Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 15 - Clam Girl

Chapter 15: Clam Girl

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Sea clams are a common creature in the ocean.

Most people have eaten clams before. Average clams are about the size of a thumb while some bigger ones are about the size of a palm.

In this world, there was also a type of sea clams called the Giant Clam, also known as the Man-eating Clam. The biggest one was 1.8 meters.

However, the sea clam before Wang Xian was definitely larger than what was recorded.

Wang Xian could not help but feel stupefied as he looked at the enormous sea clam.

“Luckily, this sea clam is moving very slowly, so I don’t have to be afraid of it. Besides, the sea clam will not be able to threaten me if I just stay behind it.”

Wang Xian stared at the sea clam as he made up his mind.

If he could devour the sea clam, he could advance to Level Three with the Dragon Energy he extracted from it.

Wang Xian hesitated before creeping behind the sea clam.

The sea clam remained unmoved when Wang Xian closed in. Wang Xian was unsure if it was because it had just eaten or was it trying to conceal itself, as it was not moving.

Wang Shan got closer and grabbed the clamshell with his claw.


Wang Xian sulked when the claw that was as strong as the metal did not leave any dents on the sea clam.

“It’s too solid. Simply impenetrable.”

Wang Xian looked embarrassed. He tapped another two more times with his claws but discovered no traces on the clam. The sea clam did not have any reaction either.

“The shell is just too hard. I have no means to deal with it.”

Wang Xian was thinking hard as an idea flashed across his mind.

“Try it.”

Wang Xian hesitated. He looked around him before he said, “Transform into a human.”

Instantly, from a 20-centimeter golden Divine Dragon, Wang Xian returned to his human form.

Wang Xian was naked in the sea and had no issue in the water that was more than ten meters deep.

He looked at the sea clam before him. With a stretch, he lifted and carried it.

With his current strength, Wang Xian could at least carry four hundred kilograms of weight. Hence, he was rather relaxed to carry a sea clam of 250 kilograms in the sea.

The sea clam remained unmoved when it was being carried up.

Wang Xiang was delighted as he carried it to the island beside the ocean.

Wang Xian swam fast in the sea. After he surfaced from the water, he put the sea clam on the shore.

Sensing no seawater around it, the sea clam opened its shell at this time.

A clam flesh that was covered in sticky mucus wriggled out of the shell. The flesh stuck its body to the ground. It controlled its body and squirmed towards the ocean.

“Haha, thinking of escaping? Where can you escape to?”

Wang Xian was looking thrilled. He immediately grabbed and pulled the clamshell back.


Just then, a piece of clam meat slapped at his arm with fast and furious speed.

The force was so powerful that Wang Xian let out a yelp.

“Gosh, that was painful.”

He touched his arm in a cold sweat and realized the arm was swelling up. The entire arm would have been broken if his physique was not strengthened by the Dragon Energy.

“Indeed, this is the Level Six Sea Clam. Even though it was not a fighter by nature, it could still hurt me.”

Wang Xian was surprised.

“However, don’t ever think of escaping since you’re thrown onto the shore.”

Wang Xian was feeling lucky that the sea clam did not notice what was happening when they were in the ocean. Otherwise, he would not be able to have carried it to the shore, given its mighty strength.

Wang Xian spotted the sea clam as it exited hurriedly towards the sea. He quickly grabbed the clamshell and flung it towards the island.

Subsequently, he took a few rocks on the side and hurled them at the flesh of the opened clamshell.

Wang Xian possessed daunting strength now as each mighty rock he cast caused the flesh to huddle up. The clamshell quickly shut itself up.

“Don’t kill me. Please!”

Just then, Wang Xian heard a unique voice which stunned him immediately.

“Who? Who is talking?” Wang Xian observed his surroundings with shock. But there was no one on the desolate island.

“No, it wasn’t a human language spoken just now.”

Wang Xian thought of the voice. Immediately, he cast his gaze upon the sea clam.

“Was it you?” Wang Xian stared with his eyes wide open.

All living beings with intelligence would have their own language just like the dolphins and killer whales.

However, humans would not understand their language.

Despite so, as a Divine Dragon, Wang Xian could understand any language of the marine animals.

“Let me go. Let me go.” Another sound that was frail and weak was heard. The voice sounded like a little girl who had just learned how to talk.

“Are you a girl? No, are you a female clam?” Wang Xian stared at the sea clam and asked.

“Please don’t kill me. Let me go.” The voice of the sea clam was heard again. But, she was repeating those simple words, like, “Don’t kill me… let me go.”

It must be that her intelligence is not high enough for her to master more sophisticated expressions.

Wang Xian pondered and frowned. He never expected that this sea clam would have intelligence. Moreover, it was a female clam.

“Given my current ability, it will be difficult and troublesome to kill her off unless I wait for her to dry up.”

“Let me go. Don’t kill me.”

Once again, the tender and innocent voice resounded in his head again.

Wang Xian hesitated. He was thinking, “I don’t have to kill her. I can make her my subordinate – the first member of the Dragon Palace.”

Wang Xian brightened up his eyes and stared at the sea clam. He was thinking of how a Divine Dragon could subdue the marine animals.

With an idea, he slowly tempted the sea clam, “Little Sister, I will release you now if you swallow this thing.”

Upon seeing no reaction from the sea clam, he squeezed out a small amount of golden blood from his hand. It was the blood of Divine Dragon, and at the same time, a form of commitment.

Divine Dragons dominated the marine animals not only with domineering strength but also with the power of pact.

After absorbing the Blood of Divine Dragon, the other party would regard him as the King.

“Take this fresh blood, and I, as your Brother, will release you.”

Wang Xian placed the drop of fresh Blood of Divine Dragon on the sea clam and guided her patiently.

“Developed Marine Animals: Clam Girl.”

At this time, the system notification sounded off in his mind. The blood on the sea clam disappeared.

“Haha, it works.”

Wang Xian was excited. He quickly routed to the front of the Clam Girl.

“Brother, I like you.”

The Clam Girl opened her clamshell. Being a low-intelligent being, she did not understand what a King was. She only knew to obey his words when he wanted her to address him as Brother.

This was the power of pact.

“Haha, little sister, you must listen to me from now on.”

Wang Xian spoke delightedly.


However, the Clam Girl wrapped her flesh around Wang Xian’s body at this time.

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