Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 249 - 249: Memory Manipulation

"Nation of Rainstorm? Is that the name?" Lucifer asked, amused. " I'll keep that in mind."

"Hey, don't be fooled by the name. It's the strongest nation there. And we have many things that you can never find in other nations. You must come once if you truly want to see how we have advanced," Jenilia said as she followed the maps on her phone.

"The Airport should be right around the corner," she said softly as she slowed down the car.

"There it is."

She stopped the car and stepped out. 

Looking back at Lucifer, she said, "Thank you again. I hope we see each other again later."

Bidding her farewell, she entered the airport.

Lucifer also opened the door as he stepped out, glancing at the airport. 

"This information was pretty useful. After being done here, I'll need to take a trip to the Warlock Council. But I'm sure; by that time, everyone will know my name. My welcome wouldn't be great."

The other sports car stopped behind them, from which Cassius and Jiang stepped out. 

The two of them approached Lucifer as they asked, "How did it go?"

"Better than I expected," Lucifer responded. "Let's leave now. We still need to get to Veracity."

He again walked back to the second car with Cassius while Jiang took the first one. The cars again started moving. 

"The next city is where she lives. It wouldn't be long," Lucifer said as he picked a packet of chips that they had purchased and started munching to keep him busy and feed his hunger. 

It only took a few hours before they finally reached the city, which was their destination. 

Jiang stopped the car in a corner. Cassius also stopped since it was the plan. 

They weren't going to go to Veracity's house in the car and get the cars recorded in the cameras of the city. Now that they were close, they were going to walk there. 

Cassius, Jiang, and Lucifer walked in the crowded city as they advanced toward Veracity's home. The closer they got to her home, the less they saw other citizens as they were entering the porsche neighborhood of the city.

It was a gated community where only the people who lived here or the ones that were here to meet them could enter. It also had a guard there. 

"Yes, what do you need?" The guard asked Jiang from the other side of the gates.

"We're here to meet Miss Veracity. She's a friend of ours. Let us enter," Jiang told the guard.

"Her friend? I'm sorry, but that excuse won't work. She specifically said that she doesn't want any visitors to ever come to her home, no matter who they are. So you can't come." The guard said from the other side of the gate.

"You're not the first one to use this excuse. She's famous, and lots of her fans have tried this throughout the years. Do you have any other excuse?" he asked as he laughed. 

Jiang scratched his head in defeat. He looked at Lucifer as he said,  "You can take over now."

Lucifer gently tapped his foot on the ground as he flew in the air. He flew from above the gate to land right in front of the guard.

"How's this for an excuse?" Lucifer asked as he grabbed the throat of the guard.

"Y-you can meet her. Free me!" The guard said as his face went pale in fear. 

"If you told anyone about our presence here, you wouldn't be alive to need another excuse in the future," Lucifer said as he tossed the guard to the side. 

He opened the gate to let Jiang and Cassius enter as well.

"Listen to him. Even I can't stop him when he's angry," Jiang told the guard as he laughed just as the guard had laughed. He was enjoying being bad like this. 

"Which house belongs to Veracity?" Lucifer asked the guard as he placed his hand in his pocket.

"T-the green one in the end, but she isn't home," the Guard replied respectfully as if he had learned his lesson.

"That's better. Take this number; I want you to message me when Veracity gets here," Lucifer said as he started walking ahead after giving a number to the guard.

As he was walking with Jiang and Cassius, he noticed something. "There are people who are keeping an eye on us."

"You sensed that too? They are really bad at it. I noticed some on the roof as well. Doesn't feel like they'll be humans," Cassius said, nodding.

"Why would so many Variants keep an eye on Veracity's neighborhood? Did they know about our arrival? You're the only person who can warrant such attention amongst the three of us," Jiang chimed in, frowning.

"It doesn't matter. None of them will leave alive to keep an eye on me again," Lucifer let out as he glanced at the sky. 

He straight flew up in the air as he advanced toward the closest person who was keeping an eye on him. 

The man was using binoculars to keep an eye on the three people that had just entered when he saw one of them disappear. 

As he was stunned, he saw everything turn black as he was unable to see anything in the binoculars.

He removed them to see what was happening when he heard a voice, "Looking for me?"


At the same time, he heard another sound. He looked on top of the other house where another of his friends was standing previously, but now only his headless body could be seen lying on the roof.

"You didn't answer. Were you looking for me?" Lucifer asked, smirking like a devil as he grabbed the man by his neck. 

"W-we are from Variant Uprising!" The man replied, struggling to breathe.

"Ah, now I understand. It must be the work of Predictor. That guy sounds annoying. I'll have to meet him someday," Lucifer muttered, frowning. "But it doesn't matter. It would've been fine if you all had just seen me. But you saw them too. So I can't let you live."

"P-please don't!" The man said as his face turned pale. 

"I can let you live on one condition. If you tell me where the others are hiding at this moment. Also, give me the location of Variant Uprising headquarters," Lucifer said calmly. 

"I don't know the headquarters location. None of us would know if you ask. That's the case with everyone except the leaders. When someone asks the location, or we think about telling others, we forget it entirely. The moment you asked the location, I forgot it," the man replied.

"How could this be? Are you lying?" Lucifer asked, frowning.

"We aren't. Even we don't know how this happens," the man answered. 

"Looks like someone did something to your heads if that's the case. And this shouldn't be the only thing they messed with. As expected, none of them are good," Lucifer muttered as he understood what it could be.

Variant Uprising was messing with the heads of their weaker members. 


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