Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 242 - 242: Cassius Returns

The cars stopped at the entrance of the Mansion before the drivers stepped out and knocked on the door.

Lucifer approached the cars at the same time as Jiang opened the door. 

Jiang took the delivery and sent the guys away who left on the bigger vehicle that had been following the sports car. 

"These are our cars. I got them through illegal means, but they're technically legal. Just that they are registered to belong to a man who doesn't even exist."

"So no one can get them linked to us. Not even the guys who delivered," Jiang informed Lucifer, who had just reached there. 

"This is good. Let's get going then. We need to make a long journey in them," Lucifer said as he touched the beautiful sports car that was standing in the lead. 

"I'm ready. We can leave right now," Jiang agreed as he smiled. 

He didn't mind being the driver of Lucifer since it already came with so many benefits. And Lucifer was the enemy of APF and the government. Who knew, there might even come a day when he ruled the nation. 

Even though he believed that was tough, he knew that if anyone could do it, then it was Lucifer. Now that he was already on the team, he decided to go a long way. 

Jiang opened the doors of the car and sat in the driver's seat. 

Lucifer also stepped inside. Jiang turned the car around and started leaving the estate, but the car had only reached the entrance of the Estate grounds when Jiang pressed the brake at the sight of someone blocking the road.

"What's he doing here?" Lucifer muttered, frowning.

He stepped out of the car as he walked towards the handsome looking man who was carrying a heavy sword on his back. 

"I was right. You're here," the person told Lucifer as he smiled. 

"Cassius... What are you doing here?" Lucifer asked, frowning. 

"Well, apparently, some idiots tried to bully my friend, and they were sent to hell. On that occasion, the Academy was shut down for a year," Cassius answered, smiling. 

"Since I was free, I decided to check up on an entirely different friend of mine that certainly had no relation to those murders," he further said. 

"Come on! Why are you brooding? Where's the old you who was such a happy looking guy," he continued as he rolled his eyes.

"This place is dangerous for you. Leave," Lucifer told Cassius as he turned back and started going back to the car.

"Oh well. That's even better. What's fun without danger?" Cassius replied, smirking. "Also, without that freaking limiter, I can finally let loose."

Lucifer stopped in his tracks as he glanced back. "Are you really not leaving?"

"Why would I leave? You either keep me with you and let me help you in whatever you're doing, or I'll just sit here. In any case, I'm not spending my vacation in that boring place back home," Cassius firmly said as he made his determination clear.

"Come on! I came from so far away! Let me join!" He further said. 

"If that's what you want, then so be it," Lucifer replied as he gave up. It didn't matter. Cassius should be strong enough to take care of himself. 

"Do you know how to drive?" he asked Cassius. 

"Of course. I learned that long before I joined the academy. You don't know?" Cassius responded. 

Lucifer didn't reply as he walked to Jiang. 

"Who is that guy?" Jiang asked, curious. 

"He is... This doesn't concern you. Give me the keys to the second car. I'm coming with him behind you," Lucifer replied as he raised his hand.

Since the sports cars were two-seaters, three people couldn't go in one. 

"Ah, sure." Jiang nodded as he gave the keys of the second car to Lucifer. 

"Follow me," Lucifer told Cassius as he walked back to the Mansion. 

Reaching the second car, he gave the keys to Cassius. "Drive behind that car."

Lucifer and Cassius stepped inside the car, which started following after the car in which Jiang was in.

And thus, two sports cars raced on the streets of Kensington city. 

There was silence for the first ten minutes as no one said anything. It was only after ten minutes that Lucifer said, "You're good at it."

"Thank you. I learned from the best. In fact, you can learn too. I'll teach you. It'll only take a few days to learn," Cassius replied. 

"Maybe after we're back," Lucifer answered. 

"So, where are we going?" Cassius asked Lucifer. Even though he wanted to talk about Lucifer's past, he believed he needed to tread through that topic carefully.

"We're going to meet a woman who I need to help me get to my goals," Lucifer replied. "You'll know her soon."

Again silence ensued as no one spoke for a long time. 

Cassius took a deep breath as he sighed. "Now that we are alone, can you tell me about your past? You know everything about my dark past. And you still stuck with me even though no one else did. But I don't know anything about you."

"My past?" Lucifer muttered as he smiled. But sadness was clearly hidden behind that smile. 

" You might think that your past was bad, and you did some bad things by accidentally killing your friends, but I did way more. My hands are covered with the blood of hundreds of people, and I don't regret it in the least," Lucifer said, smiling.

"In fact, there will be blood of many more people in them later. No regret and no looking back anymore," he further said as he glanced out the window. 

"You know, I also said something similar. I was also down when I told you about myself. But you said that I must have had a reason. I'll say the same thing. I don't think you are evil. So what was your reason? And what actually did you do?" Cassius asked, concerned.

He took a deep breath as he continued, "Please tell me, if you trust me even a little bit..." 

"Have you heard of Zale Azarel?" Lucifer asked calmly. 

Cassius shook his head. "I think I heard that name before. My father mentioned it once. Someone powerful, but I don't know much else."

"Was he someone big?" He asked. "I'm sorry, but the place I'm from is far away from this continent. So I don't know that much."

"That's fine. By the time you were old enough to understand everything, he was already gone. And I doubt your Island Nation will have him in their libraries. But for the people of this nation and this entire continent, he was a hero," Lucifer explained. 

"In fact, he was the one who stopped the last great war with other Warlocks of this nation. I don't know if you know that or not. He contributed a lot to humanity. Even his wife did the same," he further said. 

"They stopped the great war? That's right. I did hear that Elisium contributed a lot to end the war. But there are no details about what actually happened at that time," Cassius said in surprise.

"I don't know why that was. If there were details, I'm sure the guy you're mentioning would be named there. He really sounds like a great guy," he continued.

"Yeah. He was...." Lucifer muttered. 

"Was?" Cassius asked, frowning. 

"Yeah. And I think I know why the details of the last Great War aren't mentioned to the general public. The big guys don't want anyone to know what actually happened. Let alone your nation, it's the same secrecy here," Lucifer explained. 

"How is he related to what happened to you?" Cassius asked, confused. 

"Because he was my father," Lucifer said, shocking Cassius. 

"He was your father? The hero of the continent?" Cassius asked, stunned.

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