Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 186 - 186: Academy Of Gifted Variants?

Hearing the man's request, people seemed to look at each other as they wondered what they should do. The words of this man made sense, but still, this seemed a bit odd. They literally had to fake the life of a stranger who had lost his memories? Did they really need to become a part of this lie?

"I think Grandpa Chi is right. If the boy actually lost his memory, he deserves our help. We need to keep him in this illusion, so he stays happy. I can't even imagine how bad his life will be on this Island since our orphanage system is so bad. We should help him."

While everyone was lost in thought, a man took the lead as he sided with the old man. 

As the first person chose a side, another man also chimed in. "They're right. We should help him. And maybe one day he might gain his memory? Then he can go back to his home. We're all doing this for him after all."

One after another, more and more people kept siding with the old man until there was only one lady who was yet to speak. 

'I'll agree with this too," the last lady also agreed. "But first, I want to talk to the kid to know if he actually lost his memories."

"He's sleeping now. After much trouble, I managed to get him to sleep. We can't wake him up. Let him rest. You can come in the evening," Grandpa Chi replied.

"Alright. We'll come in the night. Take care of him in the meantime," the lady said, nodding. 

She looked at her husband before she continued, "Until then, you stay with Grandpa Chi and help him with stuff."

Even though she talked about helping, Grandpa Chi understood her intent. She wanted her husband to stay with him to make sure he didn't scare the kid to lie to them later. She wanted him to keep an eye on the old man. 

Her husband also understood her intent as he said, "Of course."


Grandpa Chi was inside his house with a middle-aged man known as Ru. They occasionally checked on Lucifer to make sure he was sleeping before they continued the preparation. Since the house was dirty, Grandpa Chi started cleaning, and Ru helped him.

The time kept trickling away as day turned to night. There was suddenly a knock on the door of the old man's house. 

"It looks like the others are here to talk to the kid. Bring them in," Grandpa Chi told Ru as he sat on the sofa, tired. Lucifer still wasn't up by now, but the knock on the door woke him up. 

He slowly opened his house and looked around to find himself where he previously was. As for his memories, he still hadn't remembered anything. The only thing he knew was what the old man told him. 

"Grandpa Chi?" Lucifer called out as he got off the bed. 

He stepped outside the room to find the old man sitting on the sofa. Tens of people had also stepped inside the house, it seemed. 

Lucifer couldn't help but wonder who these people were.

"Ah, Alex, you're up. These are our neighbors," Grandpa Chi said as he pointed towards the newcomers. "They're here to see if you're alright."

Lucifer nodded as he sat beside the old man.

From the crowd, a lady stepped forward as she approached Lucifer. 

"Alex, how are you feeling now?" She asked Lucifer.

"I am feeling better now," Lucifer replied. "But my head still hurts."

 "That'll get better too, don't worry. But, do you really not remember anything?" The lady asked. 

In response, Lucifer simply shook his head. 

She asked a few more questions, to which Lucifer answered as honestly as he could. In the end, she was satisfied. The story of the old man was really true.

"I'm glad you're safe, Alex. You worried your grandpa so much. Next time be careful, alright?" She told Lucifer as she rubbed his head. 

As the story was verified, the people of this village decided to take part in this lie. And thus, the lie became the truth as Lucifer became a part of this village. 


The time never stood still as it kept moving. Seasons changed as days turned to years. 

Four years had passed since Lucifer was found by Grandpa Chi, and he was still living in the Village.

He still believed that he was the grandson of the old man, unaware of the truth. He didn't know that the illusion of this fake life was soon going to break. 

Throughout these four years, Lucifer and Grandpa Chi lived together and got to know a lot of things about each other. 

The old man had realized that Lucifer didn't only have one ability. He had one more ability which was his Super Strength. He still didn't know about Lucifer's wind and lightning as Lucifer himself didn't know about them yet. 

Lucifer also didn't know about his Decay since, as per his promise to the old man, he always wore his gloves which kept his decay under control.

In these four years, the man also tried teaching Lucifer how to read and write, but surprisingly Lucifer remembered those things. He could not only read but also write. 


At the moment, Lucifer and Grandpa Chi were sitting near the sea, gazing at the peaceful ocean. Gentle winds brushed against their skins, gently massaging them. 

"Grandpa Chi, Do I really need to leave?" Lucifer asked the old man, looking sad. 

"My Dear Grandson, you're already fourteen years old now. I think this is the right decision. I worked really hard to get that place for you in the academy," Grandpa Chi answered. 

"But Grandpa, I don't need to," Lucifer protested. 

"It's not about need but about your future. Your strength is really special. It's a unique ability that can really help a lot of people. But you need to learn how to use it properly. And that's what you'll be taught in the Academy of Gifted Variants." the old man said. 

"So please listen to this old man and go there. It's just a matter of five years. Moreover, I'll come to meet you in the city each month. I promise," he further added as he picked up a stone that was placed near him. 

The old man tossed the stone towards the ocean, which bounced fifteen times before it finally drowned. 

"Will this really make you happy?" Lucifer asked as he also picked up a similarly sized stone.

"It will," the old man answered. "Just for five years."

Lucifer looked at the old man as he sighed. "Fine. I'll go there."

He also tossed the stone which was in his hand. Surprisingly his stone went much further than his grandfather's, but it didn't bounce even once before it drowned. 

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