Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 163 - 163: Mystery Of Lucifer's Birth

"What kind of people are Yaliza and Kellian?" Lucifer asked, curious about the people that were going to be training him.

"Sir Yaliza and Sir Kellian are some of the strongest Warlocks of Variant Uprising. They're also the close friends of Sir Raia. They're very skilled, but they don't interact with many people here, so I don't know much about them other than that," Draco replied to Lucifer. 

"One of the strongest here. How strong is your Sir Raia in front of them?" Lucifer asked. 

"I'm not sure about this, but if I were to guess, Sir Raia should be twice as strong compared to them. Or maybe a bit less? I'm not in a position to know their strengths," Draco answered. 

"Twice as strong, huh? So if I am twice as strong as them, I should be as strong as Raia. And since Raia is equal to Varant, I should be equal to him too. So that's the scale of power," Lucifer muttered as he continued eating. 

He was going to be training with them. There, he believed he could see how strong they were to judge his own strength. 

During this entire time, Draco didn't leave since he couldn't leave Lucifer alone on this floor. 

Only after Lucifer finished eating did he leave with Draco, leaving the plates behind. 

He went into the lift, which again brought him down to the guest floor, which was only occupied by him. 


Inside his room, Kellian and Yaliza were trying to form a plan on how to train Lucifer the best. In this, they spent a few hours together. 

As for Vega, he was going through all the records of Lucifer, trying to know more about him. 

"Lucifer Azarel, born in the Holy Prime Hospital," Vega muttered as he found the location of Lucifer's birth according to the database. 

As he delved in deeper, he hacked the entire database of the hospital to see the footage of the day Lucifer was born. 

"This isn't going to work. This freaking hospital deleted all the footage older than one year. What a waste," Vega cursed as he realized that there was no footage of the hospital from that day. 

He tried checking the other places nearby the hospital to see if any of them had any footage of that day, but there was not a single place which stored footage that old. 

"The first thing I need to make sure is if Lucifer is the actual son of Zale Azarel or if he is adopted. With his powers matching the powers of his parents, it's highly likely that he's their blood soon, but I still need to make sure."

"But how can I make sure? According to the database and the records, Lucifer was born in the Holy Prime Hospital, but there is no footage that I can use to verify that."

He kept tapping the table as he lost himself in deep thought before he suddenly exclaimed, "That's right. The doctors that supposedly assisted in the birth! I need to find them."

He started checking the database to see the name of the doctor. 

"Doctor Mira, so you're the one," Caen muttered as he found a name after a short search. "Doctor Mira, let's see where you are now."

After a bit more time, he located the Doctor.

"Strange. She quit a few weeks after Lucifer's birth? And shifted to a different city? Interesting. I need to talk to her personally," Vega said, standing up before he left the room. 

He went to meet Raia. 

"I need to leave the facility for a few days," he told Raia without even taking time to sit as soon as he entered the office 

Raia raised his gaze to look deep in the eyes of Vega, frowning. 

"I'm sure there's no one here that knows better than you about how dangerous it is outside. Yet, you want to leave? Why?" He asked. 

"To check if Lucifer is actually the son of Zale Azarel or not," Vega answered. 

"I guess you tried through your ability and didn't find anything in that case?" Raia inquired. 

"None. There's no conclusive evidence that he was born in the hospital other than their records which can also be forged. So I want to ask the doctor personally, who was there at that time," Vega answered. 

Raia sat straight and didn't say anything for quite some time before he finally opened his mouth. "Fine. You may leave."

Vega turned back and left after getting permission, not speaking a single word more. 


The night passed away in the silence inside the facility of the Variant Uprising, but the outside world was much more chaotic. 

Lucifer's image was being shown in all news channels, telling people to inform the authorities if anyone saw the kid who was responsible for many deaths. 

All the cities were also placed in lockdown, and there was not a single cop that didn't have Lucifer's photo to recognize him if he was ever seen. 

Along with Lucifer, the images of others were also distributed. 

Even though the APF knew that Lucifer was most probably going to be hidden inside the facility of VU, they still believed that one day, he was going to come out, and that day was going to be his last. 


Unaware of the turmoil in the outside world, Lucifer was still sleeping in his room after finishing dinner. 

This time again, he saw the same old dream, though. 

His father was talking about leaving, and his mother agreed. Then the two talked about Orion Beach. This time also, the dream broke at the same time when his father was about to say something. There was no knock this time, though.

Lucifer laid on his bed, with his eyes open, looking at the ceiling. 

"The same dream, stopping at the same time again. What's happening?" He muttered as he rubbed his eyes before he sat up. 

"I again couldn't hear what my father said. Just what did he say that day before leaving? What is it that I can't remember? No matter how much I try to remember, I just can't."

He had a feeling that those words were important but he just couldn't remember. The more he tried to remember, the more his head started aching before he dropped that entire matter and stopped thinking. 

He got off the bed, went into the shower, and got prepared for the training. Today, he was going to learn how to fight without using his powers. He wondered if it was going to be hard. He never trained and didn't know how these things worked. 

This was going to be his first step in a new horizon.

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