Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 278 - 278: The Only Way

Riali and Arne stood in the back, hearing the conversation silently. The more they heard, the more they realized that there was some truth to the story. 

Black lightning did fall in the city, and it wasn't just for one day. It dropped today as well, which was really surprising. 


Glancing back at Arne, Riali gestured with his fingers to follow him. 

They silently left. 

"Did you understand anything?" Riali asked after getting some distance from the crowd. 

"What?" Arne asked, frowning. 

"It wasn't a one time thing. It doesn't seem natural. It's a man-made storm, I think. And whoever that person is, he's still in the city," Riali explained. 

"I guess that's true. How do we find that person?" Arne inquired, frowning. 

" It's simple. We need to wait for that person to do it again. The place where the clouds originate from, that will be where we find him," Riali explained. He had already thought of an idea with the little bit of information he had. 

"Do you think he'll do it again? What if he doesn't?" Arne asked, wondering if that plan could really work. 

"I think that person will do it again. At least we can hope he does. That's the only way we can find him at all. Other than that, we can do nothing. It's not like we can search the entire city," Riali replied, sighing. 

"We'll have to call the teams, and that person will be alert then, which will only make it harder to find him. So let's just hope it works. In the meanwhile, we'll stay here. Let's look for a hotel," he added as he started the search for a hotel. 

The search didn't take long as they ended up in front of a hotel.

The two of them stepped inside and approached the receptionist. 

"We need two rooms," Riali said. 

The receptionist raised his head as he observed the two men. His attention was especially attracted to Arne, who was standing in the back.

He didn't ask anything as he took the money and gave the keys. 

"Second floor, room number 201 and 202."

Arne and Riali left.

As the two of them left, the receptionist sighed deeply. 

"What's happening today? First, there were people who carried swords, and now people who seem like Vikings? Only weird people have been coming here today," he said, smiling wryly. "Whatever, I don't have to care. Hopefully, they won't break anything."


Riali and Arne had arrived in the same hotel where Variant Uprising members were staying. The only difference was that their rooms were on the second floor while Variant Uprising remained on the first floor.

"So, who is going to keep watch in the sky today? Will we take turns?" Arne asked Riali as the two of them were climbing the stairs. 

"None of us. We don't need to do it today. I doubt it'll happen again. It only happens once a day, so it'll probably happen tomorrow," Riali told Arne, stopping on the second floor. 

"As for who will keep watch, that'll be me and you both. Rest in your room. I'll wake you up early in the morning," he added.

He walked to his room and stepped inside, leaving Arne to enter the other. 

Sitting inside his room, Riali called Varant to tell him what was happening here. 


The Variant Uprising members had three rooms that they booked, but the three of them were sitting in a single room, talking to Raia. 

The room where they were sitting happened to be right under the room of Riali. Unfortunately, the sound from this room didn't go up, just like the sound from the second floor room didn't get here.


The time kept ticking away as Lucifer slept on the couch, with the key to Ayn's room in his pockets. 

He wasn't uncomfortable at all in sleeping here as this was where he actually felt better than the room. Moreover, this was where he got peace of mind. 

Inside the room, he couldn't get into deep sleep as he needed to stay aware of his surroundings since Ayn was there. There was no need to worry about that here. 

Three hours passed before he came out of his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up. 

Stretching his arms, he looked around to notice that the maid was still here, cleaning. But there was no one else nearby. 

"Where is Cassius?" He asked the maid as he stood up. 

"He is outside, I think," the maid answered.

"And Veracity?"

" Last I checked, she was in her room."

Lucifer got on his feet and wore his shoes before stepping out of the house.

As he stepped out, his gaze roamed over the vast garden where he found Cassius practicing his sword.

He approached Cassius as his left hand rested inside his pockets.

"You still train the basics with just as much determination," he commented as he stopped behind Cassius. 

"Of course. The basics are the foundation of everything. You can use your strength even better if you have the basic skills."

" If you don't, you can't. So I focus on the basics more. Since my skills need me to be perfect," Cassius replied as he stopped swinging his sword and turned back to face Lucifer. 

His entire body was covered in sweat which could clearly be seen. 

"How long have you been practicing?" Lucifer inquired, surprised. 

"Three hours," Cassius replied. "So not long."

"Want to go out? I was thinking about taking the car for a drive and practicing the basics too," Lucifer pointed out. 

"Alright. Give me half an hour. I need to get fresh," Cassius answered as he put the sword back in the sheath and walked towards the mansion. 

Lucifer shifted his attention to the garden, observing the plants. He stepped closer and observed one of the plants, which was completely destroyed because of his lightning falling on top of it. 

It was the same plant from where Lucifer had plucked a flower last time. He considered this one beautiful and to see it being destroyed because of him... He couldn't help but smile as he turned his back on it and started walking towards the car. 

He stopped in front of the yellow sports car and unlocked it. Stepping inside the car, he used the key to turn it on.

The car started, and Lucifer put his newly learned knowledge to test as he reversed the car to get it in position to leave. 

He even turned on the music as he waited for the return of Cassius. He did keep the volume low, though. 

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