Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 292 - 292: Battling Cassius?

After making sure that everyone left the city, Kellian and Yaliza came to the mansion with Tristan. 

" Man, this kid does know how to live in luxury," Tristan commented as soon as he saw the Estate. 


"It seems that way," Kellian also agreed. 

The three of them also joined Raia, who was immersed in a conversation with Lucifer. 

"Hey. I'm Tristan. What's your name?" Tristan stopped before Cassius as he asked while reaching out his hand.

"Cassius," Cassius answered as he also did the same. 

" So you are a swordsman too?" Tristan asked. 

Cassius glanced at his sword as he nodded. "I guess you can say that."

"It's so fascinating to meet a strong swordsman. Are you interested in fighting me? We can make it a practice battle?" Tristan inquired, suggesting a battle now that he was free. 

"Tristan, now's not the time," Kellian reminded him. 

"It's fine. I don't think it would be bad if it's just a practice battle. Both of them can learn something new," Raia chimed in, subtly agreeing with Tristan. "Only if Cassius agrees to it."

He also wanted to see what the true strength of Cassius was and how strong this person was.

Lucifer didn't say anything. Instead, he left the decision to Cassius while glancing at him. 

Tristan also looked at Cassius. Now everything rested on Cassius's shoulders.

"Come on; I promise I'll go easy on you. Say yes," Tristan said, almost pleading. He really wanted this battle.

Cassius glanced at Tristan, ultimately nodding his head. 

"If that's the case, I'll also go easy on you," he said softly as he stood up. 

Tristan's face twitched unwillingly as he heard Cassius's words. This guy was talking about going easy on him?

"Alright. It's decided then. You two will have a Practice Match. No lethal attack is allowed. Remember that it's only to test your skills against one another, not to hurt the other person. So keep that in mind when you fight." Raia also stood up, smiling.

As he spoke, he mostly glanced at Tristan as he knew that Tristan was the person that mostly went out of control. 

"I'll keep that in mind. I'm not a kid," Tristan said, laughing. "Let's go now. We can start."

"I think the two of you should wait. It's time for lunch." Lucifer chimed in. 

"All the hotels are closed. If we knew there were no cooks here, we might have kept a few of them. Who will cook? None of us knows how to?" Raia chimed in, smiling wryly. 

" I do," Vega replied suddenly. 

"You know how to cook?" Raia asked, surprised. It was his first time hearing this. 

"Did you forget my abilities? I'm a walking cookbook," Vega let out, laughing. "It's not a big deal. I can take care of it for a few days. You all wait here."

"Where's the kitchen, by the way?" he suddenly asked as he grew confused about where to actually go. 

"It's there," Lucifer pointed out. Vega left to make something to eat. 

Even though Tristan was upset that he couldn't fight right away, it was also true that he was hungry. So he didn't protest as he sat down. 

It didn't matter anyway. It only delayed the battle for a few hours at most. He was ultimately going to get what he wanted. 


The Welling Estate was an expensive piece of property, and it came with many specialties as well. Some of those specialties were known only to a few people. 

Not many people knew that there was a secret floor underground, under the mansion, which had all the facilities a person could ask for. It even had a personal kitchen. 

This floor was where Ayn was being kept at the moment. Veracity was also sitting there along with the maid that had accompanied them. 

"Veracity, I really didn't think you'd side with him like this. Do you really not understand what you're doing by helping him? We're alone here. You can still correct your wrongs."

"If you're scared that he would kill you if you let me leave, then you don't have to let me leave either. Just help me in other ways," Ayn told Veracity, still trying to get out of it. 

"Oh? So I don't have to let you leave? What do you want then?" Veracity asked, smiling. 

"Just let me make a call. No one will know," Ayn suggested. "You won't be harmed either. You'll be forgiven for momentarily siding with him."

"Let you call who? Varant? So he could come here to save everyone?" Veracity asked. 

"That's right." Ayn nodded.

"In that case, you don't have to call. He's already coming here," Veracity replied, smiling wryly. "He knows that Lucifer is here. He should soon be here."

"He knows?" Ayn asked, stunned. 

"That's right. I think you'll know what happens after he gets here. But it'll be a bit of a mess, no matter what happens. Let's just wait and see," Veracity replied. 

"We are too small to try to change the outcome. Staying out of the bigger picture is the best we can do," she added as she picked the sandwich that was served by the maid. 

"Here, eat as well," she said, pushing the plate towards Ayn, who had both of her hands cuffed in front of her. 


Vega returned with the food. He had made a soup for everyone along with the fruit salad that he found in the fridge. 

The lunch was served with the help of Tristan and Alicia. After placing the food on the table, he also sat down with the others. 

Lucifer ate without concern since he was immune to poison anyway. In any case, he didn't think the food would be poisoned at a time like this. 

As for Cassius, he waited, and only after he saw the people from Variant Uprising start eating, he also began eating. 

"So, Lucifer. I heard that our men were killed in the same place where you attacked APF. May I ask why you had killed them?" While eating, Raia calmly inquired. 

"I killed them? I don't think so. When I went there, I saw people spying on me. And the first person I saw was from APF. So I killed anyone I saw. Were they your men?" 

Lucifer pretended to be surprised as he heard about this. He instantly deflected the blame. 

"As I expected. But I also heard that you took Ayn with you. Where is she? If I may ask," Raia asked again. 

"To meet her, you need to do something,' Lucifer said calmly. 

"Do what?" Raia inquired. 

Lucifer raised his head as he looked deep in the eyes of Raia. 

"You need to die," he told Raia. 

"What?" Raia asked, taken aback. 

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