Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 274 - 274: Red Flag

Lucifer landed on the roof of the Estate.

Cold winds brushed against his skin as he looked towards the sky. The dark clouds were still in the sky as if waiting for him. 


Lucifer rubbed his chin as he frowned, lost in thought. 

"Raia would be coming here as well. Everything will depend on him and his answer. I hope he doesn't lie. If he really had a hand in my parents' death, things will become complicated."

"I can't think about that for now. Need to keep getting stronger," he said, shaking his head as he focused on the clouds. 

He took a deep breath as he raised his right hand towards the sky, feeling a connection to the clouds. 

Lightning flickered around his hand, but the same lightning also flashed in the middle of the clouds. It once again started raining as the clouds began roaring. 

"Come forth and destroy everything!" Lucifer roared just as loud as the clouds before he clenched his fist while bringing his hand down.

Tens of lightning bolts from the sky, like soldiers answering to his warcry. 


"Why is there no one in the city? It seems like a ghost town?" Tristan asked as he walked beside Kellian. "This is too depressing."

"I think everyone is hiding inside their houses," Kellian answered. 

"Why? Do they know we are here?" Tristan inquired.

" Look above, " Kellian casually said without looking at Tristan. 

As Tristan looked up, he noticed the dark cloud in the sky. 

"Them?" he asked.

"That's right. Just yesterday, black lightning fell from them. I'm sure the civilians would have been intimidated by that. That's why they aren't outside when chances seem like it'll happen again," Kellian explained. 

The group of three was walking in search of the hotel. Their clothes were already wet because of the cold water. 

"Come on. How scary can lightning be? As long as you have good reflexes, you can always dodge at the right time even if it is coming straight towards you," Tristan snorted, but at the same time, he heard a loud cracking of thunder.

He looked above, but before he could even realize what was happening, a lightning bolt fell. He couldn't even find time to move his finger when that happened. 

Fortunately, the bolt fell near him and not on top of him. 

Even Kellian and Yaliza were stunned as they looked at the crater that was created on the concrete road. 

That wasn't the only bolt, as many more fell at the same time, falling everywhere in the city. This time, Lucifer had increased the parameters. 

He wanted to see how far he could stretch the clouds and what area he could take under his attack. 

"Can you not raise a red flag next time?" Kellian reminded Tristan, rolling his eyes.

"Do you really think you could have dodged if it was to fall on top of you and not nearby?" Yaliza also asked, shaking his head.

"It's just that I wasn't ready this time," Tristan let out confidently. 

"Just stop speaking until we get to a hotel," Yaliza reminded as he started leaving. Kellian also followed. 

As for the citizens of the city, they were hiding inside their homes, scared of the lightning, praying that it wouldn't fall on top of their heads. 

Some were sitting near the windows, looking outside as they heard the lightning. They could see bolts falling in the distance. 

"What is happening to this city? This isn't normal. Are we cursed or something? This has happened for the second time in two days. This city isn't worth living in anymore. It's not safe here."

Seeing how often it was happening here, a lot of people decided to shift to other cities while the rest were still wondering how this was happening so often and so suddenly in the city. 

Kellian and his team reached a hotel in the city and stepped inside. 

"We want your best rooms," they told the receptionist.

The receptionist seemed surprised to see that one of the three people seemed to be carrying a sword. 

"Ah, is that sword real?" He asked. 

"It's real enough to slice you in half," Tristan said without mincing his words.


The receptionist was stunned to hear the answer. These people didn't seem like good people, but they also didn't seem like people he could offend. 

"Is there a rule against bringing a sword?" Kellian asked, frowning. 

"Ah, N-no."

"Give us the rooms fast then!" 

The receptionist gave them the keys to the room hastily. 

"Room number one on the first floor," the receptionist told the three of them, not making them angrier. 

Kellian and the others left, leaving the receptionist behind, who was sweating by now. 

After he saw the group of three leave, his legs finally gave up in fear as he sat on the chair.

"First that strange lightning storm outside and now these criminal-like people," he muttered, wiping the sweat on his forehead. 


Lucifer finished casting his lightning attack, which once again took a heavy toll on him. His breathing was heavy as his legs grew slightly weak. 

But it wasn't as bad as before. He sat on the wet ground, under the heavy rain. 

"The range of this attack is good too. And I think if I practice it every day for a week at least, I should be able to become proficient in it."

" The only loophole I see in it is that it takes too much time to get the clouds and the attack ready. I need to decrease the time it takes if I actually want it to be helpful."

"You're here. I was looking for you everywhere. Why are you sitting in the rain?"

Hearing the sudden voice, Lucifer looked ahead to find Cassius standing there. 

Veracity was also with him. 

"Did something happen?" he asked, standing up. 

"If you sit in the rain, you'll get sick," Veracity reminded him. "Wait, do you even get sick with your healing?"

"Not as far as I can remember," Lucifer replied as he stepped towards them. "Why were you looking for me?"

"Don't you want to eat? Breakfast is ready, but you were nowhere to be found," Veracity responded.

"Moreover, we also have to interrogate Ayn later. She should be up by now," Cassius chimed in. 

"She is," Lucifer nodded. 

"Good. Bring her down for breakfast," Cassius said, going downstairs with Lucifer. 

"Not this time. She will stay hungry until I get my answer. I've had enough waiting. We don't have time anymore. Soon, Raia will be here. And then we'll be leaving. I want the answers today," Lucifer declared. 

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