Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 5 - 5: Naive Little Kid

Watching the waiter die, every single person who was sitting inside the restaurant was stunned. They all stood up, shocked.

For a moment, there was pin-drop silence inside the establishment. It was so silent that one could easily hear the heartbeat of people inside.

They couldn't believe they just saw a nine-ten-year-old kid throw a fully grown man away like he was a toy, killing him instantly. 

Most of them realized what that meant. The kid who seemed like a useless beggar was actually a Variant! He was a freaking Variant! 

Variants were the people that stood at the true peak of human evolution. They were the humans who possessed powers that could make them wipe entire cities without using a single weapon.

They couldn't believe that they had just talked to a Variant with such disrespect, even calling him a beggar.

One of the men was even more afraid. His face was already pale. He was the one that spoke about throwing Lucifer out of this place.

He even said to break Lucifer's legs. At the moment, he was regretting his words so immensely that he felt as if his heart had come to his throat.

Almost every single person present here had talked about being violent with Lucifer. Most of them thought he was a normal orphan kid who didn't even have his parents' backing.

They weren't the least bit shy when cursing Lucifer. Now that they knew that he was a Variant, their heartbeats slowed down.

Tic… Tic...

The silence seemed to be lasting for eternity. Only the ticking sound of the clock was audible, making the silence seem even more apparent.

Lucifer slowly shifted his gaze towards the people of the Restaurant who had cursed him previously.

A single gaze of his was somehow feeling too heavy for them to bear. 

They were afraid. They were afraid of being hurt.

The people were seemingly intimidated. 

Ultimately, unable to bear with the pressure, one of them couldn't take it anymore as he opened his lips and yelled furiously, "F*ck it! He might be a Variant, but he is still a kid! We can't let him kill us without doing anything! We must unite to kill this bastard before he even thinks of harming us!"

"Right! He already killed a person! He would kill us all to silence us so that the APF doesn't know! We must fight back!"

"Yes! Attack!"

A small group of people dashed in the direction of Lucifer to harm him.

The first person to reach Lucifer was a bald man who threw a full-strength punch. The punch was aimed towards Lucifer's face, which was blankly looking at the man who was attacking him.

"You'll always be a naive little kid! You can't even dodge!" the Bald Man laughed as he saw Lucifer not dodging. He believed that Lucifer was so scared that he didn't know what to do. He thought that Lucifer was frozen in fear. 

However, the bald man soon realized how wrong he was as he saw Lucifer raising his right hand, with which he effortlessly caught the fist of the man.

The man was stunned. It was as if his fist had hit a wall, and it was unable to move forward.

Seeing that his attack had failed, the man struggled to free his hand so that he could retreat and attack again, but he realized that it was much easier said than done.

No matter how hard he tried, the man wasn't able to free his hand. That wasn't all. He had realized something else as well, which made his face lose all its colors.

The man noticed that his body has started to grow old as if he was losing life essence fast.

Before the man had attacked, he used to look like a healthy 30-year-old man, but in less than a minute, he had started looking like a 90-year-old.

His body grew weak. He started crying for help. "Help me! I beg you! Please help me!" 

The others that were with him to attack Lucifer heard his pleas for help, but none of them took even a single step forward. Instead, they started moving back.

The sight they were seeing before them was horrifying. Watching a man grow old so fast was scary. They didn't want to be the next person to experience that.

Not a single person came forward to help the man while his body kept decaying more and more. In a few seconds, the man's body turned to ash. 

The ash fell on the ground and covered the floor. If the people here hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that the ash that was lying in Lucifer's feet happened to be a young living man until a minute ago. 

Ignoring the people, Lucifer gazed at his hand as he muttered, "Strengthening?"

He could feel that his body had more strength than he had before he had died.  Not only was he able to toss the waiter away like he was a toy, but what happened after that also proved the same thing. 

He had realized that his strength was much higher than the man since he couldn't even feel any resistance from the man. 

He hasn't tested it before, but he now realized something. This power of strength, wasn't it something his father had as well?

If it was the same, didn't it mean that he had received the S- Rank Physical Power of Strengthening from his father as well.

Not only that, but he had the S-Rank Elemental Power of Decaying that he had received from his mother. He even had the mysterious Healing Power. 

'So I have three Powers now?' Lucifer thought as he walked up to a nearby table to test his strength even more. 

He tried picking it up only to realize that the table felt much lighter. He was easily able to pick up the table. 


The table felt as light as a paper that confirmed his lingering suspicions. He had the S-Rank Power of Strength.

While the customers of the Restaurant were scared and unable to move in fear, there was one person who was calmer as if he wasn't scared in the least. 

It happened to be a middle-aged man who was standing behind the counter of the Restaurant. He was the owner of the Restaurant who was known as Big Joe.

Big Joe had been observing Lucifer since the beginning, but he hadn't interfered.

He took a deep breath as he finally decided to do something. It was his place; he couldn't let anyone run wild here. 

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