Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 171 - 171: He Is Lucifer Azarel

"Seeing the Devil Variant can make you rich. The government announces a prize for whoever gives information about him."

"The Mysterious Variant that is being hunted, his identity is still unknown, but here are our few guesses."

"Warlock King Varant promises to find the Devil Variant while asking for support. Here is his full statement."

"Devil Variant…"

"Killing Kid..."

"Devil in the form of a kid..."


No matter how many articles Lucifer read, they were all like this. All portrayed him as a villain. 

"Devil Variant, huh. Throughout these last few months, I heard that a lot. Some called me Devil, while others called me Demon. Some called me a beggar, while some cursed my family for giving birth to me. This isn't shocking," Lucifer muttered as he stopped reading. 

He started looking out the window again.

"Don't take it to heart. That's what they do since they control all forms of media. They make us the villains while they make themselves the heroes," Caen comforted Lucifer as he closed the laptop and kept it back. 

"I don't take it to heart. They don't really matter to me," Lucifer replied calmly. 


The Helicopter flew through the empty airspace, hiding from any radar as it advanced towards the Orion Beach. 

Within a few hours that consisted of only a short few conversations between Lucifer and Caen, the helicopter reached the beach, which was entirely empty. Only after making sure that no one was here did the pilot land on the beach. 

"Finally, we're here. Come, see the beach you wanted to see," Caen told Lucifer as he slid the door open and stepped out of the helicopter. 

Lucifer stood up and walked towards the opening from where he stepped out, landing on the ground finally. 

As Lucifer landed on the cold sand of the beach, he was able to see the vast sea in front of him. As far as his eyes could see, only water was visible. 

As for the beach, it seemed to have light blue sand, which seemed to be shining a little under the sun's bright light. 

"That is the sea?" Lucifer asked Caen.

"Yeah. This is actually where our country ends. And from here, the sea starts. At this time of the year, this beach is closed since there are risks of high tides. That's why you can't see a single soul here," Caen replied. 

"This is where the country ends? Is there only sea in that direction or another country too?" Lucifer asked. 

"The world is round, so there can't only be the sea in that direction. At one point, it would return to the other end of this country even if there weren't any other countries in the sea," Caen replied.

"Leaving that aside, there are actually many countries in our world. There also exist many continents and Island countries," he further said. 

" So, what do you want to do here? The sunset that you wanted to see won't be here for a few hours. There are no houses here either where you can rest. Want to rest in the helicopter?" 

"It's fine. I'll just take a walk around the beach," Lucifer replied as he started walking towards the water. Caen walked right beside him. 

As Lucifer reached near the water, he could see that the sand looked wetter. Bending forward, he picked up a fistful of sand. 

As soon as he touched the sand, he was amazed at how cold it was, despite it being a hot day. He was able to feel the sand even through the gloves. 

He soon took off his shoes and became barefoot, which finally allowed him to feel the true side of the sand. The Sand looked beautiful, but it felt even better. 

Lucifer had walked through the sand a few times in the last few months, but this sand, it was a different feeling altogether. As he walked in the sand, he felt like he was walking on the softest material in the world that was massaging his feet with every step. 

"What sand is this?" He asked Caen, looking back.

"This is the Reisi Sand. It's the specialty of this beach and its biggest attraction," Caen explained. "Maybe this was why your father wanted you to come here?" 

"Maybe..." Lucifer muttered. It was highly possible that this was the reason his parents liked this beach?

Even though he still couldn't hear the last words of his father in the dreams, it was quite possible that he was about to talk about the sand?

"It's really a beautiful place," Lucifer said, gazing at the Sea. "Do you know how deep the sea is?"

"No idea. I haven't checked personally or read about it," Caen replied, smiling wryly. 

"People die from drowning, right?" Lucifer inquired. 

"That's right. Drowning kills people since none of us can breathe underwater," Caen replied. "So don't even think about going inside the sea. I don't think you can even swim. You'll drown right away."

" Will I die if I drown?" Lucifer asked curiously as he glanced back at Caen. He wondered if his immortal-looking life could end if he ever jumped inside the sea, willing to get rid of himself. 

"You will. That should be your only weakness, I think. Because healing won't help you since it would be a different matter, not being able to breathe. So don't test it ever," Caen replied.

"You can fly and escape from the water, but if you can't breathe and fall unconscious, even your flying won't come to help. You'll drown, and you'll stay under water for an eternity, dead. Even your body won't be found. So don't even think about it," he further said as he understood what Lucifer was thinking about.

Lucifer took a deep breath as he sighed. 

"I won't," he said. 

'I still have a lot of things before I can put my life to an end. I still need to find out what happened to my parents. After I'm done with everything important, I can probably... do it.' he thought as he turned his side to the sea and started walking at the edge of the sea, with his feet touching the salty water. 

As Lucifer was walking on the beach, the Variant Uprising had already taken its first step against the APF. 

The social media was filled with videos of Lucifer being tortured, accompanied by all the information about Lucifer and who his father was. 

As for the media channels, they were also being hijacked by the Variant Uprising. 

The news channels suddenly went blank before the footage of the facility started playing in which a kid was crying in pain, but the scientists didn't listen. They didn't stop the torture. 

The viewers didn't have a hard time recognizing the kid that was being tortured. They had been seeing the kid on the news channel for weeks now. Everyone has become familiar with the most wanted kid in the list of APF. 

To see the kid like that, everyone had a single thought. Was this criminal caught by the authorities, and now he was being punished? Even then, this seemed a bit of a torture for the kid. It was too cruel and excessive. 

They knew that this person deserved punishment after killing so many innocent people but still, this wasn't the way to go about it. It was still a kid and watching him like that; the souls of the viewers were shivering as they imagined themselves in place of Lucifer.

After the footage played for three times which was accompanied by the painful screams of Lucifer, the voice stopped.

"Welcome to the broadcast of the Variant Uprising. Today, we brought this special to you to show the true side of this kid to the world. Who is this kid?"

"Why did he kill people? How did a kid that was supposed to go to school and have a good life become a criminal who was most wanted by the APF? If you want to know the answers, don't turn off the TV because today, we'll tell you the truth that the government and the APF keep hidden."

"If you're a Variant, then you should certainly watch."

"The first question? Who is this kid? He is a criminal, so he must have bad parents, right? He must have grown up in a criminal environment? Or is he just crazy?" The narrator's voice asked. 


"What's happening on our channels! What the f*ck is going on!"

"Someone has hacked our frequency, Sir! They've taken over from an unknown location!"

"Shut down everything! Just cut it!"

"We can't, Sir! It looks like we lost all control. We can't do anything from here!"

All news channel headquarters were in an uproar as their channels were hijacked. They had lost all control, and now their frequency was being used by Variant Uprising. 


"Wrong! This kid that is a criminal in your eyes had a bright future that was taken from him! He was forced to be a criminal! He is none other than Lucifer Azarel, the son of Warlock King Zale Azarel and Clarisse!"

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