Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 160 - 160: One Dream

"Will you kill Lucifer when you get him?" Ayn asked Varant. 

"I'm not Xander who wanted him alive. But still, previously, I would have only erased his powers, but now, with the information about his eyes, he needs to die," Varant replied. He was finally calm now as he walked back inside the room where Xander was kept. 

"What about his healing? I saw it in action today. His healing is really strong. It was keeping up with the destruction of his body by Xander's flames. His healing is at least an S-Rank ability. How can you kill him?" Ayn inquired, curious. 

"I have my own ways," Varant said as he gazed at Xander. He seemed a bit sad to see Xander like this. 

"Gensi, contact the government and get the President on line. I need his help," Varant told one of his men as a plan hatched in his head. 


Inside the Variant Uprising facility, Raia also returned. His team was also looking a bit tired, but none of them were injured. 

As for the Crazy Sword Emperor Tristan, he was still looking excited. 

"It was so fun! I want to do it again! When can we? Let's attack another city soon," he said as he hugged his katana, keeping it close to his heart. 

"We will do nothing. For the next few weeks, we won't do anything at all. Our focus is simple. Lucifer and making him a Warlock King by training him," Raia replied.

"Can I train him then? Please, please, please?" Tristian asked, pleading. His eyes glinted in excitement. 

"There's no need. If I get you to train him, things will escalate too much," Raia replied as he shook his head. 

"Then who will you choose to train him?" Tristian asked. "I am an expert. I can teach him the art of sword and many more things."

"You can also teach him how to be crazy," Kellian calmly replied. "The kid is already crazy enough. We don't need more of that."

"Tsk, you all just don't appreciate talent," Tristian said, rolling his eyes. 

"By the way, who will train him then?" Tristian asked.

"He will be taught by many people but mainly by Kellian and Yaliza."

"Kellian can teach him hand-to-hand combat and many other skills. As for Yaliza, he can teach other skills that will help Lucifer win battles without having to rely on his powers," Raia answered.


Another meeting was taking place, which was attended by Vega, Isona, Caen and Dion. 

"So, can you tell me about those eyes? All I know is that they are bad news, and the appearance of those eyes is a disaster waiting for the world. Why, though? What are those eyes? What's the story behind it?" Caen asked Vega, trying to get an answer to his curiosity. 

He knew that those eyes were bad, and he had also heard the rumors that were heard by others. That's why he knew a bit about those eyes, but now that these had appeared, he wanted to hear more about them. 

"Even I don't know everything about them. Raia and five other people are the only ones who actually saw them before and know about them," Vega answered calmly.

"Hahaha, Vega, you really are bad at lying. Raia told you everything, didn't he? Come on; we won't tell others," Isona replied. "Even Raia won't know about this if you told us."

"Oh? What won't I know?" A calm yet powerful voice filled the room as the door opened. 

Raia, Kellian, and Yaliza entered the meeting room. 

Seeing Raia coming here, everyone present inside the room stood up, shocked. 

"No need to be surprised. Stay seated," Raia told everyone before he took a chair and sat down.

"So, I heard the mission was a success. What are you all talking about now, then? What do you want to know?" Raia asked, amused. 

"They want to know about the legend of the Blue and Violet eyes," Vega said softly. 

As soon as Raia heard it, a frown appeared on his face. 

"About that? Why?" He asked. 

"Because they appeared. And APF saw as well," Vega answered. 

"What nonsense are you talking about? How can those eyes be seen again?" Raia said firmly as he stood up. 

"They did. In Lucifer," Vega said before he started explaining everything that had happened at the facility. 

"This... How come I don't know about it. That Zale Azarel, he really was sneaky to keep this hidden from everyone. I'm amazed, even after knowing all about these eyes, he still..."

Raia rubbed his chin as he thought to himself. 

"Alright, this meeting is adjourned. Isona, Caen, Dion, you may leave," he said as he observed the three people. 


Without thinking twice, the three left the room. 

"Alright, Vega, you already know about this, but don't tell it to anyone," Raia told Vega. 

"I won't," Vega answered. 

"Good. Now back to the topic of Lucifer. This appearance changes a few things. Now the APF will really be like a bloodthirsty hound. And if Varant approaches Zeiss, he could come to help too. For the next few days, I want complete isolation of Uprising from the outside world."

"What about Lucifer? How should we deal with him?" Vega asked. 

"Follow the old plan. Make him strong but also dependant on us. He must think of us like family, and maybe we can achieve even more than I had planned. Lucifer Azarel can't be allowed to die," Raia told Vega before he stood up. "At any cost."


Raia started leaving, but he stopped just a few inches away from the door. 

"Oh, right. Kellian and Yaliza will train Lucifer. Tell this to the kid as kindly as possible. He should be ready of his own volition. No forcing him," Raia said before he left. 


Lucifer had fallen asleep, and over five hours had passed. After a long time, he had received such a peaceful sleep. 

As he slept, he even had a pleasant dream. No one knew, but this one dream was going to change the future of everyone.

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