Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 157 - 157: Mystery Of Zale's Death

'Oh god, that sounds so cringy. In my mind, it sounded much better,' he thought. 

Lucifer looked back at Caen as if he was watching a weird person. Dancing and Singing? Did this person really think he could be into playing, dancing, and singing after his past?

He hadn't even played a single game in the last five years. As for singing, he only sang a few times when he was much younger. It was when his mother sang children's songs with him. Dancing? Hell no! That was so embarrassing. 

"Ignore my examples. I know those were stupid. But yeah, what are your hobbies? Something that you find peace in doing?" Caen asked. 

"I have no hobbies. Unless you count watching the door in the small room where I was kept for five years," Lucifer replied softly as he glanced out the window. 

"Caen, do you know what happened to my father and mother?" Lucifer finally asked the question that was in his mind for five years. Many people had given him answers, but no answer was satisfying enough for him. 

"They couldn't die like that. What happened to them?" He further asked.

"I don't know what happened to them. I don't think anyone knows what happened to them, but we do have a theory," Caen said, frowning. 

"What theory?" Lucifer asked. 

"The dungeon your parents had entered with their team; apparently, one person left that dungeon alive. That's what the leaving footprints of one person prove from what we can see."

"Now, we believe that the person was someone who was in the team of your parents and went inside with them," Caen answered. 

"Zale Azarel was too strong. I doubt he would be killed by a monster unless some really extraordinary one appeared like..." Caen said as he glanced at Lucifer, but he didn't finish his sentence. 

"We believe that one of his team members betrayed him and killed him when he was distracted by a monster. That teammate was the only one who was left alive, I think," He further said. 

"Now, the Hunter Union and the APF want to blame us for that because we're the biggest obstruction in their path. They want to turn the variants against us by using your parents' death, but we know we didn't do it."

"The only person who had any benefit from your father's death was Varant. He is the leader of APF. He was defeated by your father, and that most certainly hurt his ego."

"As long as your father lived, that defeat reminder kept echoing in his heart, I think. So he planned your father's death by using his friend Zeiss, who is the leader of Hunter Union!"

"The Hunter Union was the one that asked your father to go in. And it was also the one that sent its members with your father."

"As for the reason they asked your father, it was said that Zeiss was in a different dungeon. But that seems highly coincidental. When the Hunter Union needed a strong Warlock; Zeiss wasn't there? It's too suspicious."

"It was probably a scheme by them to give your father a reason to go inside where he could be betrayed and killed," Caen said. 

"Zeiss and Varant..." Lucifer muttered as he memorized these two names. 

There were two sides, and each had a different story. He needed to find the truth for himself. He needed to understand how his father died. He wanted to know who was responsible and who needed to die now. 

He didn't speak anything else and just kept staring outside the window.

The helicopters kept flying through the unknown routes before they finally reached that unknown desert. The opening once again appeared in the ground, inside which the helicopters entered.

As soon as the helicopters entered the opening, it closed, returning to the desert again. If someone flew from above, they wouldn't have known that there was something in this desert. 

As the helicopters landed inside the base of APF, everyone stepped out of them. 

Isona stepped out of the helicopter and saw Lucifer walking with a lady that she didn't remember seeing. It didn't take much time for her to realize who this lady was. 

Isona walked towards the lady and Lucifer before she commented, "Caen, you once again changed your looks? I must say, you're looking like a sexy lady," Isona chuckled as she taunted Caen. 

"Let me drop you to your room. You need rest." Caen ignored Isona and instead talked to Lucifer, who was standing right beside him. 

He took Lucifer with him, leaving Isona behind before he entered the lift. 

Isona gazed at Lucifer's back as he was leaving before she smiled. 

"He is actually a bit like her. Not only from looks but other features as well," she softly said before she left as well, along with Vega and Dion. 

Everyone was going to have some rest before it was going to be another meeting to review about the battle. 


"Sir Lucifer, you're back."

As soon as Lucifer and Caen stepped out of the room, they were greeted by a young green-haired man. 

"Draco, go and bring some food for Lucifer. He came from a battle. He must be tired. Oh, and also bring some clothes for him," Caen told the green-haired man as he continued walking without stopping. 

"Ah, you're Sir Caen?" Draco asked in surprise. He was wondering who this lady was. 

"Yeah. Now don't delay," Caen replied lazily. 

"Yes, Sir." Draco nodded before he entered the lift and went upstairs. 

Caen brought Lucifer to his room, but he didn't enter. 

"Draco will be here soon. Eat up and rest. I'll come to talk to you later," Caen said before he left, not even opening the door for Lucifer. 

Lucifer glanced back at Caen, watching him lever before he opened the door and stepped inside the room.

He sat on his bed, going through what had happened, now that he finally had some alone time where he could think clearly.

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