Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 2357

2357 2357 was behind him

“Die, die, die!”

In the formation with the black hole disturbing the air, castellan he kept attacking Wang Xian with a crazed look on his face!

He used his eternal divine blood to transform into the power of the law of light, condensing an incomparably terrifying holy sword!


In front of Wang Xian, the yin and yang Poles were rotating. Behind him, the power of the five elements was condensing, forming layers of defense in front of him!

His entire body kept retreating backward!

“HMPH, you think you can perish together with me? Dream On!”

Wang Xian stared at him with a face full of killing intent. The experts of the city in the sky had attacked him time and time again. He had long lost his patience!

After returning this time, he wanted to thoroughly play with the experts of the city in the sky!

“Die, die, die!”

City lord he’s body trembled violently. Pieces of his flesh and blood turned into the power of light. Soon, golden bones were exposed all over his body. He was like a skeleton!

When he reached the level of eternal God Lord, his bones turned into eternal golden bones!

However, gradually, his eternal golden bones were like layers of golden sand that fell off and merged into his attacks!

Even though he knew that he was going to die, he was going all out!

Thump! Thump! Thump

The attacks that consumed his vitality caused Wang Xian’s expression to change slightly!


Streams of fresh blood flowed out from the dragon scales on his body as he spat out a mouthful of blood!

However, Wang Xian didn’t care about the injuries on his body. His eyes revealed a sinister look!


All of a sudden, he turned around abruptly and attacked the black hole disturbance formation at the side!

“Trying to escape!”

Wang Xian saw his intention. Two gigantic dragon claws descended from the sky and smashed directly at his body!


A terrifying force landed on his body, causing cracks to appear on his entire golden bone!


An extremely hoarse voice came out from his mouth. The divine fire in his eyes began to dissipate!

“HMPH, go to Hell. Soon, all of you from the city in the sky will accompany you!”

Wang Xian’s cold voice traveled into his mind!

City lord he’s corpse fell to the ground!


Wang Xian heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that he was completely dead!

He moved his body and transformed into a human form. He shook his head slightly as he looked at his own body!

Even if he had won the battle against experts of the same level, he had already sustained serious injuries!

“City in the sky!”

Wang Xian mumbled!

With a wave of his arm, he stored all the corpses into the mother nest. Wang Xian took their interspatial rings and took a look at the items inside!

“There are still quite a number of good items. This time, it’s not a loss. A group of corpses can also increase the strength of the members of the Dragon Palace!”

Wang Xian smiled and kept all the items!


With a wave of his arm, the imprisonment ring above his head was broken!

The imprisonment ring that the experts from the city in the sky had locked onto him was only useful to those who were at least level nine of the Eternal Lord!

He could break it directly!

With a thought, the black hole disturbance array slowly dissipated!

“The array is going to disappear, normally. It seems that the Beast Tamer master killed the enemy or let them escape!”

Outside, the people of Star Beast Tower saw the array slowly dissipating, and smiled!



Soft roars came from their side, followed by battle pets appearing around them!

Especially beside third and fourth senior brother, there were two long golden snakes, each of them about ten meters long, emitting a metallic luster!

Their golden pupils stared at the position in front of them!

“Oh no, the formation is about to disappear, boss Wang should still be alive, but those guys from the starbeast hall actually have two peak eternal god Lord Battle Pets, two of them!”

In the waterfall, invincible battle technique stared at the two golden snakes with burning eyes. When he saw the formation slowly dissipating, he revealed an anxious expression!


“Boss Wang, be careful!”

The moment the formation disappeared, invincible battle technique saw the figure floating in the middle and quickly reminded him loudly!

“There are still people around!”

Invincible battle technique’s words also shocked everyone from the star Beast Tower!

Wang Xian, who had just come out, was also shocked!


In the next moment, another confinement circle landed on his head at a terrifying speed!

At this moment, Wang Xian’s face turned extremely dark!

Recently, each confinement circle had locked onto his aura. Including this time, this was the third time!

“Damn it, who are they!”

He was burning with rage. He had just exterminated the people from the city in the sky. How could there still be people ambushing him from the outside!

“Don’t bother about the other fellow. capture him first!”

“God-locking rope!”

At this moment, a voice rang out. Following that, a net-shaped divine weapon covered Wang Xian!

Each of the ropes carried the power of thunder and produced a sizzling sound!

Wang Xian’s expression changed drastically!

“Hehe, this master is indeed smart, but the mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind!”

The few people from the star Beast Tower watched this scene with smiles on their faces!

The confinement circle had been locked, and the god-locking rope had already covered it!

With the power of the god-locking rope, even a desolate beast at the peak of the Eternal Divine Lord Stage would not be able to break free!

This god-locking rope was used to capture desolate beasts!

Crack! Crack

The moment the god-locking rope landed on Wang Xian’s body, he felt his entire body go numb. He couldn’t exert any strength at all!

Furthermore, he was already injured and couldn’t move at all!

Wang Xian’s expression changed drastically!

“Hehe, master wants us to capture this fellow back. It’s too easy. Capturing him is much easier than capturing a desolate beast!”

Fourth senior brother looked at Wang Xian, who was trapped by the god-locking rope, with a smile on his face!

“Let’s go back first!”

Third senior brother nodded his head with a smile!



When Wang Xian heard their words, a strong killing intent flashed across his eyes. His body moved and instantly passed through the god-locking rope!


Wang Xian’s face was extremely gloomy. This was already the second time he was being chased by someone. Every time, he would run away in a sorry state!

“Boss Wang, run!”

From the waterfall in front, the sound of invincible battle techniques could be heard!

Wang Xian looked over and saw that it was the direction opposite to the group from the Astral Beast Tower. He immediately ran for his life!

“Eh? He actually escaped from the god-locking rope!”

The group from the Astral Beast Tower was slightly stunned. Following that, their expressions changed slightly!

“Capture him. Don’t let him escape!”

Third Brother’s expression changed slightly as he ordered loudly in a cold voice!

Hiss! Hiss

Two long golden snakes attacked in an instant!

Third Brother and fourth brother from the star Beast Tower and the elder at the peak of the eternal divine lord’s figure flashed in an instant as they chased after Wang Xian!

“Boss Wang, get out of the way! Let them have a taste of my yidali obliteration law nine obscuring true cannon!”

At this moment, in front of him, invincible battle technique was standing at the top of the waterfall. In front of him was a 10-meter-long flame law cannon!

The Flames on the cannon were dancing. Each wisp of flame had nine petals!

A 10-meter-long cannon was aimed in front of him. His face revealed an extremely excited expression!


Wang Xian stared at invincible battle technique and felt the powerful threat from the flame law cannon beside him. He quickly dodged to the side!

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