Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 240 - 240: Promises Are Made To Be Broken

"That's right. We hadn't even begun when you pressed the alarm. Fortunately, no one will disturb us anymore," Lucifer said as he walked over to the bed. 

Placing one leg above the other, he sat in comfort as he looked at Joe, who seemed to be scared.

"All your guards are dead. And I can promise you; they didn't die good deaths. So if you don't want to be like them, give us what we want," Lucifer said calmly.

"W-what do you want?" Joe asked, sweating.

"Nothing much. I just want all your property and everything you own," Lucifer responded.

"What nonsense is this? You want everything I own? I'll become poor like this! I'll have to start begging! How about you compromise and take half?" Joe asked, offering something else. 

"Sure. If I'm compromising on your wealth, you'll compromise with your life too. Let me take your half head, half arms, and half legs too. I'll leave the other half for you," Lucifer replied sarcastically.

"Brother, if I were in your place, I would have given him everything. Life is more important after all," Jiang reminded Joe from behind.

"Fine! I'll give you everything you want," Joe answered, giving up. "But how will I do that?"

"It's simple. You just need to say that you are tired of this life and that you're giving all your property to Jiang," Lucifer replied. 

"Say that in front of the whole city, and then you can say that you're leaving to become a Saint on Mount Fioson. Then you can leave the country. I'll give you some money for travel," he further explained.

"Me?" Jiang explained in shock. 

Lucifer was giving all the wealth to him? He couldn't help but feel emotional. He was going to be so rich now. All because of Lucifer. 

He didn't realize that Lucifer couldn't get the property in his name. That's why he was giving it to Jiang. 

"That's right. You'll be the owner of Welling Construction," Lucifer replied. "And all the wealth that comes with it."

He glanced back at Joe as he asked, "Do you accept?"


"And that's why I decided to become a Saint and leave this material life. I want to experience the true happiness of life and the true peace. So I'm leaving the business and the city. I'm giving everything to my close friend, Mr. Jiang!"

Jiang was present in a press conference with Joe, who was doing whatever Lucifer had told him. Many media channels were here. 

Even the city council members were here since this was a big deal. Joe Welling was not only the wealthiest guy in the city, but he was also one of the wealthiest people in the whole country.

Even Lucifer was present there, in disguise, watching everything.

He had already warned Joe that if he made a mistake or told the truth to others, a lightning bolt would pass through his head before he could even speak a complete sentence.

Not a single person here knew that Joe Welling was being forced to do this. No one even knew that his Mansion had suffered an attack and that many of his guards were lying in the form of ashes.

A lawyer was also present there with the proper documents that were going to make Jiang the owner of everything Joe owned.

"Please sign the places that I marked," the lawyer told Joe. 

Joe took a deep breath as he glanced in the distance where Lucifer was standing. 

He wanted to cry. Today he was losing everything he worked hard for, and he couldn't even make a noise. He didn't let his pain show on his face as he picked up the pen and started signing the papers. 

"Mr. Jiang, your turn. Sign the papers. After that, you'll become the owner of everyone Mr. Welling owns," the lawyer told Jiang.

Jiang was so happy at this moment, unlike Joe. It seemed like his luck was great. Without doing anything, he was getting so much money. 

He happily picked up the pen and signed the papers. 

"The transfer is officially completed!" The lawyer said, smiling. 

The others also started clapping, not knowing that they were clapping at Joe's misfortunes. 

"As you saw just now! Joe Welling! One of the richest in Elisium had just donated all his wealth to his friend who will now take his place in the list of richest in Elisium!"

The news channels seemed to be excited at this big change in the country.

"Mr. Welling! One interview!"

"Mr. Welling! Only a few questions!"

The news reporters tried to get an interview with Joe, but he didn't stop there. He was already warned by Lucifer that he needed to leave right away after the declaration. 

Lucifer, Joe, and Jiang, all three of them left the press conference and entered the car, which was being driven by Jiang himself.

They went back to Welling Mansion.


Inside the Welling Mansion, only three people existed— Lucifer, Jiang, and Joe. The first two were looking at the latter. 

"I did all you said. Can I leave now? You promised me? Why are you stopping me now?" Joe asked Lucifer, feeling concerned. What else does this monster need now? He wondered. 

"You want to know another thing that I learned from humans? There's a saying amongst them," Lucifer said as he glanced at the scared eyes of Joe.

"What saying?" Jiang asked, curious.

"It's a pretty fun saying. Something along the lines of Promises are made to be broken," Lucifer replied, shaking his head. 

"Y-you mean you lied? What more do you want from me? You already took everything! I also did everything you said! What more can you need!" Joe yelled, feeling scared.

"What more do you have other than your life? Of course, I want your life now. I think I understand human tendencies. In fear, you did as I said. But as soon as you leave, you'll tell the truth and maybe even take the help of APF and others," Lucifer said, smiling.

"That's too much of a mess. So the simple solution is that I just kill you. Aren't I right?" He further asked.

"N-no! I promise I won't tell anyone! I swear!" Joe said, stepping back even more.

"Didn't I tell you about that saying now? Promises are worth nothing to me anymore," Lucifer said as he stood up. 

He started walking towards Joe as he took off the gloves from his right hand. 

" And you were right about one thing. It's that you won't tell anyone about it. You know why?" Lucifer asked as he smirked. 

"Because you won't be alive to tell anyone!" he said grimly as he placed his hand on Joe's face. 


That night, a painful scream echoed inside the mansion before it went completely silent. 

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