Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 272 - 272: Meeting Uprising

Lucifer slightly moved, which revealed the key pendant which was hanging around his neck along with the pendant that was given to him by his grandfather. 

Seeing Lucifer move, Ayn was taken aback in surprise as her heart started beating faster, thinking that Lucifer was going to wake up. She froze in her place, not making the slightest movement as if she was a statue as she waited to see what was going to happen. 


Fortunately, Lucifer didn't open his eyes even as two minutes passed. It seemed like he was still asleep.

Ayn breathed a sigh of relief as she placed her hand on her chest. 

She waited for a few more seconds as she observed the key around Lucifer's neck, wondering how she could bring it out. Removing it was much harder than it seemed, as she believed she would have to raise his head to make that happen. 

'What can I even use? I need a scissor, but I doubt he would have something so sharp lying in this room. I don't even have a blade. God, why did he have to make it so tough?' she thought, frowning. 

'Fine. I'll take the risk. Better than wasting time,' she thought as she decided to take action. 

She carefully approached Lucifer and carefully inserted her hand under the back of his head as she slowly raised his head. With her other hand, she grabbed the key pendant and started moving it up, trying to bring it out.

"Is that the best you can come up with?"

Just as she was about to bring the pendant out, she heard a calm voice. 

She freed Lucifer's head as she realized it was his voice. He was up already. 

"I should really remind you about one thing. The key you're trying to take isn't the key of the door," Lucifer further said as he slowly opened his eyes. 

He glanced towards Ayn as he continued, "So get back to the bed and sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for you."

"Where is the real key?" Ayn asked as she walked back to the bed. 

"I don't think you need to know that. Also, your acting of getting electrocuted was pretty good. You even had me fooled. But that's the extent of it. Don't think about being able to escape," Lucifer said before he closed his eyes again and went back to sleep. 

As Lucifer fell asleep, two more hours passed before Ayn again got off the bed. 

She once again started her search, but now that she knew that Lucifer didn't have the key, she believed he hid it somewhere in the room. She found it convenient as now she didn't have to move Lucifer, decreasing the chances of his waking up. 

She searched everywhere inside the room, not leaving any place, but no matter how much she searched, she couldn't find it. 

As she was searching the room, Lucifer once again opened his eyes. Noticing her search like crazy, he couldn't help but smirk before he actually went to sleep.

It was eight in the morning when he woke up again to find Ayn sitting on the bed, looking defeated. 

"Didn't find it?" He asked Ayn. 

"Can you tell me where you hid it? Just not on you, and I can't find it inside the room either. Where exactly is the key?!" Ayn asked, giving up. 

She had wasted hours in search but to no avail.

"Huh? Who said it's not on me?" Lucifer asked, amused as he brought a key out of his back pocket to show her.

"But... You said it's not on you!" Ayn yelled, furious. 

"And you believed me?" Lucifer inquired, rolling his eyes. "What kind of person believes his enemy? Did you really expect me to tell you where the key is? You have a lot of growing up to do."


"Don't look at me like that. Go take a shower. You haven't taken one in a long time. You're starting to smell now. You can wear the clothes Veracity brought," Lucifer casually replied before he unlocked the gates and left.

"This guy... He is just a kid, so why does he always get the best of me?" Ayn cursed as she got off the bed. 

She didn't know what she could do in a situation like this. She was trapped without any powers, and she couldn't even escape. Moreover, she couldn't even lie her way out. 


Lucifer again went to the roof to practice the same skill as yesterday to make himself familiar with the skill. Moreover, he also wanted to find shortcuts to cast the skill and experience the same feeling of strength as before. 

Moreover, using the same skill again was helpful as he believed. 

The helicopter of Variant Uprising had also reached the Kensington city by now. It was looking for a place to land in the city when they noticed the sky above the city being covered in dark clouds. 

"It's as we heard... Dark Clouds. Take us to the origin of the clouds," Kellian commanded the pilot, staring at the clouds outside. 

"You think we should land? If it's like we heard, then there might be lightning falling from the sky soon," Yaliza reminded Kellian as he also looked outside. 

Lucifer had finished establishing a collection with the clouds much easier as he knew what kind of feeling triggered it. Still, before he could bring forth lightning, he noticed a helicopter advancing in his direction from a distance. 

"Ah, they are here, it seems," he muttered, smirking. "They're as fast as I expected. Not bad."

He stopped trying to use the lightning and instead flew towards the helicopter that was coming towards him. He didn't want them to know where he actually was precisely, so it was better to go to them instead. 

"Someone is flying in our direction," the Pilot informed Kellian and the others. 


Kellian, Yaliza, and Tristan looked ahead to notice a young man flying towards them. 

"Stop moving," Kellian told the pilot, who stopped right away. The helicopter floated at the same place, not going forward. 

Lucifer reached the helicopter and entered through the open doors. 

"Ah, it's you two," he said, surprised as he noticed the men who were here. "I thought Raia would come as well. Anyway, welcome to Kensington, I suppose. How are you two, teachers?" 

"Where is your swordsman friend?" Tristan asked before anything else. That was the only thing he was concerned about. 

"I don't think you need to care about my friend," Lucifer sharply responded. He couldn't feel any goodwill from Tristan. 

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