciple, let them pay the price of blood and charge over!”

He said to Ba Qi and the rest with a grim expression.

“Destroy the horizon sect!”

Ba Qi roared loudly. Ao Qitian’s figure moved and landed on the horizon ruler.


The next moment, the horizon ruler was activated and flew towards the planet where the horizon sect was located at a terrifying speed.

“This… The Dragon King and the rest are attacking the heaven’s end sect directly?”

“It seems that the heaven’s end sect is arranged on a planet by our guardians. The Dragon King and the rest are attacking them. Isn’t this breaking the rules?”

“What rules are they breaking?”? “The Heaven’s end patriarch is here to kill Miss bei Shuang. Why aren’t the Dragon King and the rest attacking them? Furthermore, the Heaven’s end sect has broken the rules in this matter. Perhaps even if the Dragon Palace doesn’t make a move, our imperial court will destroy them.”

The people from the imperial court said as they saw Wang Xian and the rest charging over.

“I’m sorry, everyone. I want to make a trip over.”

Bei Shuang looked at Deacon Ying and the rest and said.

“I’ll go as well. I didn’t even react earlier. That Patriarch of the world margin sect is too shameless. A peak immortal king actually assassinated sister bei Shuang. Let’s go, let’s go and watch Wang Xian destroy them.”

Imperial star lady immediately said.

“We’ll go with you.”

The rest of the Imperial Star Ladies pondered for a moment before saying.

After such a thing happened, they naturally couldn’t go to the abyss.

“Let’s go and take a look too. We’re not in a hurry anyway.”

Deacon Ying and the rest hesitated for a moment before deciding to go and take a look.

The group immediately flew towards the location of the planets.

“After that, destroy their entire planet. Kill as many as you can. Tell the members of the poison making department to avoid them carefully.”

On the Heaven’s end ruler, Wang Xian said to Ba Qi with a cold gaze.

“It’s the Dragon King. I’ll inform them right away.”

Ba Qi nodded his head and laughed coldly. “Jie Jie, destroy a big sect!”

“Huff Huff!”

However, in a crack in the void, horizon elder Wu Lin Gao appeared in it, panting heavily.

His face was extremely ferocious, and his body was filled with a brutal aura.

“Damn it, it actually failed. Did the Dragon Palace know about the trap in advance, or did they just happen to meet it? How Could It Be So Coincidental?”

He clenched his fists and roared angrily.

“Many people saw me attack, damn it, I broke the rules of the imperial court, no, I have to report to Protector Di, report to protector di!”

Horizon Elder Wu Lin Gao Roared, immediately using his AI to contact protector di.

Seeing that he didn’t reply immediately, he immediately flew out of the god country, swiftly flying towards the nearest planet.

The place his undying God country was hiding was very hidden, and it was very far from the Abyss battlefield, even teleporting through an array would take a few hours.

“No, I’ll report to senior Feng First!”

Wu Lin Gao flew for a few minutes, suddenly having a bad feeling, he immediately told Feng Yazi about this.

After which, he rushed towards the Abyss battlefield as fast as he could.


At this time, within the Abyss battlefield, World End Patriarch Feng Yazi received the message, his expression changed and he stood up.

“How is this possible? How did he meet the experts of the Dragon Palace by such a coincidence?”

“And the other experts of the imperial court saw Junior Brother Wu Lingao Attack!”

Feng Yazi’s expression kept changing, and he was uncertain.

“Fighting is forbidden in the imperial court. If the Dragon Palace reports this to the imperial court, the world’s end great sect might be punished and have to go to the Sovereign Protector.”

“We also have to prevent the dragon palace from suddenly attacking…”

He growled with a dark expression.

“All undying disciples of the world margin sect gather!”

Feng Yaazi roared, with a thought, he contacted the world margin sect leader and the 3 elders.

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