Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 225 - 225: Oasis

Lucifer was flying above the sea, trying to get back to Elisium. He knew that it was going to be a long trip, but he was ready as he had decided to make stops along the way. As for the food, he didn't worry. 

He had already learned a lot in the academy, from technology to survival. In fact, he had even finished the courses that were given to the fifth year students in advance.

He believed he could easily survive with the help of the sea. There were many fishes. Whenever he was hungry, he could use them. 

Also, there were many small islands throughout the sea where he believed he could rest. 

As for the direction, he came fully prepared. He had already kept a compass in his pocket. As for the map, when he was in the Academy, he had learned a lot about geography. 

He knew where he needed to go. 

"I would have loved to travel in a plane, but I must be wanted back there. It's better to go alone," Lucifer said as he flew above the sea. 

Soon, he had started feeling hungry. He went down in the sea, taking a deep dive. It didn't take long before he came out while holding a fish in each of his hands. 

As for his gloves, they were again back on his hand.

There also happened to be a small uninhabited island nearby where Lucifer stopped. 

He lit up the fire and cooked the fish before eating them. As two of them weren't enough to satiate his hunger, he took another dive before he came back. 

It was only after nine fishes that he felt satisfied. 

He ended the fire before he started rising in the air again. 

He brought the compass out of his pockets. After making sure of the direction, he once again started flying. 

Soon, the day turned to night. Lucifer once again stopped on the next island where he slept the night. 

Early morning, he again woke up and left the island. 

He did the same for three days as he traveled and rested. Everything seemed to be going smoothly when something changed. 

The vast yet empty sea surface didn't look so empty anymore. There was a massive luxury ship that could be seen in the distance. 

"A cruise ship?" Lucifer muttered, surprised. He recognized the ship as a cruise ship. 

He could also see a name on the ship. 

"Oasis? Isn't that the ship that's used by the richest and most influential people in the world to take a vacation? Won't be a bad idea to rest there," he said as he started flying towards the ship. 

It was already near the evening, but no one could be seen on the deck. Flying towards the ship, Lucifer landed on the deck. 

He properly patted his clothes as he combed his hair to make him look like a decent yet rich person if someone saw him, but he also knew he needed new clothes. He was still in the Academy uniform. 

He walked towards the lift that brought people to the deck. 

Entering inside the lift, he pressed the button with number two. 

Since it was a famous ship, the blueprint of this ship was available everywhere, and Lucifer had read about it once as well.

He knew that there was a room where they kept the clothes of the guests that were cleaned and were to be delivered to them. 

And he was going to that room now. 


The lift stopped at the second floor of the ship before the doors opened. 

Lucifer stepped out calmly with his hands in his pocket. He truly walked like he was a prince who was supposed to be here. 

He had learned this in the Art of Tricks, along with many other things like lying and disguise. 

Surprisingly he didn't find any people here. 

"Strange. Is this ship empty?" he muttered, frowning. 

He suddenly remembered something. 

"Oh right! It must be their dinner time. That's right. The guests eat on the third floor while the rest eat on the first floor. That's why no one is here or on the deck. I guess it's a lucky day. I came at the perfect time."

He advanced deeper into the long corridor before he stopped in front of one specific room.

"This is the place." 

He tried opening the door only to realize that it was unlocked.

"Don't need to break it. That's good," Lucifer said as he opened the door and stepped inside. 

As he entered the room, he saw clothes hanging everywhere. All of these clothes were dry cleaned. 

He walked through the room, trying to select the best clothes for him before he ultimately stopped. 

There was a black tuxedo in front of him that seemed to be of his size. A white shirt also happened to be there. 

"Perfect," Lucifer said as he picked the tuxedo. 

He took off his old clothes as he wore the tuxedo above the white shirt. Within minutes, he was completely ready. 

He didn't stop there, though. He took off his gloves as he touched the old clothes, destroying any evidence. 

Only after he made sure that he left no evidence of something being amiss here, he left. 


Lucifer entered the lift again and went to the deck. He didn't want to eat dinner since he had already eaten. 

On the other hand, he didn't have a room here either. He didn't want to hijack the ship. He wanted to be an ordinary passenger. 

In any case, this ship was going to his destination as well. It was a perfect place to stay.

Dressed in all black, Lucifer really looked like a handsome CEO of some rich company who was here on vacation.

He looked towards the bright moon, wondering about something. The first thing he wanted to do was go to that beach and find what his parents left for him before anything else. 

There was sadness in his eyes, but there was also a smile on his lips as he remembered his memories of the last eight years. 

He held them precious to him. But he couldn't stay in that fake life forever. He could only appreciate that life from a distance. 

Because if someone knew that Lucifer was Alex, everything was going to go down. His enemies would kidnap that old man to force Lucifer. 

He didn't want any weakness since the path he was going to walk was going to be filled with bloodshed. 

He needed to make rivers of blood flow to get to his goal, and he was prepared for that.

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