Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 52 - 52: Hacking The Government

Drak instantly opened his eyes and looked at Xander as he heard the words. It was as if his pained nerves were pressed.

He also noticed a picture in Xander's hands that was of his sister and his mother.

"Are you threatening me?" Drak asked, frowning. "How low can you fall? Going after my family?"

"You said you don't care if the world is destroyed. I'm just reminding you. If the world is destroyed, then don't forget, your family is a part of this world too. It would not only affect you and me but millions of people like her too," Xander replied calmly.

"I read your file, and I know about your family. The Beta team had also managed to locate your family when they were trying to find you," he further continued, ignoring the question as he walked closer to Drak to help him better see the image.

Drak reached out his hand to hold the image, but before his hand could touch the picture, it was burned to ashes in the flames that appeared in Xander's hand out of nowhere.

"Do you want to know about your family?" Xander asked. "How do you think they are doing now?"

Even though he asked a question, he didn't wait for a response before he answered himself.

"Your family is not having a good time at the moment. They are charged with aiding and abetting a criminal like you. They are also facing punishment and jail time, but since APF is not handling their matter, I might be able to get the charges against them dropped. That is only possible if you help me."

His voice went a bit calmer as he continued.

"You might not care about yourself, but I do know that you care for your family, and I respect that. I promise you that not only would they be freed, but they would have a better life than they ever could. All that depends on the condition that you help me."

Drak looked at the ashes of the picture on the ground blankly.

"You don't have much time. After I leave today, I won't return. Think carefully," Xander reminded Drak. Even his bluff sounded like the truth since he had experience.

"I... will do it," Drak nodded his head ultimately, having no other choice

"Good boy."

Xander placed the laptop before Drak instantly.

"I want you to hack into the database of the Dilion Research Facility. Download last one month of footage from their lab cameras," Xander told Drak. "That's all."

Drak nodded as he touched the laptop. Finally, he had his hand on a laptop after so long. It gave him such a familiar feeling.

Xander stood behind him and watched everything to make sure Drak didn't scheme anything.

He couldn't help but be amazed at how fast Drak's fingers moved on the laptop's keyboard. Xander didn't understand the inner workings of what Drak was doing, but he understood that Drak wasn't trying to cheat.


Drak continued his work for four straight hours.

Xander wondered how long it would take, but he didn't ask Drak so as to not disturb him.

"Yes! It's Successful. We are inside. I am starting the download," Drak exclaimed in excitement.

"The speed is decent but not great. It would take at least an hour before the download completes," Drak said as he gave Xander the laptop.

"Good. Thanks for the help. I'll make sure to fulfill my end of the promise as well. Also, I'll try to have your sentence decreased if it works," Xander told Drak as he sat beside him.

Xander waited in the cell for the download to be completed.

After about an hour, the download was completed.

Xander tried playing the footage a bit to make sure it was from that exact facility. There were thousands of hours of footage since it was from multiple cameras inside the facility. After a brief authentication, he closed the laptop.

Thanking Drak again, he left the cell.

The black-clothed man was still standing outside. As soon as Xander came out of the cell, he locked the cell and took Xander back to the top floor.

Xander had already transferred all the videos into a Pendrive and deleted the footage from the laptop, and cleared all the remains.

He entered Ayn's room and gave the laptop back to her.

"Did it work?" Ayn asked as Xander returned the footage.

"It worked. Oh right, I promised that man that his family wouldn't be charged in the aiding and abetting case."

"Alright. I'll deal with that. I'll talk to the police chief. The case will be dropped," Ayn said as she nodded her head.

Xander thanked her before he left.

He walked out of the building and entered the Helicopter that was waiting outside for him with his team.

"You look happy. Was the meeting successful?"

As soon as Xander entered the helicopter, he was greeted by Flourance, who instantly commented on Xander's expressions.

"Yeah, Did they really think that I wouldn't be able to get the footage if they didn't give me? I have a thousand different ways to get it. I just don't want the mess, so I had to choose this one," Xander replied lazily.

He placed the Pendrive in a different laptop.

"Time to see what they were trying to hide."

After a few clicks, he started playing the footage in fast forward. Flourance sat beside him and watched the footage alongside, wondering if it had something useful or if it was a waste of time.

He started going through the footage of all the cameras, one of which was the camera that was inside Lucifer's cabin.

Inside that, they saw the living conditions of Lucifer. He was kept as a prisoner. They couldn't understand. Did they really treat that kid like he was a prisoner?

His room was no different from their cells.

"Sigh, those men are really the biggest bastards on this planet, aren't they?" Flourance commented as he saw the condition of the room Lucifer was kept in. "They really kept Zale's son like he was a beast."

Xander didn't comment. He calmly looked at the footage.

He used that camera's footage to find the last timestamp, after which Lucifer didn't return to his room and used that point as a reference to check the footage of other cameras. Soon, they found the video of Lucifer in his last moments.

As the two of them watched the footage, their expressions twisted. Even Xander was clenching his fist in rage at what he was seeing. As for Flourance, he seemed just as shocked.

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