Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Leaving On A Journey, First Kiss

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When Sima You Yue came back from her bath, she saw Wu Lingyu leaning against the tree, he appeared to be smirking.

“You’re done bathing?” The shine in his eyes were blocked by the shadows, Wu Lingyu opened his eyes and asked.

“Yup.” Sima You Yue unenthusiastically replied. She asked, “You didn’t peek right?”

“What’s there to peek at?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“Hmph.” Her figure was good okay? It had just yet to develop.

“What are we doing now?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“I’m hungry, I’m going to find something to eat.” Sima You Yue said.

Wu Lingyu parted his lips slightly, eating again?

Sima You Yue didn’t care about his reaction. Coming to the riverbank, she took out the snake that she had just killed, slicing it into portions with her knife. She kept the leftovers and took a piece of it to wash using the river water.

“You plan to eat this thing?” Wu Lingyu walked over and saw Sima You Yue handling the snake meat with furrowed brows.

Sima You Yue glanced at him and said, “If you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it. Anyway you won’t feel hungry even if you don’t eat.”

After she had thrown Wu Lingyu off with her words, he stood at the side and didn’t talk anymore.

After Sima You Yue finished washing the snake meat, she took out a pot and put in various ingredients before placing it on top of the fire to stew some snake soup. Then she used some skewers to barbecue the rest of the snake meat.

After a little while, the aroma of the barbecued meat wafted over, and she prepared to season it before barbecuing it for a little longer, finally putting it on a plate at the side.

After waiting for all the meat to finish barbecuing, she put the barbecue on the table.

“Do you want to eat it or not?” In any case, he was now her employer so she had to at least go through the motions of asking him.

Wu Lingyu apparently looked at the snake meat with some distaste, but after some hesitation, he still came to the table to pick up that barbecued meat to eat.

While eating the barbecued meat, the snake soup was also pretty much done. Sima You Yue put their two portions into two bowls, and the delicious smell caused Wu Lingyu to go back on his decision, which was initially dead set against eating snake meat.

“You look like you really know how to cook?” Wu Lingyu asked as he finished drinking all the soup in his bowl.

“You know that I used to be unable to cultivate.” Sima You Yue said, “So I always had to eat. Eventually, I learnt how to cook.”

“The General’s residence doesn’t have a cook?”

“Can the average chef cook as well as I do?”

“… No.”

“Then, that’s that. Anyway I really enjoy cooking.”

After eating, she kept all the things and continued to look for any Spirit Beasts who were alone in order to continue practicing.

At night, they didn’t return to the cave in the canyon, choosing to look for a cave outside to rest instead. Anyway, she had only returned there yesterday because Wu Lingyu was there. Since he had come along with her today, there was no need to go back there.

After that, for the next half of a month, they never went back to that canyon. Sima You Yue had pretty much spent her days fighting spirit beasts while Wu Lingyu would go along with her occasionally, choosing to cultivate in the cave alone at other times.

After half a month, Sima You Yue could feel that Wu Lingyu’s strength was recuperating quickly. There were even times where he would inadvertently leak out some aura that actually caused her to be afraid.

However, no matter how strong he became, she was fine as long as she never allowed him to interfere in her battles.

It was just that it appeared as if this guy never planned to get involved in the first place.

After half a month, Fire Qilin came back but was unable to find Wu Lingyu at the cave in the canyon. He relied on its contractual link to look for them at the surrounding areas.

Sima You Yue was currently battling a spirit beast, but when the Fire Qilin came over, he had immediately caused that spirit beast to faint.

“Yue Yue, that’s a Shape-shifting Beast.” Little Roar notified her from the Spirit Pearl.

“Shape-shifting Beast?” Sima You Yue looked at Fire Qilin in shock as she said.

Fire Qilin saw Sima You Yue looking over and she was immediately found it hard to breathe as she was crushed by the invisible spirit pressure that was coming from his body.

Was that his contractual beast? Not only was his own strength extremely powerful, he also had such a powerful contractual beast. What kind of identity did he have?

“Yue Yue, I know who he is now.” Little Roar said.

“You know him? Have you met him before? Why didn’t you say so earlier.” Sima Yu Yue asked with surprise.

“When did I meet him! If I’d really met him, I would have remember it long ago.” Little Road said, ‘It’s just that I recognise his contractual beast.”

“That Shape-shifting beast? You are acquainted with it?”

“Something like that.” Little Roar said, “That’s Fire Qilin.”

“Fire Qilin? Isn’t that the Ancient Divine Beast from the legends?” Sima You Yue recalled a time where she had seen the description of some ancient Sacred Spirit Beasts in a book. One of them was the Fire Qilin.

“That’s right, it’s an Ancient Divine Ranked Spirit Beast like me.” Little Roar said, “Furthermore, it had actually appeared on the mainland. A person who is able to have a contract with it must be the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion. Now that the Fire Qilin has appeared, that Wu Lingyu is definitely the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion.”

“What kind of power is the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion? It sounds very upright.” Sima You Yue said.

“The Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion has the power to govern the world. No matter where it is, there is a place for the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion, it’s equivalent to the God that governs this world.” Little Roar continued to say.

“So you’re saying that this guy actually has a very respectable identity?” Sima You Yue touched her chin while looking at Fire Qilin and Wu Lingyu.

“The Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion puts on a pure and holy appearance to appear in front of the masses. I’ve heard that the Holy Son is the most pure and holy male, it really commands respect.” Little Roar said.

“Pure and holy? How come I can’t see it.” Sima You Yue said, “I feel as if his body has a smell of some kind of disease.”

On the other side, Wu Lingyu and Fire Qilin were having a conversation.

“Master, I can’t find that item.” Fire Qilin said, “I’ve already scoured the entire Pu Luo Mountain Valley but I didn’t catch a single whiff of its scent.”

“Could it be that my feeling was wrong?” Wu Lingyu said.

“Master, what should we do now?” Fire Qilin asked.

“Since there’s nothing, we can only return back upstairs for now. We just received a summon from the palace hall today, it’s calling everyone to rush back.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Is anything the matter?”

“Not sure, it’s possible that the old guy has found another woman from the prophecy.” Wu Lingyu said, “We should go back first to take a look beyond anything.”


After the two of them finished their conversation, Fire Qilin went back to his contractual space. Wu Lingyu looked over at Sima You Yue hinting at her to come over.

Sima You Yue thought about the fact that he was her employer, and so walked over to Wu Lingyu.

“We’ve leaving now.” Wu Lingyu said simply.

“You’re done?” Sima You Yue blinked, looking at Wu Lingyu excitedly.

Wu Lingyu saw Sima You Yue’s excited appearance and his heart felt uncomfortable for some reason. She really didn’t want him around to that extent?

“Are you very happy?”

“Of course! Although it’s great for me to stay here and cultivate, there are still some important things that I have to do. Oh-” Sima You Yue had yet to finish speaking when she had been drawn into an embrace.

“What kind of things do you have to do that are more important that accompanying me?” Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue with an evil grin on his face, his eyes churned with rage.

“Are you crazy?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand why Wu Lingyu had suddenly become this way and used both hands to push against his chest. “Let me go!”

“Crazy? Maybe I really have gone crazy.”

After speaking, he imprisoned Sima You Yue’s arms and she had been wrapped in his embrace. Also, amidst all her confusion, he bent down and planted a kiss upon her lips.

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