Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 151 - 151: Secret Of The Facility

As for the kids, they couldn't dodge as they were hit by the flames.

Only their momentary scream could be heard, which didn't last for long as their body burned to ash. 

Lucifer glanced back at the kids that were nothing more than the ash now. The kids who were like him and suffered the atrocities in this facility. 

The only difference was that these ones had managed to become a Variant, unlike Lucifer, who had failed every time he was in the facility. 

Seeing the kids die instead, Xander was taken aback, but his [Emotion Control] set in as he understood that this wasn't the time to think. He needed to kill Lucifer, or a bigger trouble could arise. 

"And you're the good guy," Lucifer said sarcastically as he looked back at Xander. 

Xander didn't reply as he once again attacked, but this time his attack wasn't as simple. 

He used his flaming fist to punch the ground, just like Ayn had done previously to bring out the Ice Walls. 

Many massive storms of fire came out of the ground and flew in all directions in the sky, making sure that Lucifer had no place to dodge now. 


Outside the facility, there was a lot of noise as the battle between two people had started. Lucifer and the Captain of the Delta Squad. 

Inside the facility, it was much less noisy. Only the sound of pages being flipped could be heard as a man flipped through a diary that was kept inside a secret drawer in Doctor Rao's office. 

As for the man who was flipping through the pages, he was none other than Vega, the Second Leader of the Variant Uprising.

"Just as I expected, there are a few things he didn't keep in a digital format. He probably didn't want this to get out. A sneaky guy."

In coming to this facility, he also had a secret purpose other than helping Lucifer. 

It was because he was curious about Doctor Rao. When he had hacked inside the facility, he received all the footage, and he saw all the experiments Doctor Rao did on Variants, but some of them seemed strange. 

As for why he did those experiments and what purpose these held, there was no record in the database. Fortunately, in a few of those footage, he had seen Doctor Rao writing something in a thick diary. 

While helping Lucifer, Vega also wanted to see what was in the diary. What exactly was going on in the facility. 

There was one more strange thing he had seen. It was that Doctor Rao often went into a corridor where there were no cameras. And according to the map of the facility, that place was a dead end. 

He found it strange. If that was a dead-end, why did Doctor Rao spend a few hours there occasionally? 

Something didn't add up. He believed that there was something strange going on in the facility, which was much more than research on Variants. 

He took the diary and started walking towards the corridor in question. 

As he walked through the corridor, he ended up before the lab where Lucifer had killed the two doctors. The door was still open, giving a full view of the inside. 

Vega also saw the two bodies that were lying inside the room as he walked past it. 

"I guess he really enjoyed his time here," he thought as he smiled. 

After taking a few turns ahead, he reached the last corridor only to find a wall there. 

Placing his hand on his chin, he fell in a thought as he walked closer to the wall and started observing it.

"Interesting. So that's the secret. A security system is placed here with two blocks. One needs his fingerprints, and the other needs his retina scan. Passwords are also needed."

"Unfortunately, I can only see the system here but not hack it. Some really great measures went on to make this. I can't see what's on the other end of these walls either," he said as he frowned. 

"For him to take so many precautions, something really precious must be on the other end of the room. Maybe the diary would be able to give some insight. Until then, I should leave."

"I will return after preparation. In any case, the facility will be shut down after today. And the one who knows about this place is already dead," he said as he turned back to leave. 

"This is really annoying. The normal fingerprint would have been alright since his hands are a bit intact. I can use his body, but the Retina Scan, it's not normal. It needs him to be alive from the way he set the security. Some preparation is certainly needed. I can't be hasty, or this whole thing will blow up."

"I also need his password. What could it be? If I'm wrong, whatever is on the other side will blow up."

Vega started walking towards the exit with the dairy in his hand. Other than the diary, there were two other books in his hand. 

This time the books in his hand had a Grey and Green color. Surprisingly enough, he rarely repeated a combination of books, but most of the time, he could be seen with two books in his hand. 

Whenever he was free, he could be seen reading the two books simultaneously. Unfortunately, the books were blank from the cover. There were no names on the books, only covers, so no one knew what these books were. 

As Vega left, on the other side of the secret corridor, the secret crystal container was still working. The person inside the container was still floating, without any movement. 


Vega finally approached the exit of the facility where the battle was taking place. As he left, he saw the ash on the ground and a few burn marks. 

As for Caen and the others, they were still standing on the side. 

He looked ahead only to grow surprised. 

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