Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 180 - 180: I Want Him

"What is Salazar doing here?" Riali exclaimed in shock as he stood up. This wasn't a good time for him to come since Varant couldn't meet him. He couldn't help but wonder what Salazar wanted. 

"Alright, bring him in. I'll talk to him," he told the man, sending him away. 

As the man left, Riali picked up the phone and called Rowen. 

"Rowen, come to Varant's office fast. Salazar Lucia is here, and I need you to be here when I meet him. And no, don't tell Varant about this. He needs to recover in peace," he told Rowen over the phone before he disconnected the call. 

Within a few moments, Rowen arrived, not even bothering to knock as he stepped into the office. 

"Why is Salazar here?" He asked Riali as soon as he stepped inside. "Did something happen?"

"How should I know? I'll ask him when he comes. Sit for now," he told Rowen, who took a chair and sat beside Riali. 

Knock! Knock!

"Come on in."

The door opened as a man peeked inside. "Sir, I brought Warlock King Salazar."

"Good, send him in," Riali responded.

The door opened wide as the man stepped back, allowing Salazar Lucia to enter. 

Young Salazar entered the office of Varant looking calm yet confident. 

"What are you two doing here? Where's Varant?" Warlock King Salazar asked Riali and Rowen, curious. 

"Varant isn't at the base. He left for some time to deal with an important matter. We're here, handling the stuff in his absence. So, what brought you here?" Riali asked, without even bothering to stand up. 

At the moment, these two were the commanding chiefs of APF. They had to maintain the dignity of APF and not stand up, or they would look weak before Salazar. 

"Fine. Since you're here, I'll deal with you first," Salazar said as he stepped forward and took a chair before he sat down. 

A moment of silence followed where Riali and Rowen stared at Salazar, wondering what he was going to say. 

Salazar Lucia, on the other hand, was looking around, observing the office. 

"Not a bad office indeed. It seems like Varant really did some renovation," Salazar said, breaking the silence. 

"Salazar Lucia, don't tell us that you came all this way to see our office. Get to the point. What brought you here? Are you finally prepared to join APF?" Riali asked Varant.

"Sorry, but I never liked a circus, and I have no intention of joining one either. I'm here for something else," Salazar Lucia replied calmly. 

"I'm going to ignore that you called APF a circus since you're a guest here, but don't repeat it," Riali warned Salazar, frowning. 

"Oh? What are you going to do if I did repeat it?" Salazar asked, seemingly amused. 

"I'm calling this place for what it is. I called it a circus before Varant too. So you shouldn't be agitated that much. If you have a problem, you can solve it with strength. I don't mind," he further said. 

"Get to the point," Riali repeated. He didn't have any interest in fighting Warlock King Salazar. 

"That's right. My time is precious, so I'll be straight. I'm here for Lucifer Azarel," Salazar said calmly. 

"Lucifer Azarel? What?" Riali exclaimed in surprise. Did this guy find out that they had found Lucifer Azarel long ago?

"What do you mean? We don't have him," he replied as he calmed down. 

"Of course you don't have him. Or you wouldn't be finding him like dogs in every street. Listen to me clearly," Salazar said. 

"Zale Azarel was my inspiration. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I respect him a lot for what he did. I always strive to be like him. So just imagine my surprise when I got to know that my inspiration's son had such a bad childhood? All because of no fault of his own?" he further said. 

"If I had known before, I would have taken care of things long ago, but now that I know, I can't ignore it."

Hearing his words, Riali understood a few things. Salazar was siding with Lucifer. He cared for him, and it was going to be a problem if he found out that they had already killed Lucifer. 

He kept his poker face as he replied, "Are you talking about that footage? That's fake. You're being fooled like the rest."

"Spare your excuses for the general public. I'm just here to tell you that I want Lucifer, and I want him safe!" Salazar said firmly. 

"But he's a murderer. We need to keep him imprisoned, or he might hurt more people," Rowen chimed in, also pretending like Lucifer was missing, and they wanted to find him to imprison him. 

"You don't have to worry about that. I'll take care of him. He'll stay with me, and I'll make sure he doesn't hurt innocent people. He deserves a good life, and he will get it," Salazar insisted. 

"If you can't get it done, bring Varant. I'll talk to him directly," He further said. 

"Fine. We'll think about giving him to you if we catch him but only if you promise that he won't commit any murders in the future," Riali said. 

"He won't kill anyone... innocent. That I can promise. We're Warlocks. Of Course, we'll kill when we see injustice. I can't keep him from his duties. But I promise, I'm going to make sure he learns the rules and doesn't hurt anyone innocent," Salazar answered calmly. 

"Fine. I'll talk to Varant about it. But most probably, we should be able to get it done. We'll inform you when we find Lucifer," Riali answered. 

"That's better. Since my work here is done, I'll be leaving. But remember, if you catch him and you don't give him to me, you won't be facing just Raia," Salazar Lucia said as he stood up. 

He turned back but didn't leave. Instead, he gave his final warning. "Because if you keep that innocent kid here or hurt him even the slightest, you'll be facing me as well. Be sure to tell this to Varant and even Zeiss if you want."

Only after finishing did he start leaving.


The door closed with a faint sound as Warlock King Salazar left. 

As he left, Riali and Rowen finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

"No one should ever find out that we have already killed Lucifer Azarel, or Salazar and Raia will team up. This won't be good," Riali muttered as he sighed. 

"I agree." Rowen nodded. "Who knew, this Salazar would also have a soft spot for Lucifer."

"Of course he would. Don't you know why?" Riali asked Rowen. 

"Why?" Rowen asked. 

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