Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 238 - 238: Learned To Be Humans

"I also heard that he had hired a few Variants to be his guard. Won't it be bad?" Jiang asked.

"I don't care how many people he has. Even if he had Varant guarding him personally, I'd still have gone there," Lucifer replied grimly.

"What about the clues of the key? Now that your house is gone, do you have any idea where we can find it?" Jiang further asked as he walked behind Lucifer. 

"I doubt we can. It was already hard, and now it's impossible. I guess this key will never find its lock," Lucifer replied as he glanced at his key. 

"Maybe this mystery was never supposed to be solved after my parents died," he further said. "Let it be."

"You can't give up now. I want to know what this unlocks. Didn't your parents have any close friends that could know about this?" Jiang asked, curious.

"They didn't," Lucifer answered lazily. "At least I don't know about them, if any. So even if there were, they must not be that close."

"Gawd, fine. It looks like it's a dead end," Jiang let out, finally giving up.

"Don't worry. We still have to find many other things that we have no idea where they are like the stones. Everything depends on our luck. Maybe one day we'll get the lock too," Lucifer replied. 

"Hey, Lucifer. Can I ask you how you're so chill about it? I mean, you just found your house was destroyed. And you're still talking casually. It doesn't seem like you cared for your house from your face." Jiang said to Lucifer after thinking a little. 

"Then again, you're taking a risk to make sure no building is made there. So it seems you care. So which one is the truth?" He further said. 

"What can I say? I'm not what I was years ago. I learned to fake things all too well now. You can say I'm becoming more like the fake humans," Lucifer replied as he smiled. 

"But don't confuse it. On the inside, I'm trying hard to control myself, so I don't destroy the entire city today for what was done here," He continued. 


Jiang found it hard to gather his next words after what he heard. The more he knew Lucifer, the more he believed that Lucifer was a ticking time bomb.

"Did you find that guy's address?" Lucifer asked Jiang, curious.

"I did. He doesn't live in Legion City, though. He lives in West Kensington," Jiang replied.

"Then what are you waiting for? Get a cab," Lucifer said.

He brought his hands out of his pockets as he glanced at the gloves that looked worn out. 

"When I was young, I had assumed they'd probably last for a year. I'm amazed that I was wrong by this much. Even after eight years, they're still barely holding on. But they won't for a long time; it seems," Lucifer muttered, glancing at the gloves.

"I can still get a few years from them, though. That should be enough for doing what I want to do," he further said as he shook his head. 

All he knew was that the gloves had a limited lifespan since he had once seen his mother take off the gloves that were almost destroyed by her powers and wear new ones. 

He didn't know how long her mother had worn the old gloves. So just to be safe, he assumed their lifespan was one year. 

He didn't know that his mother had worn those gloves since before he was even born. It was only after he was four years old that her gloves failed to work and decayed for the most part. That's when he saw her change them. 

He still didn't know how long he could get from the gloves, but it was clear that they were close to the end of their lifespan.

"I'll say again. We need a car. We can't always take a cab. It's tiring," Jiang pointed out as he booked a cab. 

"I know. I'll arrange something," Lucifer replied.


A big mansion existed in the city of Kensington, which wasn't far from the Legion City of Lucifer. 

The mansion was surrounded by the guards on every corner. There were also CCTV cameras placed everywhere.

Two people came to the gates of the mansion. 

One of them seemed to be older. He seemed to have a long white beard, and he was dressed in blue clothes that covered his entire body. 

He also seemed to have wrinkles on his face. As for his eyes, they were deep blue. 

As for the other person with him, he seemed to be a young man who was wearing a cap that covered his head. He also had pitch-black hair. 

There were reading glasses on his eyes that were further being hidden because of his cap. 

He also dressed in a similar uniform to the other man. Strangely enough, there were black gloves on the hands of the man. He seemed to be carrying something heavy in his bag. 

"May I ask who you are?" The guards asked the men. 

"We're the plumbers from the Axion Plumbing Company. We were called here to repair a leakage, it seems. You can check with your boss," the older man replied. 

The guards nodded as they called inside the mansion. 

"Sir, Plumbers are here. They say they were called?" The guard asked someone over the phone. 

The guard kept the phone back as he stared at the two men. 

"You can go in," The guard said, opening the door.


Three hours ago:

"Come on. Did we really have to stop in this shop? We just ate," Jiang complained to Lucifer as he held packets of chips and other snacks in his hand. 

"You know I get hungry fast. They'll be good. Just keep them in the bag for the future," Lucifer replied as he stood at a distance from Jiang, who was standing in the line to pay the bill.

"Come on! Move the line! I'm getting late! I need to get to the Welling Mansion. The richest guy in the city is waiting for me!"

Just as Lucifer and Jiang were talking with each other, they heard a sharp voice from behind them. 

Looking behind, they saw a man dressed in blue. 

"Welling Mansion? You mean where the owner of Welling Builders lives?" Jiang asked the man, curious.

"That's right. There's leakage in his mansion. He called our company to fix it. I'm assigned to go there. So please be fast and check out so I can leave!" The blue-clothed man replied.

Jiang looked at Lucifer, who was smiling.

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