Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 189 - 189: Gift From Father

"I don't understand such things, but that's what they said," Lucifer replied. 

"H-how amazing. You're literally in the legend's class—the top of the top. Even getting in on Class B is tough, but you got A? Your Gift must be powerful," Jason exclaimed in amazement. 

"Gift?" Lucifer didn't understand what he meant. He couldn't help but ask.

"You don't know that either? Strange. Is this your first time in a Variant related facility here? Didn't you attend Variant Schools before?" Jason inquired. 

Lucifer simply shook his head. 

"And still you got admission in Class A? Your luck is really amazing. Or, as I said, it must be because of your Gift," Jason exclaimed. "What's your Gift?"

"Oh right, you still didn't understand," he suddenly said as he realized that Lucifer didn't understand him. 

"Gift is what we call powers here. I know it sounds a bit odd, but that's how it is. There's a saying that each ability is a gift from God. So that's why," he further explained. 

"So, what's your Gift?" he asked again. 

"My strength," Lucifer answered. 

"I know that a Variant's gift is his strength but still, what actually is it? You don't need to keep it a secret. This is an Academy. Everyone will soon know your gift anyway," Jason told Lucifer.

"No, you aren't understanding. What I meant is that my strength is my gift. I have more physical strength than a normal human," Lucifer explained. 

"Interesting. Pretty good gift, I must say," Jason explained as he frowned. "But I must say, in the academy, that strength will be your biggest disadvantage."

"What do you mean?" Lucifer inquired, confused. "Why will strength be my disadvantage?"

"Tomorrow is Orientation. After that will be your first class. I'm sure you'll understand there," Jason let out, shaking his head. 

"Anyway, why are you wearing the gloves? It's not cold at all in this city. In fact, it's hot. Take them off," he told Lucifer, noticing his gloves.

"I can't," Lucifer replied, shaking his head. 

"Why?" Jason inquired, confused. 

"I have a medical condition," Lucifer replied. "I'm allergic to the air. So I can't take off the gloves. If my hand comes in contact with the air, I'll be very sick."

"What? What kind of excuse is that?" Jason asked, smiling wryly. 

"There's no such thing as an allergy from the air. Moreover, even if you had that, it won't just be in your hand but your whole body. You're breathing the same air, brother," he added as he chuckled. 

"It's something that even I don't understand. But it's true. You won't understand either," Lucifer replied, sighing. 

In his eyes, it was true even though it sounded impossible. He wasn't going to take off the gloves. 

"Alright. If you say so," Jason said. "I'm not forcing you. I'm just telling you that I'll be your friend so I don't mind this excuse but don't tell others. They might think you're lying. This can be bad. Just stay alert."

"At best, just tell them a false reason for you wearing the gloves. Just say it's something personal or that you have some sentiment with these gloves. That would be much better," he further said. "Just a suggestion. If you want to follow it or not is up to you."

Lucifer didn't reply and just gazed at his hands. 

'But this is the truth. Why won't anyone believe?' he thought, confused. 

"Where is the third guy of our room?" he asked Jason, changing the topic. 

"Kevin? He's in the medical office. He works as the assistant of the Doctor there because his gift is useful in that field. With this, he earns good as well. So he'll come in the morning," Jason replied. 

"Anyway, it's already close to morning. Take some sleep, or we'll be late for Orientation," he added as he walked to the switch and turned off the lights. 

As the lights turned off, Lucifer also laid on the bed. He was also sleepy as it was over three already. 

He closed his eyes as he asked Jason, "One last question. Which class are you two in?"

"I'm in Class B along with Kevin. I am new here too, but I came two days ago," Jason answered. "Now, sleep. Or they'll scold me for keeping their treasured Class A Variant awake all night."


Tuck! Tuck!

A knocking sound in the morning woke up Lucifer and Jason. 

Jason looked at the clock to see that it was only six in the morning. 

"God, only three hours of sleep. I really should start sleeping early," he muttered as he rubbed his eyes before he got off the bed. 

He walked up to the door and opened it.

As the door was open, a young boy barged inside, walking straight to his bed. 

"You're back," Jason said, looking at the boy. 

"Yeah. So tired," the dark-haired boy replied. Contrary to Jason, he was slim. In fact, he was too skinny. He looked thinner than Lucifer, as if he didn't eat much. 

"Who's this kid? Our roommate?" Kevin asked as he noticed Lucifer. 

"Yeah. He is Alex, batch 24, Class A," Jason explained before he looked at Lucifer. "And Alex, this is Kevin. He is our roommate and one year senior compared to us. He's in Batch 23, Class B."

"Class A? Really?" Kevin exclaimed as he took even more interest in Lucifer. 

"Aren't most of the guys in Class A rich snobs? He could've gotten a room on the VIP floor. What's he doing here?" he asked. 

"I am not rich," Lucifer answered.

"Interesting. So you didn't get admission because of your influence? This one is going to be interesting, I think." Kevin got off the bed as he approached Lucifer. 

"Kevin Linder," he said, reaching out his hand. 

"Alex Alaric," Lucifer replied, shaking Kevin's hand. 

"Why are you wearing these gloves, Alex?" Kevin asked after freeing his hand. 

While Jason looked at Lucifer to see if he was going to take his advice or not, Lucifer fell in deep thought. 

'Jason is right. If I tell him the truth, he won't understand. He'll think I'm lying too. I shouldn't tell others the truth,' he thought. 

"Come on; I'm only asking the reason. Not your password or anything," Kevin asked, laughing. 

"It's a personal reason. These gloves were given by my father who is no more. These have sentimental values, so I wear them," Lucifer answered. 

Hearing his answer, Kevin was taken aback. 

"I'm sorry. I didn't know," he answered apologetically. 

On the other hand, Jason was smiling. It seemed like Lucifer was at least clever. Now he wouldn't annoy people who ask him the reason. 

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