Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 212 - 212: Another Invitation

Yovann stayed behind as he glanced at Lucifer. 

"Alex, come with me for a moment," he said, placing his hands on Lucifer's shoulder. "As for the rest, you can leave. I'll see you tomorrow."

Lucifer nodded as he followed Yovann, but he was still worried. He had exposed Yovann's secret to win. Was Yovann going to punish him for that? Why was he taking him away?


Lucifer and Yovann were walking through the campus, not speaking anything. 

"Teacher, what were you going to say?"

It was only after Lucifer asked when Yovann started speaking.

"You really messed with me today. For that, I'm going to punish you," Yovann answered. 

"Ah, Teacher. I had no intention of-"


Hearing the words of Yovann, Lucifer started explaining his side, but before he could even finish, Yovann burst into laughter. 

"I'm joking, little guy. What kind of a man would I be if I'm upset just from that?" Yovann asked, laughing. "In fact, what you did was very clever."

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm really proud of you. And I wanted to invite you to my Great Family of Yrushka. Would you like to join the Family? I know you only have one grandfather. He can join with you too as long as you say yes," he further explained. 

"Honestly, you have great prospects for the future. And many Great Families will want to make you join them. And it's good for you to join one as well since you'll get lots of support and resources. But yeah, I believe my Yrushka family will be great for you," he continued.

This was the second time Lucifer had received such a proposal. The first time it was from Dash who offered this to make him his servant. As for now, it was a proper proposal to be a high-ranking member of a Great Family. 

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe I want to join any of the Great Families. I'm fine without resources. All I want is to spend my time with Grandpa Chi," Lucifer answered. 

"It's fine. You don't have to answer now. The offer will stay open for you always," Yovann responded without getting upset or sad. 

"You're meeting your grandfather tomorrow, right? Tell him about this offer. Maybe he is interested?"

"Ah, alright. I'll talk to him. If he says it's a good thing, I'll think about it seriously," Lucifer answered, nodding. 

"That's good. Anyway, that's all I had to say. You can leave."

Yovann bid Lucifer farewell as he left. 

Lucifer also walked back to his room, where Jason and Kevin were already relaxing. 

"Did you get first again?" Kevin asked as soon as Lucifer entered. He didn't even need to wait for answers since they had already become habitual to Lucifer winning. In fact, at this point, Lucifer's loss was going to be odd.

Lucifer raised his hand, revealing the Victory Ring to his roommates. 

"As expected. Anyway, today's party is from you," Kevin let out with a smirk. 


After a short party, Lucifer went to sleep early as he wanted to wake up early to leave with his grandfather. He was too excited about his day out. 

With the chirping sound of birds, the new day arrived. Sun started rising on the horizon as an alarm started ringing near Lucifer's ears. 

Excited, Lucifer opened his eyes. It was time to prepare and leave.

He turned off the alarm to not disturb others before he went into the shower. 

Coming out of the shower, he dried his long hairs before he tied them after dressing up.

It was seven in the morning, and Lucifer was completely prepared. 

He glanced back at the others who were still sleeping before he left without informing them. 

He straight walked to the entrance of the Academy where he found the same guard who had brought him inside on the first day 

" It's you. I heard you became the rising star of the Academy. Congrats, young man," the guard said to Lucifer as he recognized him. 

"Thank you," Lucifer answered. 

"Anyway, what brought you here?" The guard further asked. 

"I want to use the privilege of my ring to leave the campus for one day," Lucifer said as he showed the ring to the guard. 

"Sure. Let me register your details. Give me your ID card," the guard replied as he reached out his hand towards Lucifer. 

Lucifer brought out his Identity Card from his pocket that he had received when he was new. 

The ID Card recorded all his details, including his name, roll number, registration number, Limiter ID, and many more. 

"Alright. You can leave. Collect your card when you're back. Make sure to come back before midnight," the guard told Lucifer as he kept the ID Card. 

He opened the gates for Lucifer. 

"Thanks. I'll remember that" Lucifer thanked the guard before he stepped out of the Campus. 

Finally, after almost three years, he was going to have a picnic with his grandfather. 

Lucifer started waiting for his grandfather to arrive, standing at the entrance of the Academy right outside the door. 

He didn't know that in the distance, a person was watching him, keeping an eye on his every move. 

The person was a dark-haired man who seemed to look like he was in his mid-twenties. He had a round face but eagle-like eyes. 

The man brought out a phone from his pocket as he called someone. 


Inside the Academy, Dash was getting prepared for the classes when his phone started ringing. 

He walked to the bed and picked up the phone. 


"Little Boss, you were right. I see that guy outside the Academy. It looks like he's waiting for someone."

"That's right. I guess he's waiting for his grandfather. As soon as they leave, follow them. And make sure to do everything according to the plan. This is the perfect chance," Dash answered the man. 

" If you fail even in such a simple task, your dream of joining my Great Franci family will always remain a dream. Remember that!" he further said before he disconnected the call. 


Standing far away from Lucifer, the sharp gazed man kept the phone in his pocket. 

"I can't fail. I'll do this successfully and join a Great Family. I'll become more influential," he muttered softly. 



Grandpa Chi finally reached the academy after Lucifer had waited for five minutes. 

"Grandpa! You're finally here. Let's leave fast; we only have one day. We can't waste it," Lucifer let out as he ran up to Grandpa Chi.

He caught the old man's hand and started leaving. 

In the distance, the dark-haired man also started following them. 

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