Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 203 - 203: The Winner

Lucifer reached the next obstruction, which seemed a bit odd. There was a computer placed in that place. As for behind the computer, there was a door with another number pad on it.

"One more password task?" 

Lucifer stepped closer to the computer and turned it on, frowning. He believed that it was a test of their computer knowledge.

"The password must be inside the computer."

As Lucifer turned on the computer, a program file was opened, which had a whole bunch of code in it. 

"It's encrypted, it seems, but I can't decrypt without running the problem."

He tried running the program only to get an error prompt that the program was corrupt.

" The program is corrupt? But there's nothing on this computer other than this. What exactly is this puzzle?" 

A deep frown was on Lucifer's face as he looked at the computer screen.

As he started observing the program, he soon noticed that in one of the first three lines; there was a mistake. 

"I guess I need to first correct the program before I can run it. They must've left some codes missing intentionally. So that's the test," Lucifer muttered as he understood what he needed to do. 

He took a chair that was placed nearby as he started working on the computer. 

All the other students had to go through a similar test, including Ren. 

The only difference was that a person was assigned to tell him what he couldn't see. That person wasn't allowed to help in any other way except by being the eyes of Ren. 



The doorknob was turned as one of the six doors opened. 

A person stepped out of the door to appear before the five teachers. 

"It's you? You really won?" Most of the Teachers exclaimed in surprise at the sight of the winner. 

Alexi couldn't help but laugh. "Hahaha, I guess you won this time. Here's your reward."

He gave the bag of coins to Yovann since he was right. The first person to step out of the tests was Lucifer. 

A few minutes after Lucifer stepped out, a second door opened. This time, it was Cassius who stepped out.

As Cassius came out, he noticed Lucifer, but he didn't look disappointed or anything. In fact, he didn't seem like he gave any importance to it. 

About five minutes later, the third door opened as a third boy stepped out. It was Ren this time. 

Ten more minutes passed before the fourth boy came, who finally happened to be Dash. 

Unlike Cassius, Dash seemed more upset to see that there were more people here that came before him. He was distraught because of Lucifer. 

He found it highly disappointing that he, someone from the Great Franci family, lost against an ordinary boy who he had previously asked to be his subordinate. 

What was the world going to say? Dash Franci lost from a commoner? It was at least acceptable to some level if he had lost against only the people from other Great Families, but this was bad.

Rune and Dray also came out soon after Dash, joining the team. 

"Alright, now that everyone is out, I declare the First Year Exam of Class A over!" 

As everyone was out, Franci declared the ending of the program.

"The results are... Alex Alaric takes first place. Cassius Zaini is second. Ren is third. Dash, Rune, and Dray are fourth, fifth, and sixth!" He further declared. 

"Now time for the special reward for the first ranked student of Batch 24, Class A," Franci said as he stepped towards Lucifer. 

He brought out a ring from his pocket and gave it to Lucifer. 

"What's this?' Lucifer asked as he accepted the ring. 

"Treat it as your badge for coming first," Franci said. "Moreover, it comes with special advantages as well."

"Every month, you're allowed to leave the Academy for one day by showing this ring at the exit, but you must return before the day is over," he further explained. 

"Also, every month, you can have a special one-hour training session with any of us five."

Usually, no student was allowed to leave the academy after entering. At least not until they either graduated or got expelled. This facility was only extended to the topper of Class A to some extent. 

"The advantages will last for one year, and it'll be transferred to the winner of the next year. So use them wisely and don't break any rules," Franci said as he glanced at the bracelet of Lucifer which already had a red light. 

He turned back and walked to the other teachers. 

"You may leave," he further said, telling everyone to leave. 

Lucifer wore the ring over his fingers without taking off his gloves. The ring also seemed to be similar to the bracelet as it was loose at first, but soon, it got tight-fitting. 

Unlike the bracelet, the ring could be taken off, though. But it couldn't be worn by anyone except the winner. 

Lucifer and the others started walking back, unaware that there was one person who was staring at him with an upset gaze.


Lucifer went back to his room, where he told his roommates about his results. 

Kevin and Jason were as excited as they were amazed after hearing this news. 

"Congrats, young man! I believe this deserves a celebration! Wait, I'll bring a Cake from the cafeteria. Today's treat is on me!" Kevin said, laughing. 

He was happy that a friend of his won, but he was even more excited because someone from a common family managed to defeat those snobs, bringing them down a notch. 

"I'll also come with you. Cold drinks are from me!" Jason also said as he went after Kevin. 

Kevin ran to the Cafeteria and came back with a cake, whereas Jason came back with three bottles of cold drinks. 

The celebration of three unlikely yet close friends began as Jason and Kevin shared the happiness of Lucifer. 

"This ring is really beautiful, though. It also has your name on it," Jason pointed out as he noticed the name of Lucifer on the ring. 

Lucifer couldn't help but take another glance at the ring. He didn't remember seeing a name there. 

As he observed the ring again, he did notice. There was indeed a name on the ring now. 

"Alex Alaric. I guess it's so that I don't share this ring with others, helping them leave the academy for one day. Clever guys," Lucifer muttered.

As the celebration continued through the night, the three of them only slept at three in the morning. 


Soon, the classes began again. Lucifer and the others began taking part in the classes. They resumed learning from the teachers how to be stronger and more resourceful. 

One more year passed as Lucifer's second year was also over soon.

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